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There are four categories for SAE programs:

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1 There are four categories for SAE programs:
Exploratory Research / Experimentation and Analysis Ownership / Enterprise Placement

2 Key Terms: Entrepreneurship – Student Owned
Placement – Student works for….. Research / Experimentation – Student driven research or experimentation design and implementation.

3 As students develop their long-range SAE
plans they may engage in enterprises or activities that cross the four SAE categories, which could theoretically qualify for multiple proficiency awards.


5 Service Learning & SAE X – Service Learning


7 Plan with the END in mind!
Greenhand Degree? Chapter Degree? State Degree? Proficiency Award? Dual Credit? Agriscience Fair?

8 (don’t tell my students this)
Ssshhhhh…. (don’t tell my students this)

9 Their Labor = Hours for their SAE
Use them for labor and upkeep of your Live to Serve Projects! Their Labor = Hours for their SAE

10 Placement Categories That Fit
For Example: Food Science and Technology Forest Management and Products Home and/or Community Development Outdoor Recreation Landscape Management Vegetable Production

11 Home and/or Community Development
Community Gardens Building Fitness Trails Farmers Markets Raised Beds for Community Gardens Volunteer Development Histories Playground for everyone

12 Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management
Reclaiming Natural Habitats Outdoor Learning Labs Fitness Trails Educational Trails Soil and Water Quality Composting/Recycling

13 Food Science and Technology
Community Gardens Raising Broilers Composting Learning Garden

14 The Hours Add Up! American Degree – 2250 State – 300 Chapter - 45

15 Think BIG!

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