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Good practice presentations for implementation and application of the tool in companies Transfer workshops August 20-21, 2007.

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1 Good practice presentations for implementation and application of the tool in companies Transfer workshops August 20-21, 2007

2 Agenda of Transfer Workshop 12.30 – 13.30 Introduction – Matador, KNO CM Pro Work Tool Goals Partners Project phases CM Pro Work Competence Model CM ProWork Tool Structure 13.30 – 15.30 Testing CM Pro Work Tool in transfer companies 15.30 – 17.00 Application of CM PRO Work tool in Matador, the pilot company

3 Transfer companies l Doka Drevo – daughter co. of DOKA Industrie, production of packing cases, 500 employees, operation in Central Slovakia. l Participants: 6 representatives, general and production manager, HR specialists l MKEM – production of electrical connectors to all car brands, 190 employees, operation in Eastern Slovakia. l Participants. 11 representatives, general manager, production manager, line managers, HR specialist.

4 Overview of discussion/presentation Strengths l Focus on workers´ competence evaluation and development (such tool is missing in the Slovak market) l Process approach to competence definition l Consideration of current and future processes l Clear and objective evaluation of competences l Opportunity for active involvement of the worker into evaluation process l Clear structure of the main parts of the tool and easy work with the main parts (workers, tasks, positions)

5 Overview of discussion/presentation Areas for consideration l Number and selection of additional competences l Variety of evaluation scales based on co. needs l Competence and learning relevance reports – explanation of their usage l Opportunity for different variants of outputs from the software connected with the HR processes in the company (e.g. workers´ training development plan, hiring process, financial and non- financial motivation of workers) l Limited number of companies where the tool was tested

6 Overview of discussion/presentation Implementation of the CM Pro Work Tool in Matador Strengths l Development of the support materials: particularly definition of personnel and motivation decisions, career paths, handbooks for evaluator and evaluated employee – their practical implementation in the management work and HR processes l Testing the tool with the sample of workers and line managers and getting the feedback from them pilot interviews l Interest of Matador top management to implement the principles of the CM Pro Work through the whole Pneu Division

7 Overview of discussion/presentation Implementation of the CM Pro Work Tool in Matador Areas to be considered l Time consuming project –Competence definition and description –Preparation for the evaluation interview and conducting evaluation interview l Different software environment in each company – necessity to adapt the CM Pro Work tool software to company needs

8 Competence management for workers Transfer workshops - Presentation August 20-21, 2007

9 Rubber Matador Rubber s.r.o. (Pneu, Machinery, DP) Pneubox Slovak Rep., Czech republic, Hungary) Matador Omskšina Continental Matador Matador ATC Automotive Matador – Automotive (DCA, Vráble, Nitra, BA) Matador – Dongwon (Slovak Rep., Czech Rep.) Valiant Matador Aufeer Design Matador Group Matador Group

10  35th biggest tyre production co. in the world - (source – European Rubber Journal Nov./Dec. 2006)  6th biggest exporter in the Slovak Republic (export is more than 80% of its turnover)  2nd biggest co. in the Slovak Republic (chemical nd pharmaceutical industry)  Turnover in 2006: 450 mil. EUR  No. of employees (2006): 4 769 Matador in numbers Matador in numbers

11 Division: Tyres Production, marketing and sale of the car tyres Cars: summer, winter, all season Light trucks: Summer, winter Trucks OFF Road- SUV Division: Machinery &Equipment: Construction, production and sale of the rubber machines, moulds and containers Complex installation and tests Guarantee and post-guarantee service Tyre Building Machines Hydraulic Curing Presses Spraying Devices Twin-screw sheeters Curing Moulds & Containers Additional Devices Pilot divisions Pilot divisions

12 Founded in 1993 Main focus: Trainings, Research and Consultancy Strong local trainers, consultants and project managers Office: Bratislava, 8 staff plus 20 associates Hands-on experience with HRD projects for various sectors: Manufacturing Engineering Sales Distribution Government Clients: Joint ventures, Former state companies, Donor clients Experience with 4 Leonardo da Vinci projects KNO Slovensko

13 Project goals Prepare the efficient tool supported by software for production managers, line managers and HR managers, which will enable: Description and development of competences Systematic evidence of competences Support of non-formal learning Apply process approach to competence definition (task inventory) Increase motivation of employees for learning and provide them more opportunities to find the job in the market Apply tool in personnel planning and development and organizational development Project partners 4 educational institutions from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia 4 pilot companies with 50 – 5000 employees software WORKERS CM Pro Work Tool

14 Key project phases Pre-project phase (Tool supported by software – developed before the project beginning – German partner) Need analysis in the workers´ competence management in pilot companies Agreement on joined approach to definition of competences of workers evaluation scales and required outputs regarding workers and groups of workers Software modification and its translation to Spanish, Portuguese and Slovak Support documents - CM Pro Work Tool

15 CM Pro Work Competence Model Competence and competence developmentKey principles Competence and competence development - Key principles l Competence development does not focus at formal qualification but at the support of personal dispositions for the self organisation of actions l These dispositions can be characterized by three factors: know – able - want l The way how the work tasks are performed is an ideal basis for the competences evaluation l Evaluators are able to monitor the development over a certain period of time TASK COMPETENCE


17 CM Pro Work Competence Model Tasks in the industrial processes l CM PRO WORK basis: process-oriented inventory of tasks l Basic tasks needed for the preparation, performance, finalization and optimisation of production orders Preliminary processes Following processes Process C: Control and improve productivity and quality Process B: Prepare and finish production Process A: Perform/deal with production

18 CM Pro Work Competence Model Structure l Determination of the production system l Determination of tasks within production system l As-is analysis of the task responsibility l To-be analysis of the task responsibility l Evaluation of the task capability l Presentation of the task competence

19 l Producing –Operating machines –Performing manual steps of production –Maintaining Machine functions –Collecting data in process l Ensuring order flow –Ensuring material flow –Coordination of work flow l Scheduling production orders –Checking and ensuring availabilities –Coordination and allocation of Personnel –Distributing and scheduling of orders l Preparing performance of production orders –Providing production documents –Providing stock/material –Setting up machines –Setting up measuring equipment –Setting up auxiliary equipment for handling and transport l Assuring quality and productivity –Analysing data –Conducting audits –Establishing instructions l Improving quality and productivity –Improving quality assurance –Improving productivity Process approach CM Pro Work Competence Model

20 CM PRO WORK Tool - Structure Demonstration of screen shots (please see another document) l Workers l Tasks l Positions l Responsibilities and planned responsibilities l Task Mastery (Capability) l Competences report/Learning relevance

21 Testing CM PRO Work tool in transfer companies l Testing the tool in small groups l Discussion: –pros and cons of the tool –potential usage of the tool in the transfer companies –proposals for further optimization

22 Application of CM PRO Work tool in Matador

23 Implementation of the CM Pro Work Tool 2 – Recommendations Project Procedure Implementation of CM Pro Work Tool 1 – Recommendations Need Analysis Pilot Competence Evaluation Interviews and Feedback New System Development New Evaluation Procedure and Tools Next steps

24 Project Team HR department Divis. Pneu Divis.Machin HR department Divis. Pneu Divis.Machin. Director Industrial engineeringIndustrial engineering Specialists Production engineering Production engineering Maintenance 464 KNO project team

25 System of the Management of the Workers’ Competence Development Goals Improve effectiveness of the management of the workers’ competence development Enable workers their personal development Increase active involvement of workers in their personal development Improve performance of workers and the efficiency of their work Develop capabilities of workers to respond flexibly to new job requirements Provide managers with the system of management of the workers’ competence development which could be used in the personnel policy particularly in the preparation of the development and career plans, appraisal and motivation of workers as well as implementation of the system of multi-professions.

26 System of the Management of the Workers’ Competence Development Key criteria detailed complete/complex objective transparent manageable compatible with other internal systems

27 System of the Management of the Workers’ Competence Development Competence evaluation and development form /position Plan realization Individual development plan Define goals for the future period Decision Annual appraisal of the past period Preparation of goals for future appraisal period Summary of worker’s respons./ competenc. Results of the worker´s evaluation Decisions personnel motivational Future responsibilities Individual development plan Strategic goals of the division Current and future processes, tasks Personnel and motivational decisions Career paths Database of training/development courses. Worker’s competence evaluation and development form Approved training and development courses in the company

28 Realization of the Compet. Devel. Plan New Evaluation Procedure and Tools Preparation Kick off and initial communication Feedback to evaluated workers Evaluation and Plan of competence development Summary of results Tools 1.Procedure for evaluation prep. 2.Time schedule of evaluation interviews 3.Competence evaluation and development form 4.Summary report of the workers´ competence development of the department 5.Career paths per position 6.Personnel and motivational instructions 7.Competence evaluation and devel. interview – Handbook for evaluator 8.Competence evaluation and devel. interview – Handbook for Evaluated Worker 9.Training of Evaluator – Handbook System management and administration

29 Structure: A. Identification B. Evaluation C. Results of evaluation and decisions D. Development E. Helps A. Identification: All data about employee and his job position B. Evaluation: Evaluation of the past period C. Results of evaluation and decisions D. Development Required competence level Development plan E. Helps Help for the fast choice Competence Evaluation and Development Form


31 Summary Report for Department Summary of key results of all evaluated workers in the department Submitted to the evaluator’s superior, special departments in the company


33 As a result of the evaluation interview there is agreement on the worker’ s future development, ranking employee into certain category within his profession (A, B, C, D) and percentage of fulfillment of requirements for a certain work place Ranking depends on activities he is capable to perform based on career path requirements Personnel and motivation measurements

34 Career Path for Workers Career Path for Workers Define required competences for the certain process Define minimum level of competences at each stage as a requirement for career growth

35 Handbooks Competence evaluation and development interview: Handbook for evaluator Handbook for evaluated worker Training handbook for evaluator

36 Pilot Competence Evaluation Interview Presentations to both line managers at both divisions Training of evaluators – selected line managers (both divisions) Information about the new system to workers Pilot evaluation interviews – Data collection Follow on steps –feedback from “pilot” line managers

37 Pilot Competence Evaluation Interview Implementation sector Target group 30 workers Division of Pneu Confection line operatorConfection line operator PresserPresser Line operatorLine operator 10 workers from each position10 workers from each position 12 workers Division of Machinery MillerMiller Lather-workerLather-worker LocksmithLocksmith 4 workers from each position4 workers from each position Line managers of selected workers

38 Pilot Competence Evaluation Interviews Data collection Preparation Competence evaluation and development forms distributed in paper format to each evaluated worker and evaluator)Realization Dialogue between worker and line manager Length of evaluation interview: 30-40 minutes Results entered in the Excel sheet in the computer Summary report from the Competence evaluation and development forms was discussed by each „pilot“ line manager with his superior Application of the System of personnel and motivation measurements Evaluation interview observed by the project team member

39 Pilot Competence Evaluation Interview Follow on steps Feedback on pilot evaluation interviews – from „pilot“ line managers to CM Pro Work project team Update of the Forms, System of personnel and motivation instructions, Design of the career path per each „pilot“ worker´s position (both divisions), Management and Administration of the system Presentation of the results of the pilot phase to the management of the company Decision about the company wide implementation of the new system

40 Pilot Competence Evaluation Interview Strengths: System is transparent and well structured, clear Unambiguous evaluation „yes-no“ Workers well prepared for the intervew Results are objective Critical issues: The preparation for the interview and the evaluation interview take longer The paper format of evaluation forms vs. work with the new tool/software Missing access to all important instructions, legislation documents and also too long

41 System management Decision making level Decision making level Management level Board of directors, Gener. director, Direct. of HR Division Line manag. 2Line manag. 3 1 2 Operational level 3 Evaluated worker Object4 Structure of the system management and information flow Goals, changes, dates Data, progress, suggestions Line manag. 1 HR div., deputy heads of divisions, heads of industry engineer.

42 Materials used during presentation Hard copies/files in the computer l Screenshots of the CM Pro Work tool l CM Pro Work tool l Handbooks for evaluator and evaluated worker l Training handbook for evaluator l Competence evaluation and development form l Summary report form l Career path l Personnel and motivation measurements

43 Discussion

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