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National Tempus Office - Jordan Swedish Tempus Contacts Seminar in Syria 9 th November 2010 Professor Ahmad Abu-El-Haija Director, National Tempus Office.

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1 National Tempus Office - Jordan Swedish Tempus Contacts Seminar in Syria 9 th November 2010 Professor Ahmad Abu-El-Haija Director, National Tempus Office - Jordan Website: Tel: +962 - 6 - 53 55 825

2 National Tempus Office - Jordan Comprehensive strategy for developing higher education and scientific research for five years (2007-2012). Higher education retreat was held in 2007, attended by the Council of Ministers and main stakeholders. Participants agreed on general framework of strategy, for the purpose of reaching a quality higher education system. A national team was formed to prepare required national strategy. Jordanian Higher Education Strategy

3 National Tempus Office - Jordan Seven main components:  Governance and University Administration  Admission Principles  Accreditation and Quality Assurance  Scientific Research, Development, and Graduate Studies  Technical and Technological Education  University Finance  University Environment Jordanian Higher Education Strategy

4 National Tempus Office - Jordan Jordanian Priorities for Tempus IV Joint Projects Curricular reform: Modernization of Curricula Engineering and Technology Health Sciences Structural Measures Type 1 Governance reform: Introduction of quality assurance Development of international relations Structural Measures Type 2 (Direct support to Ministries) Governance reform

5 National Tempus Office - Jordan Regional Priorities for Tempus IV Regional Priorities Region CURRICULAR REFORMGOVERNANCE REFORMHIGHER EDUCATION AND SOCIETY Modernisation of curricula with 3 cycle structure, ECTS and degree recognition Disciplines University management and student services Introduction of quality assurance Institutional and financial autonomy and accountability Equal and transparent access to higher education Development of international relations Training of non- university teachers Development of partnerships with enterprises Knowledge triangle: education-innovation- research Training courses for public services (ministries, regional/local authorities) Development of lifelong learning in society at large Qualifications frameworks Southern Neighbou ring Area (ENPI South) x Law and good governance (including human rights), health, education, energy, environment (including climate change), transport, information society, business and entrepreneurship, tourism xxxxxx

6 National Tempus Office - Jordan Priorities for Erasmus Mundus ECW Agricultural Sciences. Transport and Traffic Studies. Vocational and Technical Education. Manufacturing Sciences (including CAD, CAM, CAE) and Applied Sciences. Geography, Geology. International Law. Medicine and Epidemiology. Pharmacy.Governance. Economic Cooperation. 12345 6789 10

7 National Tempus Office - Jordan Universities in Jordan Public Universities (10) University of Jordan Yarmouk University Mutah University Jordan Univ. of Science & Tech Hashemite University Al-al-Bayt University Al Balqa Applied University Al-Hussein bin Talal Univ. Tafila Technical University German-Jordanian Univ. Private Universities (18) Ahliyya Amman Univ Princess Sumaya Univ. for Tech Applied Science Univ. Faculty of Educational Sciences Philadelphia University Academy of Music Al-Isra University Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies Petra University Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences Ahliyya Irbid University Jadara University Zaytoonah University Middle East Univ. for Graduate Studies Ahliyya Jerash University Applied Ajloun University Zarqa University Madaba University

8 National Tempus Office - Jordan Micro Finance Renewable Energy Cultural Heritage Nursing Education Industrial Integration Quality Assessment Open Learning Management Training Woman & Labor Manag. of Water Res. Wireless Comm. Biomedical Eng. Historic Islamic Cities Tempus Projects ICT Learning M.Sc. in Archeology Inclusive Spec. Educ. ICT & Media Industry Oriented IT M.Sc. Water Desalin. Quality - Capacity Bldg Student Services Water Management Diploma public Policy Towards an internationalization of Higher Education Renewable Energy Telecommunication Eng.

9 National Tempus Office - Jordan Project NoProject TitleJordanian UniversitiesEUSyrian Universities 30003-2002Micro Finance at the University (MFU) University of JordanGR, IT, ES, UK Al-Baath University Damascus University 30078-2002Training of Industrial System Integration Al-Balqa Applied University BE, FR, DE, UK Damascus University 30092-2002Quality Assessment – MEDA Region (QAMR) University of Jordan Jordan Univ. of Science Technology FR, DK, DE Damascus University Institut Superieur De Science Appliquees Et De Technologie 31015-2003Femmes, Travial Et Formation (FTF) Mutah UniversityIT, ESDamascus University 31054-2003Curricula Development for Integrated Water Resources Management Jordan Univ. of Science Technology DE, AT Al-Baath University at Homs Damascus University 32054-2004Rehabilitation of Historic Islamic Cities (RHIC) Yarmouk UniversityIT, DE, CZAleppo University 511109- 2010 Promoting the modernization and strengthening of institutional and financial autonomy Al-Hussein Bin Talal University Princess Sumaya University ES, IE, UK Aleppo University Al-Baath University Jordanian & Syrian Projects

10 National Tempus Office - Jordan Jordanian & Swedish Joint Projects (JP) Project NoProject TitleJordanian UniversitiesEUSwedish Universities 30057-2002Educational Center in Renewable Energy Resources Jordan Univ. of Science & TechnologyES, SEThe Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 31013-2003Modern Management TrainingYarmouk Univ.GR, SEVaexjoe University 31159-2003Center for Wireless and Internet Technologies Jordan Univ. of Science TechnologyES, SEThe Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 32162-2004ICT Learning PentagramJordan Univ. of Science & TechnologyDE, SEUniversity of Umea 33143-2005IB for Support of Inclusive Special Education Al-Hussein University South Society for Special Educ Al-Hussein Soc (AHS) University of Jordan SE, DELund University 34085-2006Establishing Quality, Relevant and Collaborative Industry-Oriented IT Education German-Jordanian UniversityDE, FI, SE University of Umea 158914- 2009 Developing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Partnerships across the Curriculum Hashemite University Zarqa private University Al-Albayat university BG, IE, UK, SE University of Gothenburg 511118- 2010 Re-Orient University Curricula to Address Sustainability Hashemite University University of Jordan FR, GR, IE, IT, SE Stockholm University 511069- 2010 Master on Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy University of Jordan Jordan Univ. of Sci. & Tech. Mutah University IT, UK, SE Lund University

11 National Tempus Office - Jordan Tempus Projects, 2002 - 2010

12 National Tempus Office - Jordan



15 What do people feel and say about Tempus? “My participation in the programme provided me with some professional skills like leadership and presentation skills. The Tempus programme was a real opportunity to take part in university decision-making.” Ahmad Abu Alhaija, B.Sc. Student, Electrical Engineering “Tempus has raised sense of devotion toward nursing practice in terms of client care, professionalism, and self- development. Being exposed to different educational cultures facilitates the process of personal growth and enhances our critical thinking and decision making processes…” Maysa A. Al-Hamad, M.Sc. Student, Nursing

16 National Tempus Office - Jordan “I am pleased to inform you that the Tempus program has made significant contributions towards the development and reform of the higher education sector in Jordan. Such contributions are highly recognized and respected by the academic community as well as the concerned government authorities in Jordan” Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan. Extract from a letter dated 7 th May 2006 addressed to the Commissioner for External Relations and the European Neighborhood Policy, European Commission What do people feel and say about Tempus?

17 National Tempus Office - Jordan “Tempus has indeed assisted in improving the quality of teaching and learning in Jordanian educational institutions by upgrading teaching methods, course contents, course delivery techniques, staff skills and knowledge, and facilities, and also by providing exposure to new ideas and concepts. … Collaboration through Tempus projects helped to strengthen the regional cooperation in partner countries, in addition to establishing contacts and cooperation with many European institutes”. Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Opening Ceremony of National Tempus Day 25 th Feb 2009. What do people feel and say about Tempus?

18 National Tempus Office - Jordan Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window: Three projects through Lot 3 that include Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. About 120 exchanges each project (90 MEDA to EU & 30 EU to MEDA). Covers all disciplines and 5 JO universities. Now called EM II, Action 2. Erasmus Mundus, Action 1: About 12 Jordanian students and two staff members to EU. Involvement with Erasmus Mundus

19 National Tempus Office - Jordan Sample Activities of NTO Jordan

20 National Tempus Office - Jordan Visit to Tafila Technical Univ.

21 National Tempus Office - Jordan Visit to Yarmouk Univ.

22 National Tempus Office - Jordan Visit to Hashemite Univ.

23 National Tempus Office - Jordan Bologna Seminar at Univ. of Jordan

24 National Tempus Office - Jordan Typical Tempus Information Day

25 National Tempus Office - Jordan Typical Tempus Information Day

26 National Tempus Office - Jordan Seminar on University-Enterprise Cooperation - Jordan

27 National Tempus Office - Jordan In addition to NTO activities, what else you can see in Jordan?

28 National Tempus Office - Jordan

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