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With the Franciscans for the Poor in Cincinnati Ohio.

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1 With the Franciscans for the Poor in Cincinnati Ohio

2  The goal of the week is to provide all participants with a culturally diverse experience with times for group and individual prayer activity and a chance to live a simple lifestyle.

3  Sunday: 4:30pm Arrival – Welcome!!  5:30-7:00pm Dinner, Tour of Tau House, Orientation  7:00pm Get Settled In  11:00pm Lights Out  Monday: 7:00am Self-Serve Breakfast  8:00am Morning Launch in the Tau House Chapel*  8:45am Depart for Worksites  9:00am-3:30pm Participants at Worksites  3:30pm-4:30pm Free Time  4:30pm Dinner Prep for Some; Continued Free Time for Others  6:00pm Community Dinner  7:00pm Evening Activity  8:00pm Evening Prayer/Reflection in Chapel  11:00pm Lights Out  Tuesday-Thursday: 7:00am-4:30pm same as above  Friday: 7:00am Self-Serve Breakfast  8:00am Pay-It-Forward! Prep/Clean House for Next Group  10:00am Closing Prayer and Send Off  11:00am Departure – Safe Travels!

4  47 passenger bus ◦ Space ◦ Comfort ◦ Games

5  We will be staying at the Tau House ◦ Sharing Rooms with 2-4 other people ◦ Linens are provided ◦ Separated by floor, men and women  Food will be provided by the Sisters while staying at the Tau House ◦ While traveling you will be responsible for your own food and meal purchases.

6  Sites are varied and depend on current need: ◦ Bethany house-helps homeless and low-income women and children ◦ Canticle Café-for the homeless and working poor ◦ Cincinnati Housing Partners-House construction and rehab, sometimes yard work ◦ Drop Inn Center-largest homeless shelter ◦ Franciscan Terrace-nursing home ◦ Our Daily Bread, Over-the-Rhine Kitchen and Walnut Hills Kitchen-soup kitchens  These are just a few of the possible options

7  Simple Living ◦ We promise you will have everything you need and some of the things you want ◦ Please limit use of cell phones and other electronics in communion with the Sister’s way of simple living.  Community Living ◦ Participants are asked to help with daily chores ◦ Many hands make little work

8  Challenge yourself to pack “simply” regarding clothing ◦ Yet be prepared since weather is unpredictable  Clothing should be reflective of positive values ◦ Please no short shorts, spaghetti straps, low cut necklines, muscle shirts or belly shirt ◦ No shirts with suggestive, vulgar/violent language or inappropriate designs  Need closed-toed shoes at worksites  Shirts must be worn at all times  Musical instruments are welcome, but the owner’s responsibility

9 Questions? See Emilio Alvarez in Murphy 340 Email him at Call him at 608-796-3805

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