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Country report – The Storting, Norway Nordic ICT Conference 2014, Oslo IT manager Frode Rein.

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1 Country report – The Storting, Norway Nordic ICT Conference 2014, Oslo IT manager Frode Rein

2 General election – September 2013 A parliamentary election was on and of September The centre-right coalition obtained 96 seats, while the red-green coalition obtained 72 seats and the Green party obtained one. Leader of the Conservative party, Erna Solberg was set to form a new government after Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

3 Administration overwiev Employees i the administration: 465 MP’s: 169 Political staff: 225 Parliament’s total budget: 143 M€ (128 M€ in 2012)

4 Acting head of ICT User services Service management Operation, app. development and management ICT infrastructure Quality manager Current IT organization ICT staff Q3 2014 – 39 FTE’s Two new roles –Quality manager continuous improvement –Contract & supplior manager Increased quality in supplier and contract management IT Strategy

5 Some key IT figures HW 750 Dell pc’s (win 7) 434 Dell laptops (Win 7) / Citrix 112 Dell laptops (Win 8.1) / Direct access 100 virtuelle Servers / 50 fysical servers Aprox. 350 iPhone 5S 70 Canon multifunction printers, –Follow me print –mail print: IT budget 2010 – 3,8 M€ 2011 – 7,0 M€ 2012 – 13,5 M€ 2013 – 14,0 M€ 2014 – 14,0 M€

6 Major renovation P-26 -Required due to old building -Need for more office space -Need to redesign the building due to risk assesment findings -More meeting rooms and social areas -Budget: 120 M€ -Renovation process until 2017

7 Open-plan offices 112 employees plus external consultants moved from P-26 in second week of July From cell offices to open-plan offices New mobile platform –Laptops –Mobile phones / MS Lync




11 Strategies developed last two years

12 Major projects New Intranet New service for digital document management Service center with multiple services New server room Pilot Mobile Storting / Win 8.1 Crisis management system ID card / cash card Salapp – Chamber app

13 New Intranet - Løveporten EPIServer CMS, Sharepoint 2010, enterprise search Central features: –Live information feed from organizational units and workplaces withinSharepoint –Role based –Responsive user interface –User customised interface In general –Fixed price project (good for us, bad for the vendor) –Technologicaly higly sophisticated, but easy to implement in the organization Challenges –Parts are 1,5 year after initial plans –Contractor's lack of knowledge about enterprise search (many different databases did complicate things a lot) –Difficult customer / vendor relationship during the project –Internal project staff must be dedicated full time

14 Document management for administrative staff Launched this spring Sharepoint 2010 integrated with ePhorte archive system Delayed as well as it was part of the program with the New Intranet Challenges: –Technologicaly simple, but it is still hard to change the way documents are produced (read: change the way the people work) Often forgotten that it cost time, effort and money after the project has ended, to implement new IT systems with new processes and ways of work

15 New Servic center Ole: We copied you! Multiple services on the same area –IT, MP services, Library, Post services Opens 1. October

16 New server room Why –Renovation of P-26 The result –State of the art server room –Separated cool and warm zone –Dual UPS with high capasity and expansion possibilities –SAN: Replaced HP EVA6000 with EMC VNX 5200. Doubled storage capacity (2 x 50 TB) and a 50% redused «footprint» in server room –Virtualized: Upgradet VMware from 4.1 to 5.1 due to new SAN More hosts, better redundancy and better system overwiev Repaced a number of Microsoft Cluster with this new VMware enviromnemnt The cost –Tra la la la la…..

17 Pilot Mobile Storting - new and flexible ways to work PC platform New pc-plattform: Dell laptop (Latitude 7240, 7440) or Dell Venue Pro hybrid Windows 8.1 Wireless Microsoft Direct Access Meeting facilities Wireless communication from Laptop to LCD/projector Reservation in Outlook or Crestron room view New platform for comunication Integrated solution for Speech, data and video with Lync iPhone 5S and Lync soft client on pc replace the desktop Phone Chat and video with document sharing oportunities Next year Based upon experiences from the 110 Pilot users Give all pc users at Stortinget the same service and Technology IT strategy goal: User friendly, flexible and secure mobile solution for the new mobile worker

18 CIM - Crisis management system CIM – module based crisis management system Software As A Service Gives us: –increased quality in internal and external flow of information during a crisis –Shared understanding of the threat or situation, gives us a better base for deciding the best decisions We implementet CIM in may 2014 A national crisis alert was issued on the 24th. of July –CIM was used to alert all MP’s, Partygroups and employees about the current situation. CIM wil also be used if crisis within the IT area happens

19 ID card / cash card Same experience as in Folketinget With new RFID ID cards introduced in late 2011, we were able to put money into the ID card Result: Works really well – much less que in front of the cash register (the que at the salat bar is still there though….

20 Chamber app - Salapp Paperfree Plenary session Hall….. Lecture tomorrow

21 Methodolgy improvement – Agile development Started december 2012 with external supervision a project aiming to learn this agile methodolgy with a real application development project –Agile development - SCRUM/SCRUMBAN/KANBAN –Automatic deployment and contious integration (CI) –Application Lifecycle Management Focus on: –User requirement spesification using use-case/User-story –Unit testing and object orientation.NET C# –Doing scrum: Scrum meeting Dayli meeting – 30 minutes User demo every second week

22 Methodolgy improvement – Exdended use of Team Foundation server From just source control to: –Backlog –Sprintplanning –Digital task board –Burndown –Test plan –Automatic builds for test and production environment (in combination with Octopus server app) Our main gains –Better to estimate work load –Better teamwork –Easyer dialog with the customer Challenges –The Product owner must understand the role and the expectations –The ownership to an application/service is still to weak

23 Operational follow-up Strategic follow-up Process improvement - Collaborative coordination between service owner and ICT Adaptation of services for assessment Budget meeting Backlog list Q1 meeting February Q2 meeting Q3 meeting Q4 meeting October September August July June May April March January November December Budget process To Q1

24 Thank you!

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