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SMART Management™ What goes wrong on projects

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1 SMART Management™ What goes wrong on projects
Francis Hartman PhD FEIC MIMgt PEng Teleconference Calgary, April 2001 © Francis Hartman 2001

2 Agenda Do we have a problem here? What SMART Management  is
Why it works better Some examples © Francis Hartman 2001

3 Do we have a Problem? Time to commute? Buy me a car . . .
A typical family outing . . . Getting a haircut . . . The IDAHO test © Francis Hartman 2001

4 Predictions . . . 2001 Trust WAG! Risk Management Business Clusters
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 DDF+ Trust WAG! Risk Management Business Clusters C.R.Contracting Change Management Executive Level PM Enterprise Evolution Stakeholder Alignment Alliances/ Better Contracts International PM Standards Distributed Teams and PM Maturity © Francis Hartman 2001

5 The Strategy Challenges
Share Value and the Analysts Contained Chaos Disparate Agendas and Priorities Shifting Business Conditions Keeping Stakeholders Aligned Corporate Metrics v. Value Budget Cycles Translating Intent into Action © Francis Hartman 2001

6 What is so different? Technology2
Complexity (merging, competing, partnering…) Uncertainty, harder to predict outcomes Better Business relationships Can we learn from this? Needed Predictability Better Results © Francis Hartman 2001

7 Why SMART PM? Faster and Cheaper Projects
Higher end-customer satisfaction Lower team Stress and turnover Better quality and creativity Easier to make mid-course corrections Eliminate “wrong” Projects Reduce rework and “churn” © Francis Hartman 2001

8 The PM “Stuff” CPM Power Passion Power
Just-go-do-it - the Strategy disconnect PM is technical and tactical - career limiting, so not the best? Lots of Detail - lose the big picture Measure the wrong stuff! © Francis Hartman 2001

9 Management made Wrong - STUPID Cycle
Promise and Lie Punish the innocent, Reward the Uninvolved Blame Team of Superheroes Confirm the Lie Delivery - and Lie some more . . . © Francis Hartman 2001

10 Management made RIGHT - SMART Cycle
Project Objectives Learning Completion Project Team Project Charter Project Delivery © Francis Hartman 2001

11 Are we SMART today? INSANITY
Optimism Comp’cy Panic Anger Hate Disapp’t Optimism Concept Dev’t Design Impl’n Accept Operation Concept © Francis Hartman 2001

12 SMART™ Program Charter...
S.B.S 3 Questions 3-D Schedule Won,Done, Who Mission Decision Decision KRAs (Stakeholders) Process P/L/O/T Process P/L/O/T Process P/L/O/T Process P/L/O/T Priority Triangle Deliverable Deliverable Deliverable Deliverable Deliverables Deliverable Deliverable $,t,Q Deliverable Exclusions Needs Needs Needs Needs Carley Graph or P.E.V. RACI+ Chart Risk Management O Impact O Probability O Controllability O Monte Carlo Simulation O Register O Mitigation Plan O Contingency Mgt. Project Details t $ O Deliverable O Gantt Chart O People/Roles O Plus... © Francis Hartman 2001

13 ...and now some Examples... © Francis Hartman 2001

14 Priority Triangle Time Performance X Cost © Francis Hartman 2001

15 Alignment with 3 Questions
Who? Won? Done? © Francis Hartman 2001

16 Putting it together. . . Trust Creativity Fun Risk- Open taking
Communication Risk- taking Ownership Tribalism © Francis Hartman 2001

17 Icons Icons are specific to a user
Summary of status of their span of control Sensitivities set by user Driven by business not by procedure Currency maintained through time-outs © Francis Hartman 2001

18 Preview: SMART Trust Model - 1
Emotional Competence Ethical Unconscious Evidence based Experiential (Irrational) (Stable) (Volatile) © Francis Hartman 2001

19 SMART Management Matrix
Change State (Growth) Sustainability Span of Control Share Value (VS) What we do (& use) Phase or State* Trust** Focus Intuitive Social Societal Cultural Future WINNER Competence (Knowledge) Enterprise Master (Lead) Vs=f(R+Ef(S)) GAS - HOT Program Today’s CHANGE Business Commerce Political Integrity Process (Procedure) Journey- man (Comply) LIQUID - WARM Vs=f(R+E) Competence Project Stable OPS. Tools Technology Technical Apprentice (Follow) Delivery (Tools) SOLID - COLD Vs=f(R) * Inspired by and Adapted from Jennifer Krahn **Developed with input from Elke Romahn CONTACT: Tel:(403) Cel: (403) R = Return; E = Expected Return; S = Shadow Expectation  Francis Hartman Holdings Ltd. 2001

20 Summary Strategies are just large programs or projects
Manage objectives in a business as Deliverable Items Use rolling wave budget and planning approaches - so you can roll with the punches Be SMART and Keep it Simple... © Francis Hartman 2001

21 Released in April 2000 PEOPLE SAY: A better way It is so simple
I am using it already PEOPLE KNOW: SMART Saved us over $60 million on the first project …expect over 25% cost and time reduction Savings are only the beginning… top 2% since publication © Francis Hartman 2001

22 That's All Folks! Any questions? © Francis Hartman 2001

23 Who has used S.M.A.R.T. ? Shell Carewest KPMG Nortel C.R.H.A. Alliance Pipeline Amoco Glenbow Museum Prairie Coal Terradyne O.E.C.D. Revay and Assoc. Titan Electric SNC-Lavalin Nova Chemicals Agra Monenco Imperial Oil TransCanada Pipe- Mobil Vanbots lines Syncrude Digital C.D.C. PanCanadian R.S.I. Infotech Banff Centre for Arts Nowsco Banff M’g’t Centre . . . and numerous other companies and individuals involved in the development of SMART Project Management™ © Francis Hartman 2001

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