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NPO Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (Russian Federation)

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1 NPO Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (Russian Federation)

2 Company history

3 History 2007Foundation of Association of Electronic Trading Platforms Consolidation of major ETPs and certification authorities 2008Launch of Seldon version 1 information-analytical system Access to all the trades, friendly interface, ability to view, sort and analyse accumulated information. As of today, user amount is about 25000. 2010Opening of regional offices. As of today, AETP has 22 offices all over Russia. Establishment of the Academy of new trade Organization of seminars dedicated to public and commercial bids. As of today, the Academy organizes about 4 seminars per month with total turnover about 100 million rubles. Conclusion of the contract on electronic workflow system development Seldon.ФАС Conclusion of recent contracts with the Ministry of economical development and the Bank of Russia 2011Establishment of a special call-center serving all-Russian official site and major trade platforms. 2012First issue of Citizen.Seldon magazine and launch of informational and promotional materials on AETP web site. Broadcasting of proven, high-quality interesting news about e-commerce. First international experience – participation in PEPPOL seminar organized by the European commission. 2013Opening of the first foreign office (Minsk, Republic of Belarus). As of today, the company has 3 foreign offices. Organization of the first international forum “E-commerce: challenges to the Eurasian integration”. Organization of APEC seminar dedicated to ITC problems in the US. Iliia D. Dimitrov Executive Director of the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms; Presidium member of SMP “OPORA Russia”; ombudsman of the rights protection of entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce and the provision of e-government services.

4  Moscow  Nizhny Novgorod  Belebey  Vladivostok  Volgograd  Voronezh  Ekaterinburg  Kazan  Kirov  Krasnodar  Krasnoyarsk  Novosibirsk  Orenburg  Perm  Rostov-on-Don  Samara  St. Petersburg  Saratov  Tver  Ulyanovsk  Khabarovsk  Chelyabinsk 2 headquarters 20 regional offices More than 1 000 employees More than 200 dealers all over Russia Tactic plans for 2014: opening of new offices in Europe. Company locations

5 Company current position

6 AETP Structure

7 Wide range of trade information within Seldon system Financial consultations Legal support while tradingCompanies` promotion on B2B market Organization of seminars Participation in the development of legislation related to the usage of information technology by governmental bodies Analytical studies in public procurement, pricing and forecasting Promotion of cross-border trading Main activities As of today, company turnover is as follows:  Software and additional services sales – about 400 million rubles  EDS – about 300 million rubles  Seminars – about 100 million rubles

8 Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Federal Service for Financial Markets RTS stock exchangeSberbank - Automated Trading System Electronic Trading System "" Unified system for e-commerce «B2B-Center» Moscow Interbank currency exchange AMD corporationMoscow stock exchange Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation International Center for Financial and Economic Development Guild of national experts on state and municipal orders Research Center for Information Technology Security Moscow State Institute of International Relations of Russia Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Volga Federal District Higher school of EconomicsSafe Net «Activ» companyLLC "Gazinformservice" And many more! AETP partners

9 JSC «Rostelecom»JSC «Vympelcom»JSC «Lukoil»CJSC «VTB 24»LLC «Rosgosstrakh»JSC «Insurance group MSK» JSC «Gazpromneft»JSC IC «Allianz»JSC «Oil and gaz company «Rosneft» LLC «IC«Sognasiye»CJSC «Reiffeisenbank»Group«Alfastrakhovaniye» JSC «URALSIB»JSC «Moscow Bank»LLC «ROLF auto centers Management CJSC «Svyaznoy logistics»Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation CJSC «Ural-Press» Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federtaion FSUE "Russian Post"Federal treasuryMinistry of Justice of the Russian Federation LLC «Microtest»JSC "Insurance Company of Gas Industry" And another 20,000 customers of the corporate market! AETP clients

10 Our products

11 Seldon main tasks: data collection about all types of purchases, including planned (more than 6 thousand sites) in Russia and other countries ; qualified, fast and efficient search in the system; representative analysis of available information Seldon information comprises: more than 26 million purchases (starting 2006) more than 10 million contracts awarded, retail prices for the products of the largest Russian companies registration data of all procurement entities of the Russian Federation. Market online monitoring Multilingual and intelligent search Within AETP we have developed information-analytical system Advanced technologies in electronic trading This is the largest information base in the domain of electronic trading in Eastern Europe.

12 Seldon is an innovative software for business Seldon gathers a huge amount of data in real time and continuously forms archives. Due to the huge amount of information from various sources and analytical module, the system can not only monitor the situation on the markets, but also provide analytical studies in a few mouse clicks. As of today, there are no analogues of Seldon software. Sources of the data analyzed by the system All the information about public procurement Public companies` tenders (including those according to the Federal law 223-FZ) Budgets of public institutions Commercial tenders in Russia and abroad Complaints to FAS Russia and the register of unfair suppliers Auctions on sale of bankrupt property Information about the market value of goods and services Legislative framework USRLE, USRPE Arbitration cases Bailiffs Database with a depth of up to 8 years of archive

13 Seldon helps with participation in the tender The system collects data on all purchases: pending applications, current, complete, failed and even planned. It also contains all segments of the economy: governmental, trades according to the Federal law 223-FZ, commercial and international tenders. Seldon updates the entire database hourly. It monitors the market for the given parameters automatically and notifies of any changes in the mentioned tenders. Seldon analyzes customer purchase history, suppliers, recent similar tenders, quotations, competitive intelligence, and provides other 42 types of analytical reports. Preparation of tender documentation using module Seldon.Consulting, integrated legal framework "Guarantor" and archive of 16 million documents. More data for decision- making: information about market value of goods and services, and complaints to FAS Russia and the register of unfair suppliers, auction for sale of bankrupt property and the base of public contracts. All in one box: ability to apply for a digital signature, loan, bank guarantee or surety directly from the system.

14 The most complex problem of today - is the problem of initial price determination and the language barrier Seldon technologies help to solve analytical and linguistic problems using intelligent search and analysis module Issue solving

15 International cooperation

16 As of today, AETP cooperates with the following international organizations: AETP is also involved into negotiations on a free trade between Vietnam and the Customs Union of three states. AETP in the international arena Within the framework of economic expansion in 2012-2014, AETP participated in more than 20 international events in the domain of e-commerce, and has organized a number of workshops and dialogue platforms. Eurasian Economic Commission (3 countries) PAA (11 countries) ASEAN (10 countries + 8 partners) WTO (159 countries) APEC (21 economies) PEPPOL (11 countries- organizers and more than 30 countries-participants)

17 International cooperation Eurasian Economic Commission: cross-border usage of electronic signature in the territories of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus 2012 - mutual access to electronic platforms of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, 2014 - mutual access to electronic platforms of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan working group on the implementation of the provisions of the State (municipal) procurement agreement ASEAN: project proposal to create a multilingual dialogue system (2014)

18 International cooperation APEC: Participation in the meeting of the Special Group on Electronic Commerce within Forum "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation" (Indonesia, January-February 2013) Participation in the 47th session of the Working Group on Telecommunications (Indonesia, April 2013) Organization of a seminar on the problems of interoperability of ICTs and the legal significance of cross-border document within electron interaction BRICS: initiatives and project proposals on e-commerce, initiation of a working group, organization of seminars and other events

19 International dialogue platforms The Russian government and the community organize discussion platforms on the development of economic ties between different countries and regions in the domain of e-commerce: April 2014 – Forum«Goszakaz-2014» September 2014 – 2nd International Forum "E-Commerce: Challenges to the Eurasian integration" 2015 - BRICS Forum 2016 - SCO Forum

20 Participants: representatives of 13 countries Main focus areas of the Forum: International Forum "E-commerce: Challenges to Eurasian integration" Regulation of e-commerce: Russian and international experience Tools: cryptography, digital signature and electronic document E-commerce future: prospects, efficacy and safety In Ufa the Government of the Russian Federation together with the the Association of electronic trading platforms organize an annual platform for the development of economic relations between different countries and regions. Ufa will be the headquarter of BRICS Forum in 2015 and SCO Forum in 2016

21 AETP Internet sources:  Company site: http://aetp.ru  Site of information-analytical system Seldon: http://seldon.ru  Consulting center site: http://consulting.seldon.ru  Financial consulting site: http://finance.seldon.ru  Training center site: http://seminar.aetp.ru  Site of e-magazine Citizen.Seldon: http://citizen.seldon.ru  EDS single portal in Russia: http://iecp.ru

22 Thank you for your attention!

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