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▒ Ecosolatec ©Eco Solatec All rights reserved Hwasoon, Jeon-nam, Korea.

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1 ▒ Ecosolatec ©Eco Solatec All rights reserved Hwasoon, Jeon-nam, Korea

2 1. Business Policy 2012 2. President Message 3. Company Overview 4. Organization 5. History of Company 6. Certificates 7. Business Field 8. Major Products 9. Application 10. Production Capacity 11. Insect Traps 12. Why agro-green Tech needed 13. Integrated Pest Management 14. Precise Forecasting Points of Pest Manag. Method 15. Effective use of Photo-taxis in Insects 16. Contact Information Contents 1

3 B.P 2 Business Policy 2011  Ecosolatec recruits outstanding individuals and cultivates them to cope with the rapidly changing Green Energy markets, realizing “Customer ‘s Value” through the Innovative technology  IDEA BANK ENTERPRISE BASED ON AN INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY  GREEN ENERGY ENTERPRISE CONTRIBUTING TO THE HUMANKIND AND BETTER FUTURE PROVIDING ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS

4 3 President Message Eco Solatec was established in June, 2009 to exclusively focus on the pest control products by producing environment-friendly products with a fresh idea and through the endless Research & denvelopment. We have been manufacturing a physical control type of products to prevent diseases and insect pests damaging your precious crops and threatening one’s health; Environment-friendly Insect traps such as Solar- trap and Eco R-II with lower power consumption can be a great solution to meet the customer’s needs especially required in the organic agricultural fields. Ecosolatec had participated in several international Shows and we have enjoyed a good reputation for excellent quality products among the customers. We have applied for more than 20 patents of new products with a lot of efforts and research development and have been doing all of the best for satisfying the various requirements of Customers. We have acquired CE Marks and ISO 9001:14001 as well. And we believe that Customers continued support and encouragement will be the essential power that leads to today & tomorrow’s Ecosolatec. For the better service and Customer’s satisfaction all Ecosolatec members devote all our energies to continuously improve on R&D and manufacturing as a way of expressing our gratitude to our customers. Ecosolatec will keep on growing with global mind, and become the most trustworthy business partner based on the mutual trust. Dear Customers, we appreciate your interest in Ecosolatec and we love your vision and do our best to realize all of our dreams come true. May our precious business and family be successful today and tomorrow! Thank you & yours sincerely, Steve Jeong

5 ECO SOLATEC CO.,LTD Company 4 Company Overview Jeong Ung Seop President USD 1 Million Capital Italy, Nigeria, Latvia, Portugal, (B.O)U.S.A., Indonesia Branch Office & Distributors Branch Office & Distributors 29 Employees Physical type of Pest Control Business, Bio-pesticide, Eco-friendly Materials, Pheromone traps, Industrial Insects etc. Main Business Address: #203 Growing Venture Support Building, Bio 21 Center, 1033. Munsan, Jinju, Gyeongnam, Korea TEL 82 55 758 1576 FAX 82 55 758 1579

6 5 【 Man Power 】 R&D Overseas Director President MANAGEMENT TEAM INSECT TRAP TEAM Procurement Accounting Design Managing Director SALES TEAM DomesticProduction Board Members ProcurementSalesDesignR & DProductionTotal 224421529 Organization

7 Company History 6 We love your vision !!! Your success business Partner, Eco Solatec 201120102009 2009. 09 Established Eco Solatec Co., Ltd Developed Solar Trap, Eco R-II 2009. 11 Registered in Korea Venture Business Association (KVBA) 2010. 07 Manufacturing Micro-nutrient Fertilizer & Bio-pesticide 2010. 10 MOU agreement for the R & D and product supply to Egypt and Rumania 2010. 12 Exclusive agreement with Intraco Group in Bangladesh 2010. 12 Acquired CE Marks 2011. 01 Established R & D Center at Gyeongnam-Nam National University of Science and Technology (GNTECH) 2011. 02 Acquired ISO 9001, 14001 2011. 03 Registered to Public Procurement Service in Korea 2011. 05 Exclusive agreement with Maja (Italy) 2011. 05 Green Technology Certificate acquired 2011. 08 Exclusive Agreement with Nordic Ecosolatec (Latvia) 2011.08 Exclusive Agreement with Zenax Ltd (ECOWAS STATES-NIGERIA) 2011.11 Opened Ecosolatec branch office in the U.S

8 7 Certificates - Domestic DatesPatent NumberTitle of the Invention 2011.07.07 Patent 10-1049293 Pesticide Equipment 2011.11.02 Patent 10-2009-00 Capsules for Plants 2008.08.19 Pending 10-2008-0080757 Security Street lamp for Insects 2009.05.28 Pending 10-2009-0046827 Security Street lamp 2009.11.26 Pending 40-2009-0058480 ECO R-III 2009.12.17 Pending 10-2009-0126410 DC Type Insect Trap ISO 9001:14001 13 th Award; Prize by MIFAFF KC Electric Safety Cert. ISO 14001 Green Technology Cert. Patent *Ministry for Food Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries

9 8 Certificates - Overseas CE- Eco R-2CE- Solar TrapDesign Patent-China Certificate (Korea-Asian)Certificate of (Korea-EFTA) Certificate of Exporter C/O (Korea-EU)

10 Natural Enemies Insect Traps Insect Control 9 Business Fields Pheromone Organic Materials Bio-Pesticide High-valued Insect Industry Bumble Bee Beneficial Insects Field (I) Field (II)

11 10 Major Products Solar Trap Eco R-2 Bumble Bee (Bombus Terrestris) B.T (Bio-Pesticide) Eco-Friendly Materials Pheromone TrapNatural EnemiesBSF (Black Soldier Fly) Export Products



14 13 -Shop Floor Area: 627m 2 -Automatic Production Line : Equipped ITEMQty/Year Solar trap100,000 Units Eco R-II150,000 Units Bumble bee 60,000 Hives PRODUCTION CAPACITY

15 Eco R-II Solar Trap 14 Insect Traps

16 Domestic Patent Pending 10-2009-0045751 World Patent Pending PCT/KR2009/004297 15 Description and operation of Solar trap Solar panel LED/BLB Lamp Fan Leg supporting upper-ring One-body Type bolt Trapping net Leg Hydro On/ Off Switch Leg supporting lower-ring Solar Trap Description Solar panel18V/ 12.5 Watt Auto control DC 12V (No danger of short circuit, electric shock, and lightning) BatteryDC 12V, 4.5A, Rechargeable battery Fan 1,200~1,500rpm low speed high-flow rate suction, designed for safety LED lamp12V 3W WeightApproximately 18kg (Packaging) Dimension Main Body: 545mm ⅹ 510mm ⅹ 380mm, Net Length: 550mm Coverage3,000~5,000 m2 / 1 Unit

17 Domestic Patent Pending 10-2009-0126409 Trademark Pending 40-2009-0058479 16 ECO R- Ⅱ Eyebolt Fan Trapping net Optical sensor LED/BLB Lamp Adapter Description and operation of Eco R-II Description Auto control Input 100V~240V, Driving Power DC 12V (No danger of short circuit, electric shock, and lightning) Optical sensor Automatic ON, OFF (Sunset~Dawn) Fan 1,200~1,500rpm low speed high-flow rate suction, designed for safety LED lamp12V 3W SMPS Rated voltage regulator (Convert from AC100~240V to DC12V) Weight2.3kg (Packaging) Dimension 300mm ⅹ 320mm, Net Length 500~550mm Power consumption Less than 20W/1hr Coverage350~500 m 2 / Unit

18 Solar Trap 17 Production Composition ItemSolar trap Similar solar trap (Korean Product) Chinese solar trap Operation method- DC generated by solar panel Trapping system - Light+fan+attractant - Trapping net or attached trapping cage - Light only -Trapping net or attached trapping cage - Light only - Water pan+chemicals Capacity of solar panel - 25w/crystal solar cells - 380×270×25mm -30w/crystal solar cells - 534 X 3000 mm - 12w/thin-film solar cells - 750×540×25mm - DCE : 12w×5h×50%=30w - Cloudy : 10% charge Lamp - LED Lamp (Blue & Purple Light Color) - 3watts - 5w BLB,appr 4 hours operation- 5w BLB, 4 hrs Operation Fan - DC operation - 1,200rpm, 3watts electric consumption - DC Operation - 800rpm, 10~20w Electric Consumption None Electric consumption/hour - fan+3w lamp = 6w, 6w×5hour=30W/Day- (15~25)w x 4hrs=60~100w- 3w lamp, 3w×4hrs=12w Controller - Protection of over-charge & electric discharge - Timer etc. - Control of light intensity & operation hours Optional - Control of light intensity of illumination & fan speed - Rain/temp./photo sensor None Battery- 12v×4.5A×2ea=108w(2 year longevity)- 18Ah ~ 35Ah- 12v×7Ah×1ea=84w(2 years) Weight & package - Weight (net) : 16kg - BOX packing : easy delivery - Weight : 40kg- Weight : 20kg Assembly & keeping - Easy assembly by user at the field - Easy moving, disassembly, keeping, etc. - Cement fixing at the field - Hard assembly & keeping - Easy moving, disassembly etc.

19 * MIFAFF 18 Research Results ■ Peach orchard application ○ Execution : Dept. of Func. Cereal crop, NICS, RDA, Korea - Research title : population dynamics of insects at application of solar trap in peach orchard (Milyang, 2010) ○ 17% lower peach fruit damage showed than the control ■ Prize by *MIFAFF at the 13 th Agro-Green Tech. Cont.(21th, Oct.`'10)

20 Green management : Light trap Chem manag. : pesticide (5~8 times high consent.) ▶ Global warming : fossil fuel, carbon emission, chemicals, etc. Side effect Why agro-green tech needed 19

21 ■ Chemical, Biological & Bio-chemical Mag. Methods ○ Application time : larval feeding stage after hatching ○ Problem : residue and poison from chemical cont. ■ Cultural Mag. Method ○ Material : compost. solar-sanitar. Resistance cultivar, etc. ○ Problem : low efficacy, high-cost & input ■ Physiological Mag. Method of Light trap, sticky trap, etc. ○ Application time : year round adult mass trapping ○ Population reduction by adult mass trapping Strong & Weak Points of Pest Manag. Method 20

22 ▶ Mass trapping & forecasting of exotic & migrating insects Sub-tropical insect : Lycorma delicatula MBC report(July, 2008)  기주식물 : 거의 모든 유실수 및 활엽수  가해습성 : 잎 뒷면이나 잎집에 기생해 흡즙  산란습성 : 가지나 목질부 사이 1 줄로 산 란  피해발생 : 연 1 회 발생, 알로서 월동  가해시기 : 월 중순이나 하순에 부화 약충은 7 월에 성충 9 월까지 계속 피해  방제약제 : 유기인계 살충제  분포지역 : 한국 · 일본 · 중국 · 동남아시아 등 Exotic insect : American plant hopper(Metcalfa pruinosa) Exotic insect : American plant hopper(Metcalfa pruinosa) SBS report(June, 2010) Precise Forecasting Of Exotic Insect Pests 21

23 ▶ Eco-friendly attraction of insects : lepidoptera, coleoptera, homoptera, etc. Preference test of wavelength to insects Soybean field(Milyang, July, 2010) Attraction of rice insects at IRRI IRRI International Rice Research Institute Since 1960 years IRRI International Rice Research Institute Since 1960 years Rice moth, Planthoppers, etc. IRRI rice field(April, 2010) Tested and provided by Rural Development Administration, Korea Effective Use of Photo-taxis In Insects 22

24 One-banded stink bug Plautia stali Green leaf hopper Common cutwormOriental tobacco cutwormRecilia dorsalisNilaparvata lugens Rice water weevil Beet armywormRacilia coroniferaMosquitoes 23 Insects attracted by Solar Trap and Eco-R II Notes: Insects with phototaxis are attracted to the light itself but, Ecosolatec advises our customers to test Insect traps in the fields first before the actual applications.

25 ▶ Environment-friendly management of insects by mass trapping Organic rice cultivation (Goseong) Organic rice farming(Ulsan) Golf country club (Busan) Garden houseSchool, etc. 23 Application Field of Solar Trap 24

26  JINJU HEAD OFFICE & Factory. # 203 Growing Venture Support Building, Bio 21 Center, 1033 Munsan-eup, Jinju, Gyeongnam, Korea  TEL. 82 55 758 1576  FAX. 82 55 758 1579  www.    Seoul ~ Jinju : 1 Hour by Airplane  Sacheon Airport ~ Head Office: 20 Min. by car  Jinju factory~ Busan Shipping Port: 2 Hours by truck Gum-gok Munsan IC Jinsung IC Sun-chun Eco Solatec Daejin Express Way BIO 21 Saeheon Airport Busan Seaport Busan  R&D Center  TEL 82 10 9179 9699 Contact Information1 25

27 Thank you !! The Road to Creation for Humankind 26

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