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Teri Ridler Hands On Leadership

2 What are Your Customers’ Expectations about Your Products
The Customer Wheel Know Your Products Know Your Customer What are Your Customers’ Expectations about Your Products

3 Your Products Tangible Item Intangible Service
Perception = 100% Reality Ripple Effect: 1 person tells 10 people about your product – those 10 people tell 6 people each – 60 people have now formed an opinion about your company’s product!

4 Brand Expectations: Advertisements (words) Media (pictures)
Word of Mouth (experiences) Price (perceived value)

5 The Customer Internal Customers: Inside your Company
External Customers: Outside your Company What are their Expectations? People who’s expectations are not met, will tell 9 – 10 people! Misery loves company!

6 Influences: Demographic background Education Financial Status
Family Size Past Experiences Other?

7 Concern for the Individual
Expectations Courteous Staff Correct Information Concern for the Individual

8 Quality Service Acknowledge Adapt Assist

9 Don’t take “People” out of the “Product”
Acknowledge Greet and Smile Don’t take “People” out of the “Product”

10 Adapt How can you turn an S.O.D. (source of distress) in to a S.O.S. (source of satisfaction)?

11 Assist Fix problems promptly Don’t “blame”, “explain”
Service is the one thing that places you above your competitors!

12 Remember: The most important part of quality service is not only knowing what to do…but actually doing it!


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