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Employee Service Awards September 9, 2014. Board of County Commissioner’s Today’s honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication.

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1 Employee Service Awards September 9, 2014

2 Board of County Commissioner’s Today’s honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication

3 Community, Environmental, and Development Services Code Enforcement

4 Carol Nosal 30 Years

5 Carol Nosal - 30 Years Carol is the Settlement Coordinator for Code Enforcement Received the Employee of the Quarter Award in 2010. Previous assignments include: Emergency Medical Services; Plans Coordination; Real Estate Management; Office of Management and Budget; and the Zoning Division. Member of the United Way Campaign, and Paint the Town Program.

6 Community, Environmental, and Development Services Building Safety

7 Carolyn D. McFadden 30 Years

8 Carolyn McFadden - 30 Years Carolyn is a Senior Permit Analyst with the Building Safety Division. She has been recognized several times at the Mayor’s coffee for outstanding service and performance. Carolyn has been a division representative for the United Way campaign, and a member of the Black History Committee for 20 years. She was a member of the Miracle House Project in 1990.

9 Corrections Inmate Administration

10 Angeli F. Williams 25 Years

11 Angeli is a Senior Community Corrections Officer. She started with Orange County in the Work Release Center, and has worked in the Classifications and Inmate Programs and Support Division. Angeli received the Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) Award. She was instrumental in the development of the New Beginnings Substance Abuse Program and has worked with the Office of Minority Health and Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention. Angeli has piloted a program for Sexual Trauma Support with the Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families. Angeli Williams - 30 Years

12 Corrections In-Custody Support

13 Carl S. Rue 25 Years

14 Carl is a Correctional Officer assigned to Laundry. He has worked in the Main Facility and the Juvenile Assessment Center. He served for three years in the US Army, and earned a Marksman Insignia. Carl was responsible for defusing a volatile situation that might have led to a major disruption in the MJB Annex. Carl Rue - 25 Years *

15 Family Services Youth and Family Services

16 Karen Sue Wittman 25 Years

17 Karen is an Administrative Specialist with Youth and Family Services. She started with Orange County in 1989 as a Family Teacher Assistant and has worked as a Community Relations Coordinator, Social Worker, and Children’s Services Supervisor. Karen has an AA Degree in Dietary Management, BS in Psychology, and a Master’s in Organizational Management. Karen Wittman - 25 Years *

18 County Administration

19 Lauren A. Buckner 35 Years

20 Lauren Buckner - 35 Years Lauren is an Executive Assistant with County Administration. She started her career in the Civil Defense Section of Emergency Services and has received several promotions during the past 35 years. Lauren was on the original team that set up the 911 working board in 1980. She was instrumental in the 2004 Hurricane recovery efforts.

21 Fire Rescue Operations

22 Daniel J. Horan 25 Years

23 Daniel J. Horan – 25 Years Daniel is an Engineer with Fire Rescue. He has received Three Unit Citations and the Florida Distinguished Service Award. Daniel has served as a Union Steward for many years. *

24 Jose P. Gainza Jr. 25 Years

25 Jose Gainza Jr. – 25 Years Jose is the Assistant Chief of Operations. He was one of the first Orange County EMS Field Supervisors. Jose has been a member of the Honor Guard, EMS Transport Committee, and the Fire Rescue Accreditation Team. He is an adjunct professor at Valencia Community College for the EMT/Paramedic Program. *

26 Fire Rescue Planning and Technical Support

27 David A. Rathbun 25 Years

28 David A. Rathbun – 25 Years David is the Division Chief for Planning and Technical Support. He developed and implemented the Department’s first fire apparatus replacement plan. David coordinated the logistics section of the department’s Field Operations Center during the 2004 hurricanes. He is a member of the Fire Rescue Accreditation Team. *

29 Public Works Department Office Public Works Department Office

30 Mark V. Massaro 30 Years

31 Mark Massaro – 30 Years Mark is the Director for Public Works. He is a certified Professional Engineer in both Indiana and Florida. Mark is a community leader, and is involved with American Public Works Association, President of the Florida Association of County Engineers and Roads Superintendents. He has served as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Metropolitan Orlando Planning Organization and has chaired the Orange County Pedestrian Safety Committee. *

32 Utilities Customer Service Utilities Customer Service

33 Alex Roberts 25 Years

34 Alex Roberts – 25 Years Alex is a Senior Meter Reader. His first job with Orange County was working with the re-construction of Fire Trucks. Alex has completed the Supervisory Development Program. *

35 Utilities Field Services Utilities Field Services

36 Klell D. Hollar 25 Years

37 Klell Hollar – 20 Years Klell is a Utilities Maintenance Coordinator. He started with Orange County in 1989 as a Trades Helper. Klell helps each year with the “Hooked on Fishing, not Drugs” Campaign, an organization that helps teens stay away from drugs. *

38 John C. Groen 30 Years

39 John Groen – 30 Years John is an Operations Specialist with Field Services. He holds several certifications and awards, including one for Outstanding Customer Service and an EPA’s Excellence in Operations and Maintenance Award. John has worked as a Lift Station Operator, Maintenance Technician, Water Pump Specialist, and Industrial Mechanic. He was a member of Orange County’s team for statewide competition in “Operations Challenge” for the wastewater industry. *

40 Administrative Services Facilities Management Administrative Services Facilities Management

41 James L. Buys 25 Years

42 James Buys – 25 Years Jim is currently the District Maintenance Coordinator for the West District Office. He has been involved with several projects, including: Corrections “A Building” – a sliding door rehabilitation project; Booking and Release Center – 4 th floor renovations; Magnolia Park campground restroom rehabilitation; Maxey Community Center Air Conditioning Unit Replacement; Fleet Management service bay door replacement, to name a few. Jim has been recognized for his Exceptional Performance. *

43 Administrative Services Fleet Management Administrative Services Fleet Management

44 Alfred F. Tumin, Jr. 35 Years

45 Fred Tumin – 35 Years Fred is a Quality Control Inspector with Fleet Management. He holds a Degree in Auto Machinists and Auto Mechanics. Fred serves as the Local 517 L.I.U.N.A. Delegate and Executive Board Member. He is also a member of the Local 517 Political Action Committee. *

46 Awards Presentation Community, Environmental, and Development Services: Code Enforcement: Carol Nosal30 Years Building Safety : Carolyn McFadden30 Years

47 Awards Presentation Corrections: Administration Command: Angeli Williams25 Years In-Custody Support : Carl S. Rue25 Years

48 Awards Presentation Family Services Youth and Family Services: Karen Wittman25 Years County Administration: Lauren A. Buckner35 Years

49 Awards Presentation Fire Rescue: Operations: Daniel J. Horan25 Years Planning and Technical Support David A. Rathbun25 Years

50 Awards Presentation Public Works: Department Office: Mark Massaro30 Years Utilities: Customer Service: Alex Roberts25 Years Field Services : Klell Hollar25 Years John Groen30 Years

51 Awards Presentation Administrative Services: Facilities Management: James Buys25 Years Fleet Management: Alfred F. Tumin, Jr.35 Years

52 Employee Service Awards September 9, 2014

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