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Towards a regular assessment & reporting process based on SEIS UNECE/WGEMA meeting 1-2 November 2012.

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1 Towards a regular assessment & reporting process based on SEIS UNECE/WGEMA meeting 1-2 November 2012

2 Ministerial Declaration 14. ….’To keep the pan-European environment under review, we decide to establish a regular process of environmental assessment and to develop the SEIS across the region. These will serve multiple policy processes, including MEAs, and include capacity-building of countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and South-Eastern Europe to monitor and assess their environment. We invite EEA and its partners to develop an outline for how these actions could be performed and to present it to the ECE Committee on Environmental Policy.’ … e/ece.astana.conf.2011.2.add.1.e.pdf e/ece.astana.conf.2011.2.add.1.e.pdf

3 The mandate Keep the pan-European environment under review Establish a regular process of environment assessment Develop a Shared Environmental Information System So that SEIS gradually develops to underpin future environment assessment and review activities

4 TWO time perspectives Short-term: 2012-2013 Medium/Long-term: 2014-2020 and: Regular monitoring & assessment of the implementation process

5 SEIS and related EU policy instruments a) SEIS communication 1/2008 c) SEIS staff working paper 6/2012 (EU internal) b) Communication on better implementation 3/2012

6 SEIS implementation in practice StakeholdersWhy?What ? (content) How? (infrastructure) Who? (networks) EUBetter policiesEnv complianceINSPIRE GMES MS EEAImprove assessments Reporting activ.Indicators SENSE2 EIONET Member StatesStreamlineRep. oblig.Data flows, CDRNational and local authorities ENPHarmoniseWater, air, wasteAoA, REPORTNETEnv. & statistics CATrust cooperation Water, air rep. oblig., MEAs AoA, indicatorsEnv. & statistics water bodies Pan-EuropeanMonitor env Capacity building Regular reportCSI, AoAUNECE, MEAs, Int. org GlobalInteroperabilityMonitoring statusUNEP/Live, EoE Data policy Standards ISO, GEOSS, OGC,

7 SEIS implementation short-term Stakeholde rs Time frameWhat (content) How (infrastructure) Who (networks) EEA2012-2013WISE, BISE, CLIMA- ADAPT, Air quality E-reporting SENSE (indicators) SERIS (reports) INSPIRE (Geo spatial data services) EoE (web services) GEMET, SOER Live Data policy Eionet W Balkans GMES-in situ ENP2014Indicators Data flows Regular Assessments IT working groupEnv. & statistic networks CA2014Indicators Data flows SOE Env. & statistic networks Global2015UNEP LiveSOE LiveGEOSS, GNON

8 Steps in the process so far Sept. 2011 –Astana Declaration Oct. 2011 – WGEMA – first ideas on implementing the Astana mandate March 2012 – EEA MB – Discussing draft outline prepared for CEP April 2012 – EU WPIEI – Discussing Astana follow up actions and EU position to CEP meeting April-Sept. 2012 - Comments and proposals to the draft outline July- onwards – Dialogue with key partners (MEAs, EU, OECD, UNEP, RECs) October 2012 - Revised draft outline available for UNECE/CEP and WGEMA

9 Other SEIS related activities Capacity building ENP/SEIS - Workshops on SEIS/infrastructure and indicators for both East and South (*) Caspian sea- Env information system (together with UNEP/Grid) Sept.2012 Central Asia - Aware project including SEIS national events New SEIS projects Central Asia – tendering closed on 1 Oct. for FLERMONECA project (including SEIS extension); expected start 2013 Caspian – new SEIS related project for consideration for EU funding

10 Relevant SEIS events SEIS dedicated side event in Rio –June 2012 (attended by UNECE, UNEP, CAREC and EEA members) Central Asia – EU panel on environment and climate change (Sept. 2012) – SEIS development endorsed as priority for cooperation in new fin. perspective 2014-2020; ENP/Steering Committee (21-22 Nov. Copenhagen) Central Asia- EU –high level meeting on env. issues (to endorse the proposed priorities 10-11 Dec. Bishkek, tbc.) The first Eye on Earth user conference (4-6 March 2013, Dublin)

11 SEIS Action Plan Develop the next SOER cycle in a consistent way across region, using the indicators developed with associated assessments, following DPSIR framework Underpin the indicators used in the next SOER by regular data flows Streamline the activity of existing networks towards creating building blocks in the MDIAR(K) process for regular reporting

12 Points for discussion Role of WGEMA and JTF in the process Coordination of networks at national level Planned deliverables and timetable Contributions to mid term review (2013)

13 SEIS in action Snapshot of EEA/SEIS activities

14 Multiple use of information for EEA assessments EEA Knowledge Base (incl indicators) (Dedicated) theme-sector specific assessments / reports Integrated environmental assessment reports (Regular) SOER-type thematic assessments

15 FLISIMS / CSISENSE ABC 11 GMT fiches20-30 thematic fiches39 country fiches 11 to 44 indicators37 to 200 indicators 8 to 37 indicators SYN Synthesis report 3 indicator reports & stakeholder workshops 2012 2013 2014 Synthesis & Derivatives Global Megatrends Thematic SOE summaries Country-level SOE summaries Signals 2015 and other derivatives ? ? Reportnet ( incl. PDF,...) Eionet (incl. SERIS) FLIS Dynamic information SOER2015

16 IMS relation with other parts of the information system Indicator = Specification + assessment Data visualization (with metadata) Graphs Maps Daviz Eye on Earth Map viewers

17 AQ e-Reporting ? A new system for reporting air quality information A single system for all regulatory & informative reporting Modernised and standards based, to make full use of computers and the internet to deliver Automation Reliability / consistency Medium to long-term savings Enhanced information sharing All existing systems replaced as of 1 January 2014

18 Overview of the transition to air quality e-Reporting VALIDATED AQ DATA Compliance data Additional exchanged data AQ Questionnaire Reporting Attainment info Exposure info Area info AQ management zones PROVISIONAL DATA Up to date data Summer ozone Comparison with Alert & Info thresholds AQ plans Exceedance info Source apportionment Projections Measures XML New XML-based transmission (all AQ dataflows) Currently reported and exchange information:

19 XML-based air quality data reporting and exchange under the current mechanism National or regional database EEA database Initial QA/QC Up-to-date data transmission 34 countries + Russia, US Public EEA’s web pages Eye on Earth National/regional public O 3 summer exceedances calculations Other European projects AQ stations Provisional data Consistency between national/regional and EEA databases!!! Re- transmission Corrected data Current XML reporting

20 Shared Infrastructures and Tools Information products Content registry Data dictionary Reporting obligations EEA data services Data exchange modules Network directory Data repository Data handling Data reportingData dissemination

21 Synergies UNEP Live – EEA SOE Live


23 Multi-lingual Thesaurus GEMET

24 Reportnet Central Data Repository

25 Reporting Obligations Database

26 Data Centre Services

27 Semantic Data Service

28 State of the Environment Reporting Information System SERIS

29 Europe's Environment Assessment of Assessments EE-AoA

30 Indicator Management System

31 Sharing European and National State of the Environment - SENSE

32 Forward-Looking Information and Services (FLIS)

33 EUNIS - Linked env. data and information

34 EIONET-Forum - infrastructure Interest group ZOPE Application server Naaya Content management system EIONET Forum Interest group Enviro Windows CHM Biodiv BISE Portal/website Customise Toolkits Customise/develop New features CMS Development/use Application server use

35 EEA Multimedia Services

36 Eye on Earth

37 Open government – Open data Portal ready by end of 2012 Member State portal to be launched in 2013 EEA will share all its environmental data

38 SEIS ENPI - Cookbook A set of case studies collected from EEA Member and Cooperating countries and ENPI partner countries. A SEIS Checklist comprising a set of questions designed to assess the status of SEIS development and identify possible gaps and areas for further enhancement. Steps to be taken into account when planning SEIS implementation. Useful links.

39 A Case study: Gives light on how to translate SEIS principles into practice Addresses real examples of implementation (currently 25 case studies) Identifies a series of services/tools that can be (re)used to meet the SEIS principles in a range of contexts Provides a SEIS barometer to benchmark your system / process List of case studies

40 SEIS implementation plan – DG ENV Inter-service consultation of a EC staff working paper SEIS implementation plan Publication end 2012 (tbc.) Introducing SIIFs (Structured implementation and information frameworks) EEA is supporting pilot SIIFs on: Air quality Urban waste water treatment

41 Thank you !

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