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Chief Executive GEORGE GARLICK

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1 GEORGE GARLICK - 03000267331
Chief Executive GEORGE GARLICK Corporate Director for Neighbourhood Services TERRY COLLINS Corporate Director for Resources DON MCLURE Assistant Chief Executive LORRAINE O'DONNELL Corporate Director for Regeneration & Economic Development IAN THOMPSON Corporate Director for Children & Adult Services RACHAEL SHIMMIN

2 Corporate Director for Neighbourhood Services
TERRY COLLINS Head of Culture & Sport – STEPHEN HOWELL Strategic Manager – Libraries – ANNE DAVISON Strategic Manager - Outdoor Sport & Leis – NIGEL DODDS Strategic Manager-Heritage&Culture – NEIL HILLIER Strategic Manager - Indoor Sport & Leisu – STEVEN LISTER Development Manager Co. Durham Sport – ALEXANDER MITCHELL Strategic Manager – Countryside – ANDREW NIVEN Strategic Manager - Sport & Leisure Deve – JULIE RUSSELL Head of Projects & Business Services – ALAN PATRICKSON Customer Relations, Policy & Performance – MARY READMAN Business Support Manager – MARIAN SHANKS Strategic Waste Manager – JOHN SHANNON Waste Programme Project Manager – CHERYL DUGGAN – - Head of Technical Services – JOHN REED Building Design Manager – JAMIE ARMSTRONG Strategic Highways Manager – BRIAN BUCKLEY Construction PPM Unit Manager – CHRIS COLES – – Highways Services Manager – MARK READMAN Head of Direct Services – OLIVER SHERRATT Clean & Green Manager – JAMES BENNETT Building & Facilities Manager – PAUL BURR Neighbourhood Protection Manager – IAN HOULT Refuse & Recycling Manager – KEITH PARKINSON County Fleet Manager – NORMAN RAMSEY Head of Environment, Health & Cons. Prot – JOANNE WALLER Consumer Protection Manager – OWEN CLEUGH Environment Protection Manager – GARY HUTCHINSON Health and Safety Manager – PAT CARR – Health Protection Manager – MICHAEL YEADON

3 Corporate Director for Resources
DON MCLURE Head Of Finance - Financial Services PAUL DARBY Finance Manager - Resources/ACE – ANDREW BALDWIN Finance Manager – Neighbourhoods – PHILIP CURRAN Revenue and Benefits Manager – IAN FERGUSON Finance Manager – AWH – ANDREW GILMORE Finance Manager – RED – AZHAR RAFIQ Finance Manager – GRAHAM STEPHENSON Head of Finance - Corporate Finance JEFFREY GARFOOT Strategic Finance Manager - Corp Finance – HILARY APPLETON Corporate Procurement Manager – DARREN KNOWD Financial Systems Manager - Corp Finance – BRITON PEACOCK Head of ICT – PHILIP JACKMAN Operations Manager – ROBERT GIBSON Technical Services Manager – STEVEN HODGSON Applications and Development Manager – NEIL MCQUISTON ICT Services Support Manager – LEE SPRAGGON Commercial Manager – ANTHONY THOMPSON Head of Human Resources & Org Develop – KIM JOBSON HR Manager (Operations & Projects) – LORRAINE ANDERSON Human Resources Manager (Policy & OD) – JOANNE KEMP Senior Occupational Health Physician – PHILIP WYNN Head of Legal & Democratic Services – COLETTE LONGBOTTOM Litigation Manager – BRYAN SMITH Democratic Services Manager – SHARON SPENCE Property Planning & Projects Manager – DAVID TAYLOR Manager of Internal Audit & Risk – AVRIL WALLAGE - – Policy, Performance & Planning Manager - BEV STOBBART – Risk, Insurance & Governance Manager – David Marshall

4 Assistant Chief Executive
LORRAINE O'DONNELL ACE Head of Partnership & Community Engagement – GORDON ELLIOTT County Durham Partnership Manager – DONNA JEFFERSON Principal Area Action Partnership Co-ord – ANDREW MEGGINSON Principal Area Action Partnership Co-Ord – SHEALAGH PEARCE Principal Area Action Partnership Co-Ord – BRIAN RILEY Head of Policy & Communications – ROGER GOODES Corporate Public Relations & Policy Mngr – KEVIN EDWORTHY Corporate News Manager – VANESSA GLOVER CCU Programme Office Manager – SUSAN JORDAN Head of Planning and Performance – JENNY HAWORTH Corporate Improvement Manager – TOM GORMAN Overview and Scrutiny Manager - FEISAL JASSAT

5 Corporate Director Children & Adult Services
RACHAEL SHIMMIN Head of Planning & Service Strategy – PETER APPLETON Strategic Manager Perf and Inform Manag. – KEITH FORSTER Strategic Manager Service Quality & Development.- CLAIRE MCLAREN Strategic Manager Service Support – KENNETH PATTISON Strategic Manager PPP – ANDREA PETTY Head of Children's Care - GAIL HOPPER Strategic Manager – MARK GURNEY Strategic Manager – GILLIAN PALIN Strategic Manager – KAREN ROBB Strategic Manager – SUZANNE WELSH Head of Adult Care – LESLEY JEAVONS Safeguarding & Practice Dev. Manager – LEE ALEXANDER Operations Manager - Provider Services – PHILIP EMBERSON Operations Manager - LD/MH – TRACY JOISCE Operations Manager OP/PDSI – GERALDINE WAUGH Director of Public Health – ANNA LYNCH Head of Education – CAROLINE O'NEILL Strategic ManageProgression and Learning – LINDA BAILEY Strategic Manager Outcomes & Improvement SHIRLEY FALL Strategic Manager Support and Development – PHILIP HODGSON Strategic Manager Spec. Ed. Needs – JANE LE SAGE Strategic Mger Sch. Places and Admission – SHEILA PALMERLEY BSF Project Director – DAVID THEOBALD Head of Early Intervention & Involvement – CAROLE PAYNE Participation Director   Investing in Children – LIAM CAIRNS Strategic Manager Co. Durham Youth Offend Service – GILLIAN ESHELBY Service Manager – HELEN FERGUSSON Strategic Manager – PAUL HEBRON Countywide Strategic Manager One Point – JULIE SCURFIELD Community Safety and Involvement Manager – JEANETTE STEPHENSON Head of Commissioning – NICHOLAS WHITTON Strategic Commissioning Manager CS/PH – SUZANNE CARTY Strategic Commissioning Manager Lead – DENISE ELLIOTT Financial Services Manager – SUSAN ELLIOTT Commissioning Services Manager – LOUISE LYONS Personalisation Development Manager – PHILIP MALYAN Strategic Commissioning Manager Lead DAVID SHIPMAN

6 Corporate Director for Regeneration & Economic Development
IAN THOMPSON Head of Strat Programmes & Performance – ANDREW PALMER SPP & Resources Manager – RAYMOND BREWIS Performance & Planning Manager – GRAHAM TEBBUTT Funding & Programmes Manager – CLAIRE WILLIAMS Head of Economic Dev & Housing – SARAH ROBSON Durham City Homes Manager – SIMON BARTLETT Regeneration and Development Manager – PETER COE Housing Solutions Manager – LYNN HALL Chief Executive-Visit County Durham – MELANIE SENSICLE Economic Development Manager – GRAHAM WOOD Housing Regeneration Manager – KATH HEATHCOTE – Managing Director Business Durham – STEWART WATKINS Head of Planning and Assets – STUART TIMMISS Spatial Policy Manager – MIKE ALLUM Environment & Design Manager - STEPHEN BHOWMICK Asset Services Manager - GERARD DARBY Planning Development Manager – STEPHEN REED Director North Pennines AONB Partnership – CHRISTOPHER WOODLEY-STEWART Head of Transport & Contract Services – ADRIAN WHITE Sustainable Transport Manager – ANDREW LEADBEATER Supported Housing Manager – LINDA OGILVIE Strategic Traffic Manager – DAVID WAFER

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