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UN/CEFACT UN/CEFACT Registry Specification ICG (Information Content Management Group) 17 March 2005 Mike CONROY, Francis BERTHOMIEU, Fabrice BOURGE, Yao-ming.

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1 UN/CEFACT UN/CEFACT Registry Specification ICG (Information Content Management Group) 17 March 2005 Mike CONROY, Francis BERTHOMIEU, Fabrice BOURGE, Yao-ming YEH Jean-Luc CHAMPION (TBG 1)


3 The UN/CEFACT Registry is based on the ebXML Registry/Repository architecture Registry Information Model: High Level Public View

4 The UN/CEFACT Registry is CCTS compliant Core component storage

5 The UN/CEFACT Registry will take into account the federation of Registries BankingAero SpaceElectricConstructionEDIFRANCE  UN/CEFACT Registry Federation Service

6 The UN/CEFACT Registry supports the "Operating procedures between the TBG, ATG and ICG"  Management of roles and responsabilities

7 Content Management Federated Architectur e Standard Metadata Event Notification Secure Architecture ebXML Registry Manage UN/CEFACT artefacts. Enforce conformity rules, Cataloguing, custom queries, WCM Interoperability between autonomous ebXML registries DSIG, Role-Based Access Control, Audit Trail UN/CEFACT extensions: Identification Classification Association Enable UN/CEFACT workflow using Content-Based Event Notification Information artefacts registry Publish UN/CEFACT Artefacts Major UN/CEFACT Registry Features at a Glance

8 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  The UN/CEFACT Registry manages and stores in accordance with the ebRIM (ebXML Registry Information Model) objects which are composed of artefacts (BRS, RSM, XSD, CC, BIE, Context data, BP…)  The UN/CEFACT Registry artefacts are serialized for Registry input/output

9 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  UN/CEFACT Registry architecture

10 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  UN/CEFACT Registry functional view

11 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  Submission procedure (UN/CEFACT Project management)

12 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  UN/CEFACT artefact submission

13 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  Data Exchange

14 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification  Milestones  Specification initiation: 09 2004  Specification V.05 completed: 01 2005  Review period: 02 2005  Spec V.06 expected for the end of 04 2005  Review period: end of June 2005  Spec V.07: 09 2005 (reviewed at 7th Forum meeting)  Spec V.1: end of 2005

15 A Gazette Content Management System in Taiwan eGovernment Platform Yao-ming Yeh National Taiwan Normal University Dept. Information Computer Education Taipei, Taiwan

16 Backgrounds of our project A framework called “eGov SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) Architecture” was defined in Taiwan eGovernment Common Platform Project(2002-2008). The issues about how to integrate Service Reg/Rep (UDDI R/R) and Content Reg/Rep (ebXML R/R) to provide the deployment of One-Stop Services (workflows) need to be clarified. A Gazette Content Management Prototype System is developed to practice and verify the use of UMM and ebXML R/R, and to provide the concepts of federation among Reg/Reps in eGovernment infrastructure (including platform, federate government, and local government).

17 eGov SOA System Architecture Government Official OU Repository WS OUOU Federate Government OU Repository WS OUOU Local Government Platform Content Registry/Repository Workflow Registry/Repository Service Registry/Repository GATEWAYGATEWAY Orchestration eGOV Portal Citizen Enterprise Platform manager WS Client OT M OTM: Ontology Tree Management OU: Organization Unit

18 Taiwan eGovernment Common Platform Framework OID Reg/Rep (Global Unique ID) Services Utilities (UDDI R/R Library) Community Reg/Rep User Reg/Rep Common Services... Organ. Reg/Rep One-stop Services Simple Services Composed Services Application ServicesDomain Services Platform Repository Taxonomy Manag. Orchestra. Content Utilities ( ebXML R/R Library) Workflow Utilities (Workflow Enactment Library) Reg/Rep Manager Platform Core Components Internet Gateway Systems

19 Use Case Diagram

20 MetaData of Gazette(Model of Concept)

21 Government Gazettes Government Gazettes are the government publications which are collected into gazette Packages (like Journal issues) Federate Government Organizations Local Government Organizations Gazette Package Gazette Attachment Gazette Package Gazette Attachment

22 Class Diagram of RO Model Notes: CCTS will be addressed to provide a standard modeling procedure for ROs

23 XMI File

24 Content Specification Schema

25 Content Specification Schema File

26 RO Content Specification Sample

27 RDF Graph

28 RDF File

29 XForm (Edit/Submit Registry Object)

30 Query Pattern Type 1: [Result : ROs]Taxonomy Search(Special association) Type 2: [Result : ROs] Association Query (ASCC) –PublishedBy (GOV)/CreatedBy /Has /Attached /HasFormat Type 3: [Result : AttribueValue]Attribute Query Combined Query –[Result : ROs]Taxonomy join Taxonomy –[Result : ROs]Taxonomy join Association –[Result : AttributeValues]Taxonomy combine Attribute – [Result : AttributeValues]Association combine Attribute) –[Result : AttributeValue]Taxonomy join Association then combine Attribute –[Result : ROs]Association join Association) –[Result : AttributeValues]Association join Association then combine Attribute

31 Life Cycle Diagram

32 Content Management System Architecture Global Taxonomy Local Taxonomy OPEN GOV OID eLife Taxonomy Local Handel System Global Handel System Unique ID Add Prefix RO Class Diagram  Content Spec.  Query Management XMI XML Schema RDF MetaModel Metadata Def., Content Spec., RDF, Taxonomy, States, Events (Life Cycle Management), Right, Federation Policies … UI WS Query Submit Delete Query Submit Delete Gazette Content Management RO Editor XForm STYLE Global OID

33 One-Stop Services in eTaiwan eGovernment Infrastructure CM Workflow Enactment Engine CM Semantic Interop. Query/Update

34 UN/CEFACT Registry Specification Demonstration  BoostAero project (TBG1) submitted BIEs in the RepXML prototype 


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