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Presented by Director of Office of Energy Management Ron Kelley.

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2 Presented by Director of Office of Energy Management Ron Kelley

3 Campus Master Planning Why Utilities Planning is important Utility Planning Considerations 2000 Master Plan Successes –Infrastructure –Energy Management Our ESCO Project Failure to Plan Utilities Strategies for this Master Plan

4 Why is Utilities Infrastructure Important? Actions #71 and #73 of Educating Illinois; and Goal 3, Strategy 5 of Ed. Il. 2008-14: “Complete capital improvement projects that address health and safety issues as well as adequate and efficient utility support.” Age and condition of Utilities and Mechanical Systems Impact Cost and Scope of MP Facility Improvement projects. Availability, Location, and Capacity of Utilities impact cost and feasibility of MP new construction sites. Utility Planning must take place from the START.

5 Utility Considerations Electrical Power: –Nearest power station? (Ameren IP) –High (12.5 KV) vs Low (4.16 KV) voltage ? –Emergency or Backup generation? –Potential for Alt. or Renewable Power? Heat: –Steam or Hot water? –Proximity to Heating plant and tunnel system? –Capacity/Redundancy of the existing plant(s)? –Size for future growth/expansion (Piping). –Independent systems vs District Heating? (impact on footprint, Mech. Rm. space)

6 Utility Considerations Air Conditioning: –Proximity to a Chilled Water Plant? –Building demand? Is there existing capacity? Distribution? –Cooling Season? –Size for future growth/expansion? –Independent system? DX Units? (impact on footprint, Mech. Rm. space) Water: –Access to Town of Normal Water system? –Storm water run off? –Risk of flooding or leaking? Mechanical Systems: (Chillers, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Air Handlers) –Type, Size, Capacity? –Fuel Source? (Elec vs Gas) –Access for Maintenance and Replacement? –Location (Basement vs Rooftop?) –Exterior Presence? –Budget? –Sustainability issues?

7 2000 Master Plan What have we accomplished? Energy Conservation –Lighting Upgrades –Boiler operations –Insulation & Steam traps Infrastructure Improvement –District Cooling –Boiler Economizers Energy Procurement –5 School Electric contract –Natural Gas strategy

8 District Cooling Plan Starting Point 2000 New/Good Marginal High Risk Failed Loop

9 District Cooling Plan BSC and Quad Loops Quad Loop: SCH HOV WMS* CPA CVA COB McC DEG COOK EDW FC/MET SSB BSC: BSC, Braden, BBC, Milner Not: CE/CW OU Wms* FEL

10 District Cooling Plan NE Loop NE Loop: SLB MLT JUL FH/FHA E. Campus * Replaced CRP

11 District Cooling Plan NW & SE Loops SE Loop: WAT STV WC NW Loop: RBA * HTN* W. Campus Linkins NS TUR

12 District Cooling Plan South Loop South Loop: SF&KR FEL COB CFA*

13 District Cooling Plan Current Loops

14 What does good Energy Management planning Save? 20012009ReductionRateFY09 Savings Electricity (kWhrs) 93,561,59687,187,0116,374,585$.0792$504,867 Nat. Gas (Therms) 6,746,593 6,114,791 631,802$.99$625,483 Water (Gal *1000) 236,414.7 182,961.7 53,453.0$7.05$376,844 $1,507,194 Note: This is enough savings to pay for (fill in the blank) !! > $10 million in 8 years !!

15 Energy Services Contract (ESCO) Why at ISU? To do in a single year what has taken us 8! Reduce Energy Consumption, Utility Costs, Compound effect of Savings Facility infrastructure improvement and systems reliability Accelerate the construction period Engineer the highest priority projects with greatest payback Legislative benefits (110 ILCS 62, Public University Energy Cons. Act) Streamlined Procurement Guaranteed source of funding Single POC for all project functions Comprehensive engineering and design approach Our Project NORESCO Schedule Facilities (SLB, Milner, HP)

16 Impacts of Failure to Plan for Utilities Feasibility of the Master Plan Risk of lack of expansion capabilities Lack of flexibility to accommodate Economic, Natural disaster, other events. “Piecemeal” Utilities are expensive, inefficient, and will need re-design at every phase of the Master Plan construction.

17 Utility Strategies for This MP? District Heating and Cooling Interconnectivity Gregory Street Infrastructure Reliability/Efficiency/Conservation (ESCO) Metering Reduce Deferred Maintenance Energy Procurement Renewable/Alternative Energy


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