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Customer satisfaction Quality Logistics Conference Life cycle Analysis Event marketing Budget system development Marketing Audit...  SME business problems.

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2 Customer satisfaction Quality Logistics Conference Life cycle Analysis Event marketing Budget system development Marketing Audit...  SME business problems Institutional Changes in the Region Outsourcing Brain drain Inner city population structure change Generation change … Idea-> product >market Product conceptualisation Managerial accounting Independent marketing Business processes... Metal Metso,Sulzer,Andritz SME_network Buildpolis housing, wood, stone, constructing I C T Logistics Other Focus Industries Kymenlaakso Polytechnic ‘PRODUCTS’ Project in brief 1

3 Players –Students completing their BBA degree, post BBA students –Teachers tutoring thesis and course projects –Business development personnel in South Kymenlaakso SME’s –Bodies responsible for industrial development in the region Outcomes –Networking; between Polytechnic and SME’s, intraSME networks –SME business improvement –Focus industry development –Educational practicability and updating –Regional effectiveness of the Polytechnic Project in brief 2

4 Project implementation Create a system and a network for tracking core improvement areas in SME business processes Pilot project development –Bachelor theses and consulting –Reports, publications, portfolios Business process development, network models … Project conceptualisation Polytechnic R & D activity –Improving teachers’ consulting skills –Connecting business competence with Kymenlaakso Polytechnic’s Innovation and technology Park’s R&D activity Project in brief 3 Business Process fit Logistical capabilities Profit fit Accounting capabilities Customer fit Marketing capabilities Business Process fit Logistical capabilities Profit fit Accounting capabilities Customer fit Marketing capabilities

5 Improving our total offering to match with customer needs? Defining/Designing our total service package? How to improve our processes ? Attracting partners for providing a package? Product Needs ? Who are they ? Decision making ? Decision makers ? Satisfaction? –With us ? –Competitor suppliers ? ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS TAKE COMPETITORS CUSTOMERS ‘TOTAL QUALITY’ + ‘VALUE CHAIN’ PROVIDE ADDED-VALUE REASONS TO CHOOSE US  REASONS TO CHOOSE US = BRAND TWO APPROACHES Who ?

6 self-assessed capability (mark 1…5) grouped according to the profit (poor…excellent) Profit  Which Success Factor ?

7 PHASE 2 Theme interviews  KK  students / Thesis ??  Project supervisor PHASE 1Partner search / Information collection  KK  existing connections / previous theses  market research  marketing projects  Accounting projects  Logistics projects  in web / spring 2003 PHASE 3 Problem definition  Thesis supervisor + student + about 3 meetings during thesis process IMPLEMENTATION

8 Thesis for SME’s # 11 in progress # 17 completed Projects for SME’s # 10 completed Thesis for other institutes etc. # 5 in progress # 11 completed Projects/events for other institutes etc. # 1 in progress # 7 completed Current situation review (03 05)

9 Results Summary All together 15 partner companies and 10 other partners. # 120 students involved # 40 BBA degrees Examples from the thesis and the projects – Customer satisfaction studies – New customer hunting projects – CRM plans – Logistical studies – etc.

10 Examples / Projects completed Theses for SME’s »Customer acquisition »CRM plan »Service concept development Theses for other institutes (the project as a whole) »IT in Logistics industry (market review) »Brand creation for IT companies »Awareness and image of Kymenlaakso Polytechnics business cooperation Study projects for SME’s »Customer satisfaction »New customer acquisition (several)) »Feasibility study Study projects for the projects as a whole »Business training need survey »ICT market review (players; customers) »Environmental Management System in SME’s review »Global SME (Internationalisation review)

11 Customer Value, cus satisfaction - loyalty CRM, customer profitability, information management, New customer acquisition; b-tob segmentation+ direct marketing plan Kaihdinlinkki Oy Kymi Design (brochure, design managemet) Customer profitability application (Manag. Accounting) Example for one SME

12 SME business Success factors and problems Basic Studies ‘well- functioning enterprise’ Specialisation studies Projects Business Academy THESIS Continuing studies Higher Degree

13 Regional Effectiveness LEARNINGR & D (& S) Kymenlaakso Polytechnic – SME cooperation

14 CORE IDEAS 1 *) Polytechnic – Business co-operation works as a part of polytechcnics’ main tasks I.e. TEACHING, R&D (and service activity) AND REGIONAL EFEECTIVENESS there must be tangible activity, where all these elements are completed at once. LEARNING the core ’business’ of a polytech is TEACHING or actually, ACTIVITY FOR HELPING TO LEARN successful business cooperation acts as a powerful tool for better learning success in projects completed with/for the industry motivates and builds up ’internal entrepreneurship’ ( only 5 % actually starts their own business, but demanding study participating projects, taking responsibility bring up better employees, too) creating a new geration of entrepreneurs needs a feasible, tailored ’entrepreneur-curriculum’ and an incubator network; this network incubator works together with local bodies for business development. *) here ’business co-operation’ is understood in its broad meaning; it includes e.g. study projects for companies, theses, entrepreneurship education (internal entrepreneurship ~bottoms-up intrapreneurship), entrepreneur education (creating new businesses/concepts…(e.g. in incubators)

15 CORE IDEAS 2 REGIONAL EFFECTIVENESS strategic focus industries chosen consistently with the strategies of local business development authorities in order to have a substantial impact, large scale activity is needed; hundreds of students and their tutors must be involved most important tools for co-operation are theses and study projects teacher training; needs for more ’ consultant-like ’ approach than traditional academic one. practices must be co-ordinated; price, quality standards … you shouldn ’ t give a contradictory image towards your clients main target group is SME ’ s (micro or 10-50 employees ??); future employers ’ of polytechcs ’ graduates. Better internal co-operation is required for completing ‘ total service packages ’ ; faculties must accomplish projects together – business improvement is not a faculty-question

16 CORE IDEAS 3 BOUNDARIES – NEW OPENINGS Generation change of entrepreneurs E.g., only in Southern Kymenlaakso there are about 4500 companies; more than 1000 of the will face the process of transition in about 5 years. Polytechnic creates a system where companies likely to develop will get assistance and meanwhile new management will be trained in an incubator. Global SME Kymenlaakso Polytechnic has about 150 partner universities round the world; they should be explored for finding partners in order to create a network for SME business improvement- internationalisation ( e.g. helping sme’s to take part in exhibititions abroad, accomplish a customer acquisition abroad etc.) Existing teacher-student exchange is enlarged to contain activities like project cooperation, theses, practical training … Co-operating in these areas generates options for continuing studies abroad Sustainable development / ecological efficiency An economically profitable process may (must) be ecologically sustainable as well. Kymenlaakso Polytechnic will generate multi- faculty projects aiming at this.

17 Regional Effectiveness Débarquement in Normandy would never have succeeded by few generals only. What was needed was a huge amount of vessels and frontline combatants. Having few specialised research directors or R&D engineers, a polytechnic cannot provide regional effects. Required is a mass of students (fighters), clearly targeted landing area (focus industries), well done home work and sufficiently logistic support (teachers competent to act as consultants in the projects they coach).

18 Webster, F.E., Jr. (1994) Executing the new marketing concept, Marketing Management, 3(1 ) Designing and Delivering Superior Customer Value  Create customer focus throughout the business.  Listen to the customer.  Define and nurture your distinctive competence.  Define marketing as marketing intelligence.  Target customers precisely.  Manage for profitability - not sales volume.  Make customer value the guiding star.  Let the customer define quality.  Measure and manage customer expectations.  Build customer relationships and loyalty.  Define the business as a service business.  Commit to continuous improvement.  Manage culture along with strategy.  Grow with partners and alliances.  Destroy marketing bureaucracy.

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