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1 Sixth annual WIPO Forum on intellectual property and small and medium-sized enterprises for Intellectual Property Offices and other relevant institutions.

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1 1 Sixth annual WIPO Forum on intellectual property and small and medium-sized enterprises for Intellectual Property Offices and other relevant institutions in OECD countries SWAN Training program on IP exploitation Cardiff 10th September 2008 Alessandro Favalli -Zernike Group

2 2 Who are we?  private enterprise  main offices in the Netherlands  the founders take part in the set-up of Zernike Science Park (public), the first in the NL  managers of Zernike Science Park  foundation of Zernike Group

3 3 Our organisation Zernike Business Development Zernike Sales & Marketing Zernike Fund Management Zernike Ventures Zernike International Argentina Australia China Finland Germany Italy Portugal Rumania Spain UK USA Zernike Group Holding Zernike Science & Technology Park Management

4 4 Areas of activity science & tech. parks / incubators early stages funding technology commercialization consulting Innovation /new business dev. / entrepreneurship:

5 5 Facilities managed by Zernike Group The Amsterdam Science Park BioPartner Centre Amsterdam Regional Technology Centre IJmond ZSP IDEA Centres BV Twinning Centre Amsterdam Technology Park Western Australia Brisbane Technology Park, Australia Normanby IDEA Centre, UK

6 6 Funds managed by Zernike Ventures

7 7 Some consulting projects  Master Plan of a private technology park in Johor - Malaysia  TA to the City of Knowledge - Panama  Feasib. studies for the set-up of science parks - Netherlands, Iran, Bahrein  Feas. studies of early stages funds - Estonia, Netherlands, Slovak Rep., Italy  World Bank - Infodev - The role of private sector finance  SUMMIT - incubation managers training  ViPiA - entrepreneurs’ training - incubation readiness  SeedTrans - seed fund managers training  SWAN - international IP exploitation manag. training  Thessaloniki Innovation Zone - Greece  Regional Innovation Strategy - Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Estonia

8 8 Experience in technology & IP valorisation  exploitation of University IP -> Patenting & Licensing Bureau (RUG)  management of third parties’ seed funds & own investment in innovative businesses -> Zernike Fund Management / Zernike Ventures  commercialization of technology (from IP to product) -> Zernike Sales and Marketing

9 9 SWAN - Training for IP exploitation managers Short story ZG international player, well known in the networks of STP and innovation experts.  frequently asked to provide targeted training sessions (stages, visiting delegations) to tell/teach what we are doing, in the fields of:  seed funding management  technology commercialisation  facility management

10 10 Knowledge transfer ZG staff and executives have been organising sessions to:  host stagers for on the job training,  give training workshops to visitors

11 11 Knowledge capitalisation  relevant teaching materials have been accumulated  gained experience in training

12 12 Systematisation explicit demand for training + elements to satisfy it + EU financial contribution for new developments = new products!  incubation managers training (SUMMIT)  incubation readiness training for entr. (ViPiA)  seed fund managers training (SeedTrans)  international IP exploitation manager training (SWAN)

13 13 SWAN - objective  transfer knowledge & information and enable player:  to identify relevant issues in due time  involve technical experts when necessary  manage the process  cultural awareness

14 14 SWAN - external support  international partners:  ZERNIKE GROUP HOLDING BV (NL) (Contractor )  FIRST ELEMENTS EUROCONSULTANTS (CY)  UNIVERSITY OF TARTU (EE)  FOUNDATION SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS (FR)  META GROUP (IT)  FOUNDATION VENTSPILS HIGH TECHNOLOGY PARK (LV)  INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP (NL)  YTKO LIMITED (UK)  EU funding with Leonardo da Vinci program  discussion undergoing to link SWAN (mainly class) to IP Panorama / WIPO (distance learning)

15 15 SWAN - phases Work phases:  Market Research, identification of target group, needs assessment  Design of the training material and training modules  Interactive components and training e-learning platform  Pilot testing, evaluation and improvement  Disseminations and Valorisation

16 16 SWAN - target group  intermediaries:  STP / incubators managers  industrial liaison offices  chambers of commerce  BICs Business Innovation Centers  business advisors / consultants  university administration staff  small & medium size enterprises (SMEs)  public administration involved in innovation

17 17 A - WIPO IP Panorama (distance learning) Introduction to better use the SWAN training material and establish a common knowledge basis amongst trainees. B - SWAN training course (class + e-learning support) 1 - Introduction to IPRs system and business use of intangible assets 2 - Strategic use of intangible assets SWAN - outline

18 Introduction to IPRs system and business use of intangible assets:  What are IPRs  Why IPRs are important  Types of IPR:  Trade Secrets  Patents & Utility Models  Trademarks  Industrial design  Copyright SWAN - outline

19 19  Strategies for IP registration  IP roadmap  databases search  IP application  Structure of the application  Timeframe  costs  external consultancy  Exercises SWAN - outline

20 20 SWAN - outline 2 - Strategic use of Intangible assets:  Strategies for IP valorisation - Introduction  IP serving entrepreneurship:  general view of the IPRs system  strategies for IP management  how to successfully exploit intangibles (francising, licencing) Contractual Aspects R&D portfolio management 2.3 – IP to access capital market Market aspects  Preliminary search  IP evaluation & commercialization

21 21 ZG training programs in-house knowledge gained from practice codification + integration of theory + training design tool (with external expertise) practice oriented training modules  topics are directly related to “doing the job”  training content delivery: mix class & e-learning consulting support when students are faced with real life cases, at course ended

22 22 The end Questions?

23 23 Thank you for your attention Alessandro Favalli Zernike Group Zernikepark 12 NL AN Groningen Tel Fax Good bye

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