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1 CDMA Network Wireless Telephone Directorate Presented by: Chetan Ratna Kansakar Manager, DWT.

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1 1 CDMA Network Wireless Telephone Directorate Presented by: Chetan Ratna Kansakar Manager, DWT

2 2 Content Objective & PlanObjective & Plan Current StatusCurrent Status Progress and CapacityProgress and Capacity ServiceService Future PlanFuture Plan Problems encounteredProblems encountered ConclusionConclusion

3 3 Objective & Plan  The CDMA Project objective was to facilitate telecommunication services in 75 District Head Quarters and 3,915 VDCs of Nepal.  To meet the above objective, NT Procured the CDMA system with following capacity in Five Phases under contract with ZTE which was signed on 18 th October 2004: –MSC- one million lines –BSC- one million lines –BTS- Around 450K lines  Install 100 CDMA BTS each year.  To facilitate Trunk requirement of Nepal Telecom.  NG SDH East-West optical link with bandwidth of STM-64.  Various Microwave spur link. (100 stations)  Alcatel Valley SDH link.(4 sites)

4 4 Current Status  Progress and Capacity  Service status

5 5 Progress and Capacity

6 6  Soft launch of CDMA-2062, Asar  System put into commercial use- 2062, Magh 23  Installed capacity to date –MSC-1 million lines –BSC-1 million lines –BTS-399K lines (Installed BTS-258)  Capacity to be installed –BTS-151K lines –BTS-100K Lines Upgradation (additional Purchase) Note:- Five phases frame contract has been merged in three Phases CDMA Network

7 7 Transmission  NG SDH  STM-64 Tx. Equipments installed in 16 sites along East-West high-way, 5 STM-64 equipment will be installed in up coming month of fiscal year 2064/65.  Valley SDH  STM-4 and STM-1 Tx. equipment installed in 4 sites  Microwave Radio  Microwave radio installed in 42 stations

8 8 SUMMARY OF CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT REGION No.ofCoveredCoverageInstalledPlanned S/N DistrictZoneVDCs PercentageBTSCapacityBTSCapacity 1DhanushaJanakpur DolakhaJanakpur MahottariJanakpur RamechapJanakpur SarlahiJanakpur SindhuliJanakpur Total BaraNarayani ChitwanNarayani MakwanpurNarayani ParsaNarayani RautahatNarayani Total Grand Total

9 9 Installed BTS Location

10 10 Planned BTS Location

11 11 Service status  CDMA line distribution –Fixed telephone Post paid 43,427 –Fixed telephone Prepaid 116,730 –Sky phone 198,227 –Sky Data 1103 –Total Data user 19,120  CDMA Coverage –Zone-14 –District-71 –Municipality-58 –VDC-2120 Note:- Humla, Mugu, Dolpa and Manag yet to be connected

12 12 Future plan  After completion of revised phase IV CDMA network will have one million lines capacity in MSC and BSC whereas the BTS capacity Will be only 550K lines.  L/C has already been open for procurement of additional BTS equipment to upgrade 53 1C3S BTS to 2C3S and 41 1C1O BTS to 2C1O which will add 100K lines to BTS capacity.  The BTS capacity will be 650K lines after up-gradation. Remaining 350K Lines BTS capacity to be procured for ultimate capacity of One Million Lines which will cover around 3360 VDCs (out of 3915 VDCs) in all 75 Districts. Negotiation is under way to procure additional 190 BTS and 220 BTS upgradation equipment.

13 13 Future Plan cont.  Additional 2 million line with around 400 BTS are required for carpet coverage through out the country and to cater the demand.  By the end of fiscal year 2064/65 150K lines fixed and 200K RUIMs shall be distributed throughout the Kingdom. For the next five year, DWT has planned to distribute 500K lines each year.  By the end of fiscal year 2064/65 DWT has planned to cover all 75 districts and cover around 2500 distinct VDCs throughout the country.

14 14 Problems encountered  Outrageous situation –Transportation of Equipment –Movement of technical manpower  Preparing Infrastructure –Acquiring Land –Building –3 phase electricity supply –Tower  Migration of Subscribers

15 15 Conclusion  Expansion of CDMA networks specially in rural sector of the country to cater the growing demand of telephones.  Establishment of East West High bandwidth (STM-64) optical transmission link.


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