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TRANS-IN-FORM Updated project draft 15 th Feb 2008 Alf S. Johansen An Innovation Circle network project.

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1 TRANS-IN-FORM Updated project draft 15 th Feb 2008 Alf S. Johansen An Innovation Circle network project

2 TRANS-IN-FORM Mission: Contribute to the development of vibrant and competitive local and regional centers in rural areas through focus on quality services, attractive design, strategies for innovation and sustainable governance. Sustainable Attractive Competetive

3 Work-packs WP 1: Governance and sustainable transformation strategies WP 2: Sustainable design WP 3: Competitive services WP 4: Learning and dissemination


5 Location of partners

6 Common events and activities in cooperation with all Pilot actions in cooperation between few partners 2 types of activities

7 Common activities (all partners) Common ActivityTarget group Management and auditingLead partner Research/evaluation/informationAll partners Coordination meetings (Different places)All coordinators Baseline conference ”kick off” (Poland – Suwalki ) Political/adm leaders, planners, others Sustainable territorial development through transnational and border crossing partnerships (Norway or Sweden) Mixed target group European territorial strategies (Brussel/Luxemburg) Political/adm leaders ”Service academy” 5 events (Finland, Russia, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden) Service/tourism managers ”Service academy” for students (2 events )Students/young entrpreneurs Lightscape, soundscape, landscape conf (Finnmark)Diff specialists, planners Cities in transformation-design for life Conf and exhibition (Murmansk) Mixed target groups Regions in transformation –final event (Riga)Mixed target groups

8 ACTIVITIES LOCATIONORGANISERS Management and auditing NotoddenNotodden Municipality Research/evaluation/information * DifferentManagement+ some partners * Coordination meetings DifferentManagement “Territorial potential and challenges" ** (Baseline conference) SuwalkiManag.+Suwalki Mun. "Sustainable development beyond borders" conference KirkenesManag, S-V Mun, Bar.Inst. "European territorial strategies", travelling workshop Brussels/LuxManagement Service academy 1" Places as products, landmarks and branding" FinlandManag+Inari Municipality Service ac. 2 "Service management and customer relations" LatviaManag + Inari Latvian partners Service ac.3 "Product development and quality management" PskovManag+Pskov partners Service ac. 4 "Tourism business and cluster building" Norway Manag+Østfold/Telemark regions Service ac.5 "Place marketing, partnerships, global markets" DruskininkaiManag +Lith partners ”Service academy” for students part 1 EstoniaManag+Estonian partners ”Service academy” for students part 2 SwedenManag + Swedish partners "Attractive Landscape, Lightscape and soundscape" workshop HammerfestManag+Hammerf. Municipality “Urban design for life” conference +exhibition MurmanskManag+Husbanken+Murmansk Northern regions and cities in transformation expo and conference RigaManag + Latv partners Closing event, Steering Committe PolandManag + Polish partners

9 Pilot activities (few partners) Common themes: – WP 1: Public private partnerships, sustainable strategies, leadership training – WP 2: Urban design, light, art, cityscape, energy saving – WP 3: Place marketing, customer surveys, translation of information into English and Russian

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