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2 Well-trained and highly-motivated members of the MAE-Project: „Creation and maintenance of an internet site with information regarding economic questions and for the encouragement of business-oriented thinking and practices“ A project of the JobCenter Berlin-Lichtenberg and the non-profit organisation "existere e. V.". The Team

3 All information, all documents and tools are free and may be used by all. Target Groups: adolescents, students, teachers and participants in all forms of school businesses Key aspects: - School Businesses - School Newspapers - Economic information for students Over 800 informational pages online, many of which have been translated in up to 7 languages

4 The activ symbols show you which language is available Material of themes of economy of autonomy Subject matter in schools and daily routine of schools test yourself Paper of work, duties and answers newsticker Worth knowing material of students-companies / students-newspaper

5 themes achievable Navigation aid Presentations of important documents Decleration of concept up to five languages Navigation with the respective button Students business broadcast yourself

6 Download of PowerPoint präsentations of pupil companies and questions of economy free registration knowledge test access to the last three newsletter and archiv of newsletter themes FAQ – frequently asked questions

7 Search function Our flyer in German and English services

8 examples of our internet platform

9 - Information and support for starting a School Business - Support in making the Business and Finance Plan - Training and Info Seminars for Students and Teachers - Support when applying for public Subsidies You can come to us Or We can also come to you

10 More information about School Businesses, School Newspapaers and Economic Subjects under E-Mail: Stand: 30.03.2007


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