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18/03/98 1 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS-Interface: The Simplest Automation Networking Solution.

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1 18/03/98 1 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS-Interface: The Simplest Automation Networking Solution

2 18/03/98 2 AS-Interface AS-International Association 80 international members, 9 national user groups Japan Netherlands Italy Great Britain Switzer- land USA France Belgium Germany The international standard for the lowest level of automation with...

3 18/03/98 3 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS-Interface: either directly or together with field-bus systems Slave Master CAN DeviceNet FIP Interbus Profibus etc. small sensors and actuators Slave AS-Interface level: Slave field level: control level: PLC, PC, IPC,... Slave

4 18/03/98 4 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS-Interface: The new installation technology Master traditional wiringwith AS -Interface

5 18/03/98 5 AS-Interface AS-International Association Simple installation... mechanically coded flat cable - two wires for data and power insulation piercing connectors - simple & safe - protection class up to IP67, even after disconnecting directly connected slaves - sensors, actuators - valve terminals - electrical modules etc. slave housing piercing connectors mechanically coded flat cable

6 18/03/98 6 AS-Interface AS-International Association D0 = sensor 1 D1 = sensor 2 D2 = actuator 1 D3 = actuator 2 P0 up to 4 sensors or/and 4 actuators energy AS-Interface Slave IC 1 module enclosure one connection Watchdog AS-Interface modules allow for connecting conventional sensors and actuators:

7 18/03/98 7 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS-Interface intergrates slave functionality: Slaves with additional functions, like parametrising. diagnostics of the net up to the slave actuators in IP67 switching in field, not in cabinets D0 = switching D1 = warning D2 = enable D3 = testing P0 = timer P1 = inverting P2 = distance P3 = special function Sensor or Actuator energy AS-Interface Slave IC one enclosure one connection

8 18/03/98 8 AS-Interface AS-International Association Free choice of network structure

9 18/03/98 9 AS-Interface AS-International Association simple ! Then you’re ready to go ! Expanding? How? Slave Connect a new slave wherever you want Connect a new line wherever you want

10 18/03/98 10 AS-Interface AS-International Association master plc/pc gateways sensors I/O modules power supplies accessories actuators integrated systems Complete product range available today...

11 18/03/98 11 AS-Interface AS-International Association What can be saved with AS-Interface ?  less installation time  less test time  less time to create wiring diagrams  less expenditure of labelling cables and clamps  I/O cards in plc, pc  size of cabinets  PG-fittings  multiple connectors  cable ducts, bridges  tracks of slip rings  terminal housings  distributing clamps  cable / wiring  hardware  expenditure (waste)

12 18/03/98 12 AS-Interface AS-International Association Additional benefits  automatic avoidance of wiring failures  extend I/O count without change of housing  enlarge the network at any time and anywhere  installation possible by non-skilled persons  pre-assemble systems in the factory instead of on site Earlier start of production Less "dead" money !

13 18/03/98 13 AS-Interface AS-International Association The Principle: Master - Slave

14 18/03/98 14 AS-Interface AS-International Association Some interesting facts about AS-Interface...  master-slave principle  up to 31 slaves on one line  each slave can have up to 4 digital inputs + 4 digital outputs  additional 4 parameter bits / slave  Max. 248 digital Inputs and Outputs  also possible: analogue I/O !!!  automatic address numbering via bus connection  unshielded 2-wire cable  data and power on one cable  max. length of line: 100 m (300 m with repeater/extender)  no terminating resistor necessary  free tree structure of network  protection class up to IP67, with higher levels possible too  cycle time < 5 ms

15 18/03/98 15 AS-Interface AS-International Association High Reliability Each telegram will be checked by the receiver for possible faults. This will be done by checking the parity bit and several other independant values. By these means an extremly high reliability is achieved in detecting of single and multiple faults. The repetition of a single telegram consumes 150 µs only and is already taken into account in the specified cycle time. AS-Interface may be used even in an environment with high electro- magnetic noise, like welding machines and frequency convertors.

16 18/03/98 16 AS-Interface AS-International Association AS- Interface = the ultimate system if you look for...  a network which is not expensive  a network which runs safely and reliably even under the toughest circumstances  a network which works in real-time  a network which can be used in many ways  a network which is easy to install  a network which can be expanded quickly and flexibly

17 18/03/98 17 AS-Interface AS-International Association Central User Organisation: AS - International Association e.V. responsibilities:promoting, standardising, certifying management: H. Walker, Siemens; D. Staniczek, Festo; Dr. A. Schiff, ifm; Dr. P. Adolphs, Pepperl+Fuchs manag. director: Dr. O. W. Madelung address: Auf dem Broich 4a, D Odenthal Tel.: ; Fax:

18 18/03/98 18 AS-Interface AS-International Association Members: (update ) Allen - Bradley (D) Allen - Bradley(USA) Amphenol - Tuchel(D) Andras(D) AUCOTEC(D) Balluff(D) Banner(USA) Baumer electric (CH) Bernstein(D) Bihl + Wiedemann(D) Binder(D) Bosch(D) Brad Harrison / Vogel(D) Bürkert(D) Carinthian Tech Re(A) Crouzet GmbH(D) Datalogic(I) EAO - Lumitas(CH) Eckert & Kälberer(D) Egemin(B) EMC(DK) Endress + Hauser(D) Festo Denkendorf(D) FH Osnabrück(D) Fuji(JP) FZI Karlsruhe(D) Gavazzi(CH) Gebauer&Griller(A) Harting(D) Hengstler(D) HERION(D) Hirschmann(D) Honeywell(CH) HTL Oensingen(CH) ifm electronic(D) Klöckner-Moeller(D) Kostal(D) Kuhnke(D) Lachmann & Rink(D) Leuze electronic(D) Lumberg(D) Lütze(D) Melhardt(D) Mitsubishi(JP) MLS Lanny(D) Murrelektronik(D) Nixdorf Institut(D) Norgren(GB) Omron NL(NL) Pepperl + Fuchs NL(NL) Pepperl + Fuchs(D) Phoenix Contact(D) Puls(D) Pulsotronic(D) Rechner(D) Schaltbau(D) Schiele(D) Schmersal(D) Schneider Electric(F) SGS-Thomson(D) Sick(D) Siemens(D) SMC Pneumatik(D) Stahl Schaltgeräte(D) STZ Göppingen(D) STZ Leipzig(D) STZ Weingarten(D) Technikum Kärnten(A) Technikum Vorarlberg(A) Thomas & Betts L(L) TMG i-tec(D) Toyoda(JP) TU Brno(CR) Turck(D) VEGA B(B) Vega NL(NL) Visolux Elektronik(D) Weidmüller(D) WERMA(D) Wiechers & Partner(D) Wöhner(D)

19 18/03/98 19 AS-Interface AS-International Association Certified Products: Higher reliability with certified products

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