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* iChildLife Bringing Child life into the 21st century Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW Children’s Rehabilitative Services, Phoenix Christy Johnson, CCLS, MSW.

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1 * iChildLife Bringing Child life into the 21st century Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW Children’s Rehabilitative Services, Phoenix Christy Johnson, CCLS, MSW Children's Hospital of Oakland- Outpatient Specialty Care

2 * Introductions & Summary Summary This presentation will cover a variety of topics relating to the iPAD including basic operations & helpful tricks of the trade! We will learn how to ‘make friends’ with these high tech toys and explore ways of using this valuable tool in Child Life! Logistics of using iPADS in a Child life program, how to accommodate special populations, and sharing tips and experiences from a variety of settings will also be discussed!

3 * Tips & Tricks: Make the iPad Yours Making the iPad yours is easy to do. One of the greatest things about Apple is the consistency of features across products. Learn a trick on one and it often translates to other products.

4 * More for the iPhone than the iPad but still fun to know: Custom vibrations Custom LED flashes Custom Vibrations and Custom LED can be helpful when needing to communicate with others at a time when custom ringer options are not enough to alert you to an incoming call. Other options under accessibility *** ( on actual slide go to screen shot for the rest) *** How to get to accessibility - Go to settings Go to general under settings At the bottom of general list is accessibility Vision assistance Zoom in/ zoom out with 3-finger tap Hearing assistance Touch and motor – assistive touch also a good option of iPad home button stops working. Accessibility

5 ** Screenshots taken from personal iPad of Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW

6 * Typing hints/tips for iPad: Copy/ Paste/ Select/ Select All: tap and hold finger on the desired word/section on screen. This menu will then pop up. Undo typing: shake device Get a definition: hold finger down on a selected word and "define" will be one of the options that pops up Bold/underline/Italics *** ( go to next slide on actual power point for remainder of this slide) *** Caps lock : double tap shift button, make sure “enable caps lock” is turned on under keyboard settings Activate/ deactivate Auto-Correct : there are pluses and minuses to auto-correct. Words you type will get added to auto correct dictionary, meaning less problems as you go along. Can still make you look like a dolt How to not let suggested word be inserted Add intl. keyboard : in US often use to add emoji keyboard option. Can be used to add another language’s keyboard if that is primary language typing will be in Keyboard Split : make sure “split keyboard” is turned on under keyboard settings Hidden power of the comma and other keys : key for other website extension options (.org, etc) Swiping up quickly on the comma key will insert an apostrophe Swiping up on period will insert a quotation mark Tap and hold on a letter on the keyboard to bring up alternative versions of a letter Tasks

7 * Screenshots taken from personal iPad of Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW

8 * Going on a Search: Safari and Other Features Safety and efficiency in Safari  Open safari links in a new page (from email, etc) – Tap on the link in the email, webpage and the option automatically pops up.  Create bookmarks – tap on arrow that looks like it is going out of a box. A menu (to the right) pops up and then you can select the option that most fits what you are wanting to do  Add website to Home Screen – This is useful for times when you frequently use a website and don’t want to always have to open a tab and type in the web address. When you do this it puts an icon on your home screen that looks like an app. You can tap the icon and it will take you straight to Safari and will open the page automatically. o Activate/ Deactivate auto-fill – This can be done under Settings. It is most helpful if you are the only one exclusively using your device. Auto-fill will automatically insert information as indicated after being inserted at least once on an eligible website.  Fill out information on websites easily - when filling in information in safari there is a small menu on top left corner of the keyboard screen (previous/next/auto- fill). Use this to move between fields more easily. o Monitor/ Clear history – In settings area, can set private browsing, clear history, clear cookies, etc as needed  Air-print – HP Printers and wireless network needed (Google print) Spotlight search - get to and launch apps/ features quickly – very handy when using a device you did not set up, or if you have to share a device with others *** see screen shot on next slide**

9 * Image from: https://encrypted- Nd9GcTYpQ1zLmPuPUlrpRXyITy Ublx6r2icf9DQgf0Pl17FYesVhocsX A Spotlight Search

10 * More basic tasks: Tap Power Undo a home button hit – just hold the button longer than normal (extra long – a few seconds) and the app you are in will remain open Need to quickly insert a number in the midst of text typing – tap and hold 123 key, drag finger to desired number and lift. Number will be inserted and keyboard will automatically revert back to text keyboard Activate multitouch gestures (Settings – General, towards bottom of general options screen) Screen switch – When activated put four or five fingers on screen then swipe left or right to switch between the most recent apps Pinch to return to the home screen – using four or five fingers to pinch towards one another Quickly go to top of a page - double tap top of screen (black line at very top of screen) to return to the top of a long page you have scrolled down Double-click home button from lock screen – will allow access to iPod controls, camera control for iPad/ iPhone with camera, and picture player Double-click home button from home screen and swipe right – will give you access to the iPod playback options, brightness control and rotation lock option Double-click home button from home screen and swipe left – will show all open apps and allow you to quickly switch between apps you are currently using Notification center – from any screen can tap top of screen (black line) and drag finger down. Can customize what you see *** see screen shot on next slide** Tap the x on right side to clear a notification Take a screen shot – first tap top button and then home button and then release both Can find the screen shot in “photo” app Lock button and volume buttons on side Quick mute - press volume down and hold Lock button can be mute button or rotation lock you decide (Settings/general/Use side switch to)

11 * Screenshot taken from personal iPad of Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW

12 * Maintenance Apps Use Genius to shop *** see screen shot on next slide** Updates - App store will indicate how many apps need to be updated. May need wireless. As Apple develops new products updates don’t always apply to older models so be aware of which model / iOS you are using Reinstall deleted apps – Go to app store, search for the app, once you locate “Install” will be an option. Tap on Install as you would “Buy” when purchasing. App will reinstall without you being charged. Close background apps - Double tap home button Bottom row are apps open on the iPad. Tap and hold an app. Now you can tap on the red minus sign for any apps you want to close This does not delete the app Helps when an app is frozen – close the app and can then reopen Check app memory usage – Settings / General / Usage It will show you how much memory your apps are using (first is apps using the most memory) Will show you how much iCloud Storage you are using (an control this as well) Create folder / undo folder creation – Tap and hold an app on the home screen, continue holding the app and now drag it on top of another app you want in the same folder. Folder will automatically be created. Can other apps while in this mode by tapping, holding and dragging to folder Can rename folder as well Up to 6 apps on dock – drag and drop apps by performing tasks similar to tasks for creating a folder (will also allow you to delete apps when in the “change apps” area Apps vs. iOS iOS 5.1 capabilities – Air Play

13 * Screenshot taken from personal iPad of Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW

14 * Improve Your iPad Experience even further Updating: Apps vs iOS iOS Wireless Update (iTunes Wifi sync under settings/general) Why you need to know what iOS you are running Increase battery life Close Apps (already discussed) Location Services (more so if iPad is 3G/4G capable) Turn iPad off when not in use for long periods

15 * Security Restrictions Use of camera feature on iPad 2 and iPad 3 in clinic or hospital setting – HIPPA implications Under settings can set restrictions to apps / music / movies / etc for patient safety Location management Photos and location – will record location photo/video is taken (that is transmitted with photo) unless location option turned off Facebook/Twitter post implications Value of Find My Phone Limitation for Wireless Only devices related to this feature Cover digital tracks Control application location access Delete browsing history Delete cookies Image from:

16 * Screenshots taken from personal iPad of Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW

17 * Also Good to Know According to the Apple Store Staff: Can sync up to 10 iPads to 1 iTunes account  Implications for app purchases  Business account advantage - can buy the app once and put on multiple devices If iPad is frozen hold the top button until the "Shut Off" screen comes on and then press "Home" button Apple Stores often have Business Workshops Monday through Friday 8:30- 9:30 AM (before they open) and then again at 6:30 PM Image from: https://encrypted- 9GcSv9wdAEP6DKIVYE0Hf5IFwtpEf BmY6CDDrYDEDVd6J2ariLlbX-g

18 * References: Presentation Part 1 Agarwal, A. 2010. Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Typing on an iPhone or the iPad. for-iphone-ipad/13564/. Accessed January 11, 2012 for-iphone-ipad/13564/ Chetan. 2010. Apple iPad Tips and Tricks - Useful Setup and Shortcuts. Accessed January 11, 2012 Elliot, A. 2010. 10 Useful Apple iPad Tips and Tricks. Accessed January 11. 2012. Elliot, A. 2010. 10 Useful iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks. Accessed January 11, 2012. Friedman, L 2011. Ten Tips for Mastering the iPad. Accessed January 11, Machkovech, S. 2012. "Secrets of the iPad". The Daily for iPad. Accessed January 11, 2012. Phillips, J. 2011. iOS 5: Exploring 7 Hidden Features. Accessed January 11, 2012.

19 * Contact Information: Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW Social Worker at Children's Rehabilitative Services at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona Emails: (work) (personal) Phone: (work) 602-406-7052

20 * Technology & Child Life Field

21 * Bellieni CV, Cordelli DM, Raffaelli M, Ricci B, Morgese G, Buonocore G. (2006). Analgesic effect of watching TV during venipuncture. Arch Dis Child, 91(12), 1015-7. Jameson E, Trevena J, Swain N. (2011).Electronic gaming as pain distraction. Pain Res Manag, 16(1), 27-32. Law E, Dahlquist, L, Sil S, Weiss, K, Herbert, L, Wohlheiter, K, and Horn, SB. (2011). Videogame distraction using virtual reality technology for children experiencing cold pressor pain: the role of cognitive processing. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36(1), 84-94. Ryan, Richard M., Rigby, C. Scott, Przybylski, Andrew (2006). The Motivational Pull of Video Games: A Self Determination Theory Approach. Motivation and Emotion. A new look and a new approach for two remerging fields. Springer Link Press.

22 * iPads in Child Life Child LifeiPads in Child Life Child Life Child Life and the iPad - Education -Distraction -Family Support -Internal & External PR Environments

23 * Developing iPad use in your program Program Development Funding & Obtaining Creating policies Infection control & Safety iTunes account

24 * Ok….so now your program has iPads...

25 * Your Friend the iPad Friend Friend Making Friends Old School Vs. High Tech Individualizing Your iPad Support

26 * Whatcha’ Got:  CL Education Materials  Applications -Games, Books, Magazines,  Movies, TV Shows & Music  Internet, Email, & Social Networking o Public Relations

27 * Daily Life with the iPad Good Morning iPAD! – Storage & Transportation Wardrobe: Accessories & Cleaning Daily Use:  A tool in your toolbox  How Not To Be An Easel o Engaging the Patient/Family

28 * Working with the Patient Positioning Stability Setting Limits Developmental & Physical Adaptations Culture, language, & parenting choices Education of Staff When to Power Down..

29 * Awesome Apps & Downloads

30 * Future of iPad Use  Keeping up w/ technology  Further Research Needed o Hospital & Medical Apps

31 * GoodNight iPad Goodnight

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