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Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Purdue University: 2008-2014 Strategic Plan Purdue Mission Purdue University serves diverse populations of.

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2 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana

3 Purdue University: 2008-2014 Strategic Plan Purdue Mission Purdue University serves diverse populations of Indiana, the nation, and the world through: 1.Discovery that expands the frontiers of knowledge 2.Learning that nurtures the sharing of knowledge 3.Engagement that promotes the application of knowledge.

4 West Lafayette, Indiana –Founded in 1869 –Two hours drive southeast of Chicago Enrollment: 40,090 –Undergraduate: 31,761 –Professional: 902 –Graduate: 7,427 –International students: 5,479 11 Schools/Colleges –Total Faculty: 2,764

5 Demographic Information Tippecanoe County Population = 156,169 % Female = 48.2 % under Age 18 = 21.1 % Age 65 and over = 9.4 % African American = 3.3 % American Indian/Alaska Native = 0.3 % Asian/Pacific Islander = 5.5 % Hispanic/Latino Origin = 6.8

6 International Students and Scholars International Students and Scholars 4,824 students from 130 countries 3 rd in nation among public universities 1,860 undergraduates, 6% of Purdue undergraduates 2,964 graduate students, 37% of Purdue graduate students More than 800 faculty and researchers from 76 countries

7 International Students and Scholars Top 10 home locations of International Students (Fall 2007) India (1,182) South Korea (818) China (778) Taiwan (243) Indonesia (197) Malaysia (111) Turkey (102) Canada (93) Pakistan (84) Germany (66)

8 Colleges & Schools College of Agriculture College of Consumer & Family Science College of Education College of Engineering College of Liberal Arts College of Pharmacy, Nursing & Health Sciences College of Science College of Technology Krannert School of Management The Graduate School


10 College of Liberal Arts Enrollment –Undergraduate:6,657 –Graduate:1,149 Departments Anthropology Communication English Foreign Languages and Literatures Health and Kinesiology History Philosophy Political Science Psychological Sciences Sociology Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Patti and Rusty Rueff Department of Visual and Performing Arts

11 Department of Health and Kinesiology – Lambert Hall William Harper – Dept. Head

12 Department of Health & Kinesiology 4 th largest department in the College of Liberal Arts Enrollment: –Undergraduate: ~800 –Graduate: ~100

13 Department Mission The mission of the Department of Health and Kinesiology is to excel in discovery, learning, and engagement activities within the sciences of health, exercise, human movement and physical activity, and sports behavior and performance across the lifespan. More particularly, our mission is to create, interpret, transmit, and apply knowledge related to health, human performance, exercise, and fitness. In turn, this multidisciplinary knowledge base identifies the common ground of a department dedicated to the prevention of premature mortality, the reduction of unnecessary morbidity, and the enhancement of human health, vitality and well-being

14 HK Faculty and Staff

15 Graduate Program Statistics Graduate Director: Alan Smith M.S. Student Enrollment (International) N= 58 (2) Ped & Ad (15); MPH (16); HP (4); Exer. Phys. (5) Sport Manag. (7); Motor Control (1) Ath. Train (2) PhD Student Enrollment N= 40 (9) Ped &Ad (6); HP (17); Sport Psych (2) Biomechanics (3) Exer. Phys (5); Motor Control (3) Sport M. (4)

16 Department of Health & Kinesiology Graduate Programs: –pedagogy & administration –public health –biomechanics –exercise physiology –history/philosophy of sport –motor control –motor development –physical education teacher education –sport and exercise psychology –recreation and sport management

17 Graduate Admisson GRE M.S./MPH 1000 verbal + quant. PhD 1100 verbal+ quant. TOEFEL Scores 550 paper; 213 (computer); 77 (internet)

18 International Student and Scholars Purdue University is proud of its rich cultural diversity. This fall semester we rank second in international student enrollment among all public United States colleges and universities. The Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) is committed to the internationalization of Purdue University by providing appropriate services and support to international clientele and various University departments and offices. ISS seeks to enhance the academic, cultural, and social pursuits of students and scholars from abroad through knowledge and expertise in recruitment, admissions, immigration, advising, and cross-cultural programming.

19 HK Graduate Students

20 Graduate Faculty Public Health

21 Graduate Faculty Kinesiology


23 Master of Public Health (MPH) The MPH program is designed to educate future leaders in public health and is offered in collaboration with various units on the Purdue campus. The degree requires a minimum of 45 credit hours which include a professional internship and a thesis. Students complete coursework in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy & administration, and behavioral health sciences. Students select from one of two concentrations: Community Health or Health Communication.

24 Master of Science (MS) The MS program is designed as a flexible degree program that allows students to pursue in-depth study in areas corresponding to faculty expertise. Students may also propose their own area of study that combines expertise of our graduate faculty. Most students enter the research-based program, which is designed to prepare students for doctoral study and requires 24 credit hours of coursework in addition to a thesis. Alternatively, students may opt for a 33 credit hour non-thesis option that emphasizes professional practice and culminates with a capstone project. Course requirements of the MS degree are flexible and developed in consultation with the student’s advisory committee. It is expected that students will complete at least 6 credit hours of research tools and 9 credit hours of coursework within the department that align with the student’s area of study.

25 PHD Program The PhD program is a research-focused program that is designed to produce independent scholars capable of enhancing knowledge and effectively communicating that knowledge. Like the MS program, the PhD is flexible and designed by the student in collaboration with an advisory committee. Students entering this program have research interests that tightly match with those of a graduate faculty member, and generally seek to pursue an academic/research career. The degree requires a minimum of 34 credit hours beyond the master’s degree or 52 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate.

26 PhD continued Course requirements are flexible, are developed by the student in consultation with the student’s advisory committee, and are evaluated and endorsed following a brief student presentation to the graduate faculty. Requirements also include passing a qualifying examination in the first academic year, passing a written and oral preliminary exam upon completing primary coursework, and successfully completing and defending a dissertation.

27 Time to PhD Completion

28 Graduate Student Organization The Health and Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization (HKGSO) serves as a resource for current graduate students to build upon the foundation of their education with leadership, service, and social opportunities. The HKGSO is run by the graduate students and, as such, represents all individuals pursuing graduate study in the department whether they are enrolled full- or part-time and whether they are employed by the department, employed by other agencies on or off campus, or financing their own education.

29 Health and Kinesiology Values Our faculty understands that it is discovery and discoveries that drive our learning and engagement efforts. Consequently, we strive to responsibly and ethically employ the basic research tools appropriate to the search for knowledge and truths. This commitment inevitably means that we promote free inquiry, creative thinking, imaginative problem solving, clear and distinct communication, and measure interventions.

30 HK Values Mutual Respect. Our professional relationships—whether in our roles of nurturing students, interacting with one another, or representing our department, our school, or our university to others—are principled, civil, attentive, and collegial.

31 HK Values Intellectual and Socio/Cultural Diversity. Our department realizes that diversity is essential to perpetuating communities of discovery, learning, and engagement locally, nationally, or globally. Whether diversity is found to be in the world of ideas or in the world of individuals, it is difference that provokes questions, solves problems, creates theoretical or methodological breakthroughs, and invents uncanny applications and interventions. There is no individual or collective growth, no mutual understanding, no cultural or social progress, no peace or even peace of mind without a determined effort to welcome and celebrate academic and personal differences.


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