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Smart composer New project. Click the PROJECT icon.

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1 Smart composer New project

2 Click the PROJECT icon

3 Set tittle and description

4 Define page level (2 at 4)

5 Set page format by selecting in the list or affect custom dimension (1/100mm). Click invert to invert width and height

6 Click create

7 Close the form

8 At first the new demo_project is an empty page

9 To resize page ? Double-click page width, page height type custom dimension or select an other page format… and click set to current project

10 Smart composer Manipulate group

11 Click page to select it The GRP2 icon will light. Click GRP2 icon to open group form !

12 The Group form tittle indicate the level and the name of current selecting group The group form allows you to define all group attributes. Click Common, Shape, Control, or Batch to access different sub- form attributes. Check or uncheck editable to lock/unlock the group for edit…

13 Click New child for create a new child group in the page

14 Click to confirm group creation

15 The new group apear to the top-left corner of the page You have to resize and move it as you like as indicate by the move or the resize cursor

16 Resize the shape

17 Move the shape

18 Smart composer Create style and component

19 Click the TEXT icon to open Text style form

20 Click New button to create a new TEXT STYLE

21 Click OK to confirm

22 Click the rename button Rename the component in dialog box and click OK

23 Define police, size, color and other attributes of the style

24 You see the result in the preview

25 Create any TEXT-STYLE you need, with different properties police, size, color…

26 Smart composer Create component

27 Click the level 1 Group to select it

28 Click CPNT icon to open Component form Click New button to create a new component and confirm when dialog box apear

29 Select the component style in style name list. The list contains the names of the style you created

30 Define component attributes description, size, position, value, data, shape attributes, control attributes…

31 Smart composer Scale and grid

32 Click Scale preset 1 at 4 to change proportion of the graphic space to a predefined value. Ajust the scale in % Define the origine point x-y Show hide the grid Active/unactive magnetic grid Define position unit Define grid spacement unit affect the current settings to the preset

33 Grid spacement set at 50mm

34 Shape size and dimension are automaticaly set to positionning unit multiple in manual move and size operations !

35 You can use the mouse wheel to zoom/unzoom when the mouse cursor is on the inspection tool or the tool bar (this change the scale) This change the origin coordinates in the scale forme The inspection tool allows you to explore the document simply by moving the mouse on !

36 The reset button reset scale to 100% and origin x/y to there default values

37 Smart composer Duplicate groups and components

38 Sometime you need a components array like this

39 Click a component to select it Click the DUPLI icon to open the duplication form

40 Define the number of vertical and horizontal elements and there spacement Click duplicate to create the array Click delete to erase the duplicated elements of current selected group

41 The red element is master of the group When resize or move it All of the elements of the group resize and move together

42 When move a blue element his new position is set in the array scale create by the natural spacement of elements

43 Resize and move together although their locations have changed Update spacement of the elements

44 Detach the elements of the array structure and move them anywhere They are always linked for resizing

45 Check mode cadre to do this when duplicate

46 Smart composer Undo/redo

47 Click UNDO icon to open the undo/redo form

48 Click the UNDO button to go to the previous step.

49 The undo/redo form record each principal edition steps of your project. It allows you to go back before a critical point, or have an overview of all what you do from beginning to end of your current session.

50 Scroll to a step Number of the current step Play the sequence from the end to the start Play the sequence from the start to the end Go to previous step Go to next step Pause/stop

51 The auto save option record the last edition step : none = off on_change = the step is recorded when any property change on_inactivity = the step is recorded when mouse stop moving a time auto save generate a session file that you can get in the project form by clicking the button restore last session

52 Smart composer Display options

53 Click the DSPL button to open the display options form The display options form allows you to show/hide shape, component contains and text informations : The show containt zone regard linked elements content. The show shape zone regard the shape appearence of elements. preset button suggest some basic configurations. The default and set as default button affect the user preferences

54 Show info text allows you to select text infos that’s appear at the top-left corner of any elements. This functionnality can be used to control attribute values, identify or locate an element…

55 All shapes hidden !

56 Smart composer Duplicate groups and components

57 Click SEL icon to open selection tool

58 To activ an existing selection select it in the list

59 new selection button create a new selection index delete all button delete all existing selections apply to define a global selection method : In this case same type/colunm

60 Affect the same attribute value to all elements of the current selection !

61 A selection can include different type and level elements : In the current exemple the selection include text, image and group elements

62 Smart composer PDF overview

63 Click PDF icon to generate a PDF sample document…


65 Click OK to include shape in the document ! And wait the end of the process

66 PDF with shape !

67 PDF with no shape

68 Smart composer SCP (Smart composer project) Exchange file format

69 Click save as scp file Click the link download file to open it in a new window

70 Put the file on the desktop or other directory ! to send it by mail

71 Click the FILES icon to open upload form select scp file for exemple client_project_test.scp and click open… Select sc_projects in file typeclick parcourir Click the upload button to upload the file to scp directory.

72 Verify if the file is corectly upload…in the list folder content

73 To open scp file : Open project form select.scp file click LOAD button click OK to confirm…

74 Project is loaded !

75 Smart composer Inspection data

76 Display a job dataset in Smart composer : Click data button to open Data inspection form Select data header Select page of data

77 ! The data inspection tool require data exists in Kontrol print data base Look article and spool creation for more informations

78 Cliquer sur le titre pour ordonner asc/desc alternativement Cliquer sur la valeur pour afficher les valeurs similaires Presser F5 pour recharger la page entière Cliquer sur le bouton rouge pour afficher les actions disponibles Modifier les paramètres d’impression

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