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Customer Service Owned by Matt Bandoni M.J.D. Customer Service Consultants.

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1 Customer Service Owned by Matt Bandoni M.J.D. Customer Service Consultants

2 Objectives  Practice and learn to handle difficult objections  Shorten the customer cycle for first time callers  Gain valuable insights into client concerns and relationships

3 Objectives  Learn to be proactive rather than reactive  Learn to show empathy  Gain agreement from unhappy clients Work as a team when dealing with customer concerns

4 Agenda Introduction Program objectives/agenda review What is customer service? – Implementing a fully integrated customer service system Keeping your customers satisfied Customer service versus football

5 Agenda Cont…. Teamwork in a customer’s world Developing and setting high standards Positive and negative customer experiences Customer expectations

6 Why Is Customer Service So Crucial? Today’s customers are highly intelligent and have extremely high expectations Many products all stores can get, service levels are what separate great organizations from the competitors

7 How Does the Company Benefit? Employees that are better equipped to handle customer service have less turnover and higher job satisfaction

8 Define Quality? qual·i·ty (kw l -t ) KEY a. An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property. b. A personal trait, especially a character trait: "The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self-confidence" (George S. Patton). Everyone will have their own definition

9 How Do Some Companies Solve This Problem Invest tens of thousands of dollars to study the problem, when we already know what needs to be done Practice apathy and ignore all problems Continue to lose more business daily

10 What Should M.J.B. Consultants Do About This? What Should M.J.B. Consultants Do About This? We need to take action to help improve the quality of service that you deliver

11 What Happens When There Is a Gap Between What the Customer Expects, and What They Receive A study conducted by BenchmarkPortal found: 96% of unsatisfied customers do not directly complain 90% will not return to the establishment 1 unhappy customer can tell 10 more 13% will tell at least 20 people

12 What Is Customer Service? Research, sales, marketing and public relations applied at the most basic level. The basis for one-to-one customer relationship building. An avenue for future and current profitability.

13 Customer Service Customers are the life-blood of any business -so providing great customer service is critically important.

14 Customer Service Customers expect the same quality that you would expect to receive. Keeping the customer satisfied needs to be the goal of everyone in the organization. Memory Activity Remember all Pictues

15 How Does Dramaturgical Theory Apply to Customer Service? Dramaturgical theory suggests that a person's identity is not a stable and independent psychological entity But is constantly remade as the person interacts with others.

16 Implementing a Fully Integrated Customer Service System Quality customer service begins when management’s customer service values are reflected through front line staff.

17 Even Online Customer Support Is Falling Short. A study conducted by BenchmarkPortal found: 51% of companies did not respond to inquiries at all Of those that did respond, 70% failed to respond within 24 hours 79% responded with an inaccurate and/or incomplete answer

18 Keeping Your Customers Satisfied The more employees that know about the goals of the company as a whole, the better they feel about their job

19 Keeping Your Customers Satisfied Internal customer relations is designed to build and maintain the critical skills necessary to be a dynamic and successful service professional

20 Football Compared to Customer Service One way a football quarterback enables his team to execute successful plays is by making sure every player understands what his teammates are doing in the play

21 Football Cont…. Members of a football team do not advance the ball by keeping their plans secret from one another. Colleagues in a company do not advance their plans by withholding information or assistance from one another

22 Dealing With the Difficult Customer Identify the forces that compel people to be difficult Examine and practice essential communication skills Turn conflict into cooperation, emotion into reason, and hidden agendas into honest dialogue

23 Dealing With the Difficult Customer Develop strategies for dealing with the 10 most difficult customer behaviors Identify and alter their own difficult behavior

24 You and Your Inside Customer Identify personal behavioral tendencies Assess opportunity areas for skill development Determine factors that create internal customer dissatisfaction Practice techniques to improve active listening skills

25 The End Thank you for trusting us!

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