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SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 2005 1 Strategies and challenges to institutionalising service-learning at a South African university Magda Fourie.

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1 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 2005 1 Strategies and challenges to institutionalising service-learning at a South African university Magda Fourie University of the Free State

2 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20052 Overview  Institutional review /audit of community engagement activities  Institutional policies and planning  Resource allocation  Institutional structures  Institutional support and development  Institutional practices  Partnerships and networks

3 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20053 Three core functions of the university:  Teaching  Research  Community engagement

4 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20054 Boyer A false contra-positioning or tension between the concepts of academic work (teaching and research) and community service – scholarship of engagement

5 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20055 In a developing society many institutions need to broaden their scope and sharpen their focus in order to contribute to the development of a society. This demands a particular orientation and focus and commitment of our core business; a commitment to make a contribution towards a solution for the most pressing problems of that society. But always on the basis of the scientific knowledge and scholarship of a university. Being responsive and responsible

6 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20056 Mainstreaming community engagement The most important service that a university can render to society and communities, is to be a really good university, a place of scholarship, of the pursuit of science, of generating and transferring knowledge. Community service can, and should be, an integral part of these functions of a university.

7 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20057 Mission of community engagement To foster an integrated, holistic, interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to the generation, transfer and application of knowledge (teaching + research + service)

8 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20058 Strategy 1  Review or audit of all current community engagement activities (volunteer programmes, service-learning programmes, service projects, internships, etc.)  Assessment of strengths and weaknesses  Make difficult choices

9 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 20059 Two categories of community engagement  CS projects and programmes that are integrated in curricula of academic programmes, and linked to research: practicals, internships, learnerships, workplace learning, elective and foundational modules, problem-solving and developmental research  Extra-curricular community involvement: volunteerism, consultation, short courses, contract research, development projects

10 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200510 Integrated service-learning programmes imply:  the joint and mutual acquisition of abilities (knowledge, skills and attitudes/dispositions)  by all members of the community engagement partnership (students, lecturers, community, service sector)  in teaching, learning and research programmes  aimed at a better understanding, handling and resolution of community needs and challenges  through available expertise, resources and infrastructure

11 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200511 Service-learning Course-based, credit-bearing educational experiences in which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organised service experiences that meet actual community needs, that are integrated into the students’ academic curriculum and provide structured time for reflection in order to gain further understanding of course content, academic disciplines and civic responsibility.

12 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200512 Strategy 2: Institutional policies and planning  Does the institution have a clear commitment to CE and/or SL in its vision/mission statement?  Does top management visibly and actively encourage and support CE/SL?  Does service-learning form part of academic planning at the institution?  Does the institution have a clear and well- communicated policy for CE/SL?

13 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200513 Strategy 3:Resource allocation  Does the institution commit itself to allocating earmarked funds and other resources for service-learning initiatives?  Does the institution have explicit criteria and procedures to approve and allocate funds to service-learning initiatives?

14 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200514 Strategy 4: Institutional structures  Are there institution-wide structures that take responsibility for the policy development and planning for CE and SL?  Does the institution have a dedicated CE/SL office?  Are there institutional structures that manage the implementation of SL?

15 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200515 Strategy 5: Institutional support and development  What support and development are available for the design, development and implementation of SL?  What training opportunities are available for staff in the field of SL? (Formal and non-formal)

16 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200516 Strategy 6: Institutional practices  Are SL activities part of academic programme review?  Do SL feature in performance management systems?  Are CE/SL activities regularly communicated across the institution?

17 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200517 Strategy 7: Partnerships and networks  Are clear policy guidelines for partnerships in CE/SL in place?  Are facilitating and support mechanisms for establishing partnerships and networks in place?  Are both internal and external networks encouraged and supported?

18 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200518 The Partnership Model

19 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200519 Community service flagships  Urban: Mangaung University Community Partnership Programme (MUCPP)  Etsa Phapang Training Centre  Boyden Observatory  Rural: Free State Rural Development Partnership Programme (FSRDPP)  Qwaqwa

20 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200520 Etsa Phapang Training Centre

21 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200521



24 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200524 Challenges  Paradigm shift  Advocacy  Communication  Programme quality  Research activities

25 SU/IU Service-Learning Symposium Nov 200525 Thank you!

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