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Knowledge Management and Engineering David Riaño.

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1 Knowledge Management and Engineering David Riaño

2 Index Introduction Antecedents Knowledge Representation Knowledge Life Cycle Technologies for Knowledge Management Tools for Knowledge Management

3 Introduction Knowledge Management Knowledge Engineering Data, Information, Knowledge Explicit vs. Implicit Declarative vs. Procedural Individual vs. Group vs. Organizational. Informal vs. Semi-structured vs. Structured vs formal.

4 Antecedents Oral Knowledge Transmission –Story-teller –Mankind traditions Textual and Graphical Knowledge Transmission –Documents and File Cabinets –Books Computer-Based Knowledge Transmission –Email –Intranets and Internet –Magnetic, laser-based,etc. file record systems –Information Systems –Knowledge Bases FGKM: First generation Knowledge Management –focused on the use of technologies to help users to extract knowledge and share this knowledge within the enterprise. –vision: valuable knowledge already exists. –tools: technology always seems to provide the answer. –purposes: enhance the deployment of knowledge into practice. knowledge integration. SGKM: Second generation KM or “the new KM” –focused on the use of technologies to generate new valuable knowledge, validate this knowledge and integrate it in the enterprise business processes and business strategies. –vision: knowledge is something that is produced. –purposes: knowledge production and integration. Third generation KM

5 Knowledge Representation Frames Scripts Semantic Networks Rules Ontologies

6 Knowledge Life Cycle

7 Technologies for Knowledge Manag. Management Sciences Artificial Intelligence –Case-Based Reasoning –Ontology-Based KM –Metadata-Based KM –Knowledge Discovery: Clementine –Knowledge Acquisition Information Retrieval –Information Retrieval & Extraction –Visualisation Techniques Organisational Behaviour

8 Tools for Knowledge Management Knowledge capture: SAGE Knowledge access: AQUAINT Knowledge mining: Knowledge summarisation: Knowledge mapping: Knowledge visualisation:

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