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1 General Services Administration SERBCA Conference September 29, 2011 Public Buildings Service Southeast Sunbelt Region Total Building Commissioning &

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1 1 General Services Administration SERBCA Conference September 29, 2011 Public Buildings Service Southeast Sunbelt Region Total Building Commissioning & Recommissioning Timothy Wisner, PE, CEM, PMP

2 G S A ’ S P U B L I C B U I L D I N G S S E R V I C E (P B S) Landlord for over 400 federal agencies, bureaus & commissions  Portfolio of 353.9 M rentable square feet  Space for over 1,000,000 tenants  8,603 owned and leased assets  30 LEED certified properties (currently, many more soon)

3 AK Northwest/Arctic Region 10 Rocky Mountain Region 8 Great Lakes Region 5 Heartland Region 6 Greater Southwest Region 7 Southeast Region 4 Mid-Atlantic Region 3 New England Region 1 Pacific Rim Region 9 Northeast & Caribbean Region 2 HI GU VI PR DC WA OR UT MT ND WY SD CO ID CA NV AZNM OK TXLA AR NEIA KSMO MI WI IL IN MI OH KY TN MSAL GA FL SC NC WV MD VA PA NY NJ DE VT NH ME MA CTRI National Capital Region 11 P B S R E G I O N A L O R G A N I Z A T I O N S

4 Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida 39,000,000 square feet of federally owned or leased office, laboratory, warehouse, and courts space. 4 SOUTHEAST SUNBELT REGION 130 Leased and Owned Buildings in EUAS 21.5-million gross square feet (GSF) –Largest - AFC, 2.4-million GSF –Smallest – Warehouse 1000 GSF $ 28.9-million FY 09 Utility Cost Enough energy to power 10,831 homes annually Tracked Building Inventory

5 5 What is GSA Commissioning? n GSA has adopted the definition of the National Conference on Building Commissioning (NCBC): “Systematic process of assuring by verification and documentation, from the design phase to a minimum of one year after construction, that all facility systems perform interactively in accordance with the design documentation and intent, and in accordance with the owner’s operational needs, including preparation of operation personnel” GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

6 6 What is GSA’s Policy on Commissioning? PBS DIRECTIVE FOR ASSISTANT REGIONAL ADMINISTRATORS, PBS DIRECTORS, PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS, PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT FROM: F. JOSEPH MORAVEC, COMMISSIONER SUBJECT: Release of The Building Commissioning Guide Summary. Each Prospectus level project team - whether on new construction, major repair and alteration, or modernization -shall use “Total Building Commissioning” practices beginning with the project planning phase, and concluding at one year after tenant occupancy. GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

7 7 Our Definitive Source Document GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

8 8 Old School Commissioning: n HVAC Systems and Equipment n Startup, Testing, and Turnover Total Building Commissioning n Defines all project performance goals (Programming) n Proactively supports project goals during design (QA) n Validates performance in construction (QC) n Revisits performance goals after tenant occupancy (POE) GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

9 9 HVAC systems Plumbing Building Management System Power Distribution Emergency Power Security Lighting and Lighting Controls Domestic Hot Water Fire Alarm/life safety systems Vertical Transportation COMMISSIONED BUILDING SYSTEMS curtain wall assemblies roofing, windows doors construction joints, etc. Building Envelope systems

10 10 Why Does GSA Commission? n Design Excellence buildings are complex n Our tenants include judges, congresspeople, heads of federal agencies, and others who we would rather not disappoint n In all buildings, O&M and utility costs are closely linked to FFO n In all buildings, tenant labor costs far exceed rent, O&M, and utilities, so productivity is crucial for tenant satisfaction GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

11 n Built late 1990’s, $ 85 million, 240,000 sq. ft. 17-story, high rise n 2001, building was suspect of having “sick building syndrome” as employees complained of dizziness, headaches, and itchy eyes. n The building suffered from significant water intrusion through multiple facade systems n Extensive investigation of existing facade systems to document conditions and to identify water infiltration sources n Design of remedial repairs for multiple types of facade systems including curtainwall, punch windows, metal panels, louvers, sealants, roofing systems, davits and tiebacks for the building n Cost in for repairs and testing $ 20 million Why GSA Total Building Commissions - Really Sam M Gibbons US Courthouse, Tampa, FL


13 n Started Construction 2002 with 3-year timeline and $ 100 million budget n Opened 2007 wit $ 69 million increased costs thanks to water leaks, faulty equipment, and subcontractor lawsuits n Still, after acceptance GSA has had to pay an additional $ 4 million in repairs Why GSA Total Building Commissions - Really Willkie D. Ferguson Jr. Courthouse Miami, FL

14 1. SDV Services Busway repairs and inspections $63,100 2. Siemens Emergency Bus Duct Replacements $52,441.06 3. Universal HVAC Repairs completed (Floors 6-9) $360,100.00 4. Universal HVAC Repairs – planned (Floors 10-14) $457,788.00 5. Teng Commissioning Report of HVAC deficiencies $320,014.16 6. Reprogramming of HVAC systems $257,856.00 7. AHU programming pilot $15,000 8. Carpet Replacements $336,657.17 9. Missing Infrastructure $116,500.00 10. MCS Claim Settlement $210,000.00 11. Water Feature repairs $255,318.00 12. Chiller Piping $200,000.00 13. Waterproofing exterior limestone columns $135,000.00 14. Emergency generator exhaust repairs $200,000.00 15. Roofing repairs $369,062.00 16. Short Circuit Breaker replacements $319,000.00 POST OCCUPANCY CLAIMS WILKIE D. FERGUSON JR. COURTHOUSE

15 17. Noise in Courtrooms at Judge’s bench $130,000.00 18. DERM UST SAR Reports & Tests-- $30,000.00 19. RJA Inspections $6,814.13 20. Tower Building Sallyport $102,000.00 21 Chiller cleaning $26,963.52 22 Guards $38,976.00 23 Chiller plant leaks design $7,372.00 24 Control loops Parking area $53,451.87 25. Correct leak at generator exhaust $16,000.00 26. Elevator code deficiencies $21,665.00 27. Sanitary sewer clean-outs $2,504.00 28. Repair Sallyport wall due to bus duct explosion $6,184.00 29. UPS Battery tests and re-certifications $11,100.00 30. UPS Repair $12,451.78 31. Limit switch for gate arm $3,465.00 32. MC cable credit $70,278.00 POST OCCUPANCY CLAIMS (continued) WILKIE D. FERGUSON JR. COURTHOUSE

16 GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

17 17 What is GSA Recommissioning? According to the GSA Building Commissioning Guide, Recommissioning shall generally include: Establishing that original basis of design and operation is still appropriate for use, occupancy, tenant agencies and GSA goals, and modify the operations/controls sequencing as appropriate for optimum operations Reviewing and benchmarking key systems operations/performance against the Basis of Design Evaluating envelope tightness/pressurization by infrared or other methods Performing energy analysis Recommending repairs/modifications to optimize building performance GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

18 18 Why Recommission? n Buildings are a moving target n Space usage changes n Equipment changes n Systems change n Original design intent is usually no longer completely valid GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

19 19 Why Recommission? n O & M is imperfect n Inadequate budgets n Training Incomplete or erroneous understanding of design intent and how to run the systems n Incomplete documentation on building n Retrofits, and no single plan of how to run the systems as modified n Systems are too complex for operators GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

20 20 EISA Sec 432 requires Federal Agencies complete Evaluations to include an energy and water evaluations and commissioning assessment for all of their covered facilities every four years. Covered Facilities are a subset of an agency’s inventory that makes up 75% of its total energy consumption. GSA’s covered facilities are comprised of 198 Facilities across the 11 regions. EISA Sec 432 Evaluation Compliance Plan GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

21 21 AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT (ARRA) $100 Million for “Building Tune-ups”

22 22 ARRA Recommissioning/Tune-up Building Tune-up includes –First, Fix all obvious Controls Problems –Recommission –Add Advanced Metering –Implement Energy Conservation Measures –Improve building O & M

23 23 ARRA Recommissioning/Tune-up Over 180 Buildings for Building Tune-up Lots in every Region Selected by highest Energy Intensity Tune-up has High Return per Dollar Spent Uniform Building Data Collection/Confirmation

24 24 ARRA Recommissioning/Tune-up Justification for Small Project ECMs –Mostly, highest ROI wins –$300 Million in ARRA Small Projects funding

25 25 What are our resources? n Sample Scopes of Work for Commissioning for n Design-Bid-Build n CMc n Design-Bridge-Build n Design-Build GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

26 26 Summary Get a copy of “The Building Commissioning Guide” n Log on to n Log on to GSA Commissioning & Recommissioning

27 27 SERBCA Conference Q&A

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