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1 Common Operational Datasets (COD)

2 Context Data/Information from various sources in multiple pieces, so you need integrate to produce useful output STRUCTURE – need to plan and structure to produce dynamic results Tools may be easy to build, simple data that forms the base is difficult Acquire Compile Ensure Data Custodians that we are not re-inventing wheel but we just ensure that we have all what we need….

3 Provide Introductions to IASC Guidelines for: COD – Preparedness Humanitarian Profile - Post Disaster FOD - Preparedness 3

4 Common operational datasets are predictable, core sets of data needed to support operations and decision-making for all actors in a humanitarian response. What is COD?



7 What is FOD? Fundamental (Functional) Operational Datasets Datasets that are relevant to a humanitarian operation, but are more specific to a particular sector or otherwise do not fit into one of the seven COD themes Based on specific themes, preferably clusters Schools Health Facilities.. …

8 8

9 PROVINCEArea Council NAMEISLAND# villagesFemalesMalesTotal# of HH MALAMPACentral MalekulaMalekula493,0963,0466,1421,330 MALAMPANorth AmbrymAmbrym431,5601,4853,045673 MALAMPANorth East MalekulaMalekula623,2653,1586,4231,474 MALAMPANorth West MalekulaMalekula602,1732,2374,410962 MALAMPAPaama 278238041,627393 MALAMPASouth East AmbrymAmbrym188409301,770422 MALAMPASouth East MalekulaMalekula412,0212,1494,170816 MALAMPASouth MalekulaMaskeylenes282,0132,0284,041849 MALAMPASouth West MalekulaMalekula281,5431,6323,175709 MALAMPAWest AmbrymAmbrym251,2371,2232,460500 MALAMPA Total 38118,57118,69237,2638,128 PENAMACentral Pentecost 1Pentecost521,2521,2852,537561 PENAMACentral Pentecost 2Pentecost922,0441,9063,950922 PENAMAEast AmbaeAmbae371,0241,1172,141467 PENAMANorth AmbaeAmbae451,7031,6693,372720 PENAMANorth MaewoMaewo331,0421,0992,141494 PENAMANorth PentecostPentecost832,8282,9735,8011,176 PENAMASouth AmbaeAmbae186957511,446263 PENAMASouth MaewoMaewo137227061,428289 PENAMASouth PentecostPentecost562,3062,2494,555925 PENAMAWest AmbaeAmbae521,6601,7883,448829 PENAMA Total 48115,27615,54330,8196,646 SANMA Total 22,23223,62345,8559,279 SHEFA Total 38,17340,55078,72316,006 TAFEA Total 16,33816,20232,5405,860 TORBA Total 4,6324,7279,3591,777 Grand Total 115,222119,337234,55947,696

10 Admin 1: Provinces

11 Admin 2: Area Councils – TAFEA


13 Populated Places - Communities




17 Populated Places - Households

18 Transport Network

19 Rivers & Creeks

20 Contours

21 Contours/DEM

22 Health


24 Education



27 Contours/DEM NGOs





32 Next Steps… Work with Partners on collating thematic/cluster based data…. Data Sharing MOU Ensure Data Maintenance/Quality Accessibility Catalog Outputs (Maps/Atlas, Tables, Profiles, Dashboard) Complimented Coordinated Needs Assessment Framework

33 Acknowledgements 33 Government Departments National Statistics Office Department of Lands Department of Education Department of Health Regional Partners

34 Solomon Islands -ADRA -AUS Aid -CARITAS -Christian Care -EU -JICA -Live & Learn -Nat. DMO -NCCA -NZ Aid Prog -OXFAM -RAMSI -RRRT -RX-AUS -RX-FRA -RX-SLB -Save the Children AUS -UN Women -UN-DSS -UNDP joint pres. -UNFPA -UNICEF -UNV -WHO -World Bank -World Vision Vanuatu -Activ -ADRA -AUS Aid -CARE -CARITAS -Disability Forum -EU -FSPV -ILO -JICA -Live & Learn -Nat. DMO -NCCA -NZ Aid Prog -OXFAM -PCIDRR -Peace Corps -RX-AUS -RX-FRA -RX-VUT -Save the Children AUS -UN Women -UNDP -UNFPA -UNICEF joint pres. -VANGO -VSO -VWC -WHO -World Vision Fiji -ADRA -ADB -AUS Aid -Embassies -EU -Fiji School Medicine -FSPI -HfH-FJI -ICRC -IFAD -IFRC* -ILO -IMF -JICA -Nat’l DMO -NZL Aid Prog -OCHA* -OHCHR* -Pacific Disabilities Forum -Peace Corps -PIFS -RRRT -RX-FJI -Save the Children FJI -SPC/SOPAC -UN DSS -UN ESCAP -UN Habitat -UN ISDR -UN RCO -UN Women -UNAIDS -UNCTAD -UNDP GEF -UNDP MCO -UNDP PC* -UNFPA -UNICEF* -UNODC -UNV -USP -WHO* -World Bank Samoa -ADRA -CARITAS -EU -FAO* -IFRC -JICA -Nat. DMO -OXFAM -Peace Corps -RRRT -RX-AUS -RX-NZL -RX-WSM -SPREP -SUNGO -UN-DSS -UNDP MCO* -UN RCO -UNESCO -USP -WMO Nauru -Nat. DMO -UNDP joint pres. Tonga WHO -ADRA -Aus AID -JICA -Nat. DMO -NCCA -NCWC -NZ Aid Prog -RX-TON -TWCCC -UNDP joint pres. Niue -Nat. DMO Marshall Islands -IOM -Nat. DMO -RX-MHL -UNFPA joint pres. -USAID Marshall Islands -IOM -Nat. DMO -RX-MHL -UNFPA joint pres. -USAID Palau -RX-PLW -UNDP joint pres. FSM -IMF -IOM -RX-FSM -UNDP -UNFPA joint pres. -UNICEF -WHO Cook Islands -ADRA -Nat. DMO -RX-CI -UNDP -USP Tuvalu -JICA -Nat. DMO -RX-TUV -UNDP joint pres. -USP Kiribati -AusAID -ILO -NZ Aid Prog -UN Women -UNDP -UNICEF joint pres. -WHO Tokelau -Nat. DMO -NZ Aid Prog Australia -ACFID -Act For Peace -Action AID -ADF -ADRA -AusAID -Bureau of MET -CARE -CARITAS -GeoScience AUS -IOM -MSF -NCCA -OXFAM -Plan AUS -RedR -RX-AUS -Save the Children AUS* -UNHCR* -World Bank -World Vision New Zealand -ADRA -CARITAS -CWS -GNS Science -HfH-NZL -MCDEM -NIWA -NZ-CID -NZL-DF -OXFAM -RedR -Rotary -RX-NZL -Save the Children NZL -ShelterBox -SIDT -Tear Fund -UNICEF NZL -World Vision Hawaii (USA) -APCS -PDC -Uni Hawaii -US Center for Excellence in DM -US PACOM

35 Thank You


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