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1 MSc in Marketing Management Program Presentation Academic Year 2011-12.

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1 1 MSc in Marketing Management Program Presentation Academic Year 2011-12

2 2 MSc in Marketing Management 20 ECTS The Foundations of Marketing Management 5 ECTS Personal and Professional Development Sept.Dec.Jan.Apr.MaySep.Feb. Brand Management Consumer Centric Market. Sales Management Int. Marketing Strategies Business in Society Marketing Manag. elective Free elective Project preparation 20 ECTS Advanced Marketing Management 15 ECTS Research Project LANGUAGE requirement SPANISH  Sep. 2010 start with level A2 60 ECTS

3 3 Sep – Dec Core Courses: 4 ECTS/course > Brand Management > Consumer Centric Marketing > Strategic Sales Management > International Marketing Strategies > Business in Society …. during this semester: -Enrol for electives and skill seminars + Career Services: Managing Your Professional Career 1 ECTS (mandatory) 20 ECTS

4 4 January 5 ECTS Skill Seminars: >Coaching in Organizations 1,5 ECTS >Corporate Writing Skills 3 ECTS >Interpersonal Communication Seminar 1,5 ECTS >Introduction to Business Information Technology 2 ECTS >Negotiation Techniques 1,5 ECTS >Presentation Skills 1,5 ECTS >Seminar: Cross-Cultural Communication 1,5 ECTS >Spain: Recent History, Current Political and Social Issues 2 ECTS >Team Building 1,5 ECTS Study Tours (3 ECTS): >Buenos Aires, ESAE (Doing Business in Latin America) >Istanbul, KOÇ (Bridge between Europe and Asia, Strategic Customer Management and New Venture Development) >Singapore, NUR (Doing Business in Asia) >Charlottesville/Washington DC, McIntire (Corporate Leadership) >Milan, Bocconi (The Luxury and fashion business in Italy)

5 5 Marketing Management Electives (choose minimum 2): >Advanced Topics in Services Marketing >Business-to-Business Marketing >Design Management >Internet Business >Market Research for Decision Making >Marketing Communications >Marketing for Entrepreneurs (2 edtions) ** >Marketing Relacional* >Retail Innovation >Trade & Category Management* Preparation for the research project (choose 1): > Preparing a Business Plan > Preparing an In Company Project > Writing a Master Thesis 2 INT. MANAGEMENT ELECTIVES 1 PREPARATION FOR RP 2 FREE ELECTIVES Feb – Apr (2 slides) 20 ECTS *taught in Spanish language ** given in January or May

6 6 Free Electives (general) (choose maximum 2) > Business and the Environment > Strategic Career Management ** > Consulting Information Systems > Corporate Strategy > Family Business Management > Gestion Turistica y del Ocio > International Corporate Governance > Leadership > Leading the Management Consulting Firm > Managing Wellness ** > Open Innovation and Open Business Models > Management Topics through Narratives > Technology and Media Convergence Free Electives (specific of other MSc) > Banca Privada y Gestión de Patrimonios* (F) > Corporate Governance (F) > Mergers & Acquisitions (F) > Financial Reporting (F) > Management Control Systems (F) > Real Estate Finance (F) >Corporate Finance in Emerging Markets (I) >Dynamics of Org. Change & Learning (I) ** >Geopolitics (I) >Global Supply Chain (I) >Investments (I) >Managing Diversity (I) ** >Mergers & Acquisitions (I) >Employability, and People Management in the New Economy (I) >Social Entrepreneurship (I) >Topics in Economic Integration and Regional Economics (I) *taught in Spanish language ** given in January or May Feb – Apr

7 7 Research Project: >Key component of the MSc Programmes >Supervised by a faculty member >Three different formats >Master Thesis >Business Creation Project >In-Company Project >Different electives will assist MSc Programme participants to develop their Research Projects >Deadlines: for registering the topic April 16 th ; for handing in the Research Project Sept. 30 th >Public defence of the Research Project is mandatory May – July 15 ECTS

8 8 GRADING SCALE 9-10: Outstanding (Sobresaliente) 7-8.9: Distinction (Notable) 5-6.9: Pass (Aprobado) 0-4.9: Fail (Suspenso) Honours grade, maximum 5% of the class, provided a 9.0 grade or higher is attained Grading scale to be applied in all higher education official degrees in Spain, RD 1125/2003 of September 5th, published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) num. 224, 18th September 2003, p. 24997 Resits to improve exam grades are not permitted.

9 9 Program Director: Alfred Vernis Campus Sant Cugat – UniOffice Room 127 Tel: +34 93 280 61 62 Ext. 2484 Program Manager: Sabyne Moras UniOffice, 1st floor Tel: +34 93 280 61 62 Ext. 2414

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