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1 LOGICOMP Transforming professional competences in logistics and services sectors.

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1 1 LOGICOMP Transforming professional competences in logistics and services sectors

2 2 Index Logistics meaning The DP’s constituent subjects Project illustration The distance communication system

3 3 Logistic meaning meaning: science that studies goods distribution and persons transport to optimize timing, costs, resources and (today) to minimize environment pollution. 2.nd meaning: the producing process rationalisation based on the producing elements (h.r., tools, use of financial resources and so on) optimisation.

4 4 The DP’s constituent subjects DP Managing organisation: Chronos srl Other national partners: Dieffe Scarl E. A. Magazzini Generali ZIP Ente Fiera Padova Loser

5 5 About us Role in the DP Responsible for administrative and financial management and transnational activities. Main activities of the organization SME’s Innovation & Development Trade consultancy Industrial consultancy Logistics Managing consultancy Environment & quality system Planning and realization of company training and finalized to the work Competences analysis

6 6 What’s Dieffe? Role in the DP Responsible of the planning and auto-evaluation Main activities of the organization Training courses organization for unemployed young people Placement of neo-diplomats and neo-graduates Vocational training & long life learning courses Management in outsourcing of training processes Research into training needs expressed by socio- economic factors and evolution of the professional profile and training methods.

7 7 What’s Magazzini Generali? Role in the DP Cooperation on the experimental distance learning realization Main activities of the organization Administrative management of goods, management of orders; possibility of manipulating goods, also coming from foreign country, through new packing,labelling manufacturing; Storage, custody and preservation of goods. Loading / Unloading operations of trucks, wagons containers. Clearing of goods. National and international freight. Custom operations of import / export through direct representation in customs, simplified procedure, temporary import and export intrastate presentation

8 8 What’s ZIP? Role in the DP Cooperation on the activities coordination Main activities of the organization Planning and building specialized technological and telematic nets Working on the maintenance, recovery and reconversion of industrial buildings Planning, realization and selling industrial rigged areas in Italy and overseas Realizing industrial rustic buildings Financial planning

9 9 What’s Ente Fiera Padova? Role in the DP Project’s diffusion and advertising Main activities of the organization Organizing and managing expositive manifestations Promoting the realization of specialized saloons; expositions, market-exhibitions, Promoting the organization of enterprises aggregations, which aim to develop the marketing of goods and services such as tourism;

10 10 What’s Loser Role in the DP Support to the construction of the didactic contents concerning the distance training Main activities of the organization Logistics services such as managing of the: production productivity organization store layout goods arrive and departure control.

11 11 Project illustration Territory Economy & Sector Description of the discrimination problem Project’s Workpackages National activities Transnational activities

12 12 Territory

13 13 District

14 14 Economy and Sector The economic structure of Padua province is characterized by a strong industrial apparatus aimed to the exportation and innovation The province on the whole reaches 849.592 habitants 106.573 productive installations. Prevalence of the enterprises with less than 19 employees (more than the 97%of the total) Total employees amounted to 347.000 units in 2000 Prevalence of employees in the trade and service’s sectors (180.000 units or 51%) comprehensive interchange (importation plus exportation) has achieved 7.850 millions EURO in 2000. The logistics and service’s sectors registers each year a growth of the GDP average between the 15% and 20%.

15 15 Description of the discrimination problem To act strategically on the levers: “technology and human resources” to optimise the infrastructure deficiency Development of the new technologies competences: the new technologies change the logistics way of being. The strong staff turnover and the connected problem of generational passage The absence of training culture in the logistic sector concerning small and middle-sized enterprises.

16 16 Project’s Workpackages A.Sector analysis and research B.New ICT in the logistic sector C.Projecting and programming D.Experimentation E.Management and evaluation F.Diffusion G.Transnational activities

17 17 Workpackage A 1.Sector analysis and research 2.Sample enterprises’ analysis 3.The lacking competences 4.New methodologies to develop competences in the enterprise

18 18 Workpackage B -Presence and use of ICT in the sector -Fields of future development of ICT in the sector -Distance learning system in the sector: potentialities, opportunities and difficulties

19 19 Workpackage C 1.Projecting and programming 2.Actions to negotiate training with social parts 3.Installation of electronic instruments to realize training actions

20 20 Workpackage E 1.Research management and evaluation 2.Projecting and programming management and evaluation 3.Realization management and evaluation

21 21 Workpackage F 1.Computer products duplication and diffusion 2.Publication 3.Communication to verify the model’s application to other sectors

22 22 Transnational activities Workpackage G

23 23 Transnational Workpackage (G) Traditional transnational activities Distance transnational activities

24 24 Traditional Transnational Activities Meeting & steering group organization Tools for internal evaluation reporting Web site & other services

25 25 Distance transnational activities Objectives Give added value to the national activities Characterize projects with a strong Europeanization Active a best practice that permits to enter in the Equal action 3.

26 26 Project Managing Work progress about project’s national activities. Work progress about project’s transnational activities. Specific counselling on project management.

27 27 Informations on Equal and others European bans –UE Informative Bulletin – Equal Program –Best Practice Dissemination on European level –Distance consultancy with an UE Commission expert –Other news on European bans –Training opportunities –Partner opportunities –Trade opportunities

28 28 Chronology structure Analysis and research Models and tools to operate in the sector Experimental actions Result diffusion

29 29 Work packages structure F. D I F F U S I O N A. Sector analysis and research B. Sector ICT C. PLANNING AND PROGRAMMATION D. Distance Training and Consuelling experimental actions E. MANAGEMENT AND EVALUATION G. TRANSNATIONAL ACTIVITIES

30 30 Transnational activities (G) Chronos’s distance comunication system Project Manag.Information about Equal National activities Planning & programming (C) Experimental actions (D) Diffusion (E) Informations on other opportunities

31 31 The distance communication system How it works Single position (“Spotlight”) Remote classroom (“CCU”)

32 32 Direction TV Studio Up link receiver 128 Kb/s 1 Mb/s interactivity Satellite dish Satellite How it works

33 33 Single position (“Spotlight”) Each connected person disposes of a completely autonomic position constituted by a PC provided of a microphone and of an earphone for the interaction.

34 34 Remote classroom (“CCU”) Each connected site has a TV screen that permits a common vision to a group of participants; each participant has an instrument very similar to a telephone for the audio and data interaction(Interactive Response Unit)

35 35 The offers of distance communication system For the companies which collaborate with UE: -Informations about UE program: interactive & direct broadcast with responsible/experts of UE’s DG -Training programme schedules on specific thematics -Workshops in Italy

36 36 Distance learning system’s characteristics Open system Interactive High flexible Expandible networking European

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