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Southeast Sunbelt Region 4 Service Centers

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1 Southeast Sunbelt Region 4 Service Centers
GSA 2011 Customer Workshop Atlanta, GA

2 What is a Service Center?
Local GSA Customer Service & Property Management Day-to-Day Federal Building Operation Customer Liaison to Lessor in Leased location / Lease Admin. & Management Local Project Managers Assist Customers with Project Development Prepare Scope of Work (SOW) & Cost Estimates Build multidisciplinary team to execute, communicate, and manage construction Historic Rich’s Building Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta South Service Center

3 What is a Service Center?
Access to Regional Resources “Face” to the Customer Answers questions / provide solutions Assists with technical & long-term planning Service Center Directors Provide management direction & leadership to local GSA staff Navigate different organizational areas of responsibility to meet customer needs Implementation of key initiatives Peachtree Summit Building Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta North Service Center

4 Region 4 Service Centers
Courtney DeBord Director, Service Center Division Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Central Service Center Julius Goodman Deputy Director, Service Center Division

5 Region 4 Service Centers Contacts
Dennis Gentry Nashville Michael King North Carolina Art Beard South Carolina GSA Office GSA Satellite Office Christopher Morgan Kentucky Jimmie Kearns Atlanta North Clayton Hopper Memphis Jason Withers Atlanta Central Montgomery Federal Building and Courthouse Montgomery, Alabama Alabama Service Center Thecla Lindsey Alabama Albert Rouse Atlanta South Donald Rollins Miami Daniel Sexton Tampa Michael Lawson Savannah

6 Service Centers’ “Mission Balance”
SERVICE DELIVERY FOR YOU & YOUR CUSTOMERS OMB Requirements as the “Govt’s Business Manager” __________________ Executive Orders __________________Audits/Mgmt. Controls SERVICE CENTERS Gene Snyder U.S. Customs and Courthouse Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky Service Center

7 Service Centers “Government Business Manager”
Maximize use of federally controlled space Receive Fees for work/services provided (example: Overtime Utilities) Receive Fees for building, operating and constructing space according to OMB requirements (OMB/PBS Pricing Policy) Dan M. Russell, Jr. Federal Building Gulfport, MS Memphis Service Center

8 Wilke D. Ferguson U.S. Courthouse
Service Centers Support of Executive Orders/Initiatives Use of federal space, historic properties and locating in CBD’s Contracting in support of socioeconomic initiatives (small/minority owned business, sight-impaired concessionaries, NISH contractors) Sustainable operations and construction – improved energy performance of government’s real estate portfolio Now and Future – reduce government’s overall rent bill Wilke D. Ferguson U.S. Courthouse Miami, Florida Miami Service Center

9 Customer Transactions
Performance Measures Project Delivery Water Reduction FFO (Leased) Energy Reduction Leasing Cycle Time Allocation of Space Duncan Federal Building Knoxville, Tennessee Nashville Service Center RWA Cycle Time Capital Cycle Time Project Management

10 MARS Reviews Service Centers Evaluated on a 2-year Cycle
Evaluation team comprised of program experts from regional office 15 key program areas measured according to standards of excellence: Financial Management Procurement Operations & Maintenance Elevators RWA’s Repair & Alterations program Building Services Concessions Lease Administration COOP Safety & Environmental Fire Protection Portfolio Management Child Care Greenville Federal Building Greenville, South Carolina South Carolina Service Center

11 In Pursuit of “Operational Excellence”
Self-Measurement Customer satisfaction Efficiency (operating cost vs. private sector) Energy savings Construction completion timeliness Program integrity (MARS reviews) Human Capital Professional certifications (RPA, LEED) Credentialed architects, engineers and project managers Tomochichi U.S. Courthouse Savannah, Georgia Savannah Service Center

12 In Pursuit of “Operational Excellence”
Buildings LEED and Energy Star® performance Building automation systems to monitor conditions, improve operational management & efficiency Veach-Bailey Complex Asheville, North Carolina North Carolina Service Center

13 SC’s Lease Management Role
“Seamless handoff” – establishing appropriate relationships and getting services in place (OT Utilities order, custodial services for non-fully serviced leases) Inspect leased property, compare conditions against lease terms and lessor’s periodic schedule of services Manage periodic services such as cyclic carpet/paint replacements Manage lease alterations when no change to lease terms (i.e. no space expansion) Communicate/resolve deficiencies/initiate cures as needed Satisfy the needs of end users – bridge gaps between lease terms and expectations of on-site customers R.L. Timberlake Jr. Federal Building Annex Tampa, Florida Tampa Service Center

14 Lease Cure Process Principles Enforcement
Constrained by the terms of the lease GSA actions, deadlines and penalties must be legally enforceable Provide the lessor fair opportunities to correct Enforcement Initial inspection by GSA identifies deficiency PM issues letter to lessor identifying deficiency & providing deadline for correction: PM monitors If due date passes, formal cure initiate w/concurrence of Realty CO; another letter issued with new date; PM monitors correction If 2nd due date passes, legal staff consulted, initiate GSA correction (develop SOW, estimate, GSA CO on board to procure) Realty CO send outs letter #3, PM monitors, if no action, pursue GSA funding to execute contract remedial work. London Courthouse and Courthouse Annex London, Kentucky Kentucky Service Center Lots of acronyms in this one. Please ask questions.

15 We Want to be Your GSA Advisor Help Us Help YOU
Do your employees at each facility… Know how to report issues to GSA to facilitate quick resolution? Understand the service levels they are entitled to under their lease/occupancy agreement? Understand their Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP)? Know how to order OT Utilities? Understand their responsibility for reducing energy consumption/waste per Executive Order 13423? Understand the consequences of directing the lessor or a contractor to perform work? GSA can partner with you to assist in these areas! Nashville Federal Office Building Nashville, Tennessee Nashville Service Center

16 SC’s Top 5 Priorities for Lessor
We need the Lessor to stay on top of… Ensuring the SC is aware of Customer Requests Completion of Cure Notice Items Communicating potential gaps observed between service called for by lease and service actually needed Communicating possible non-compliance with Lease terms by Customer Notification of any discrepancies with costs or payments associated with Customer Requests GSA partners with you to assist in these areas! Richard B. Russell Federal Building Pavilion Atlanta, GA Atlanta Central Service Center

17 Questions? Thecla Lindsey Alabama SC (205) 731-0135 Jason Withers
Atlanta Central SC (404) Jimmie Kerns Atlanta North SC (404) Albert Rouse Atlanta South SC (404) Christopher Morgan Kentucky SC (502) Clayton Hopper Memphis SC (404) Donald Rollins Miami SC (305) Dennis Gentry Nashville SC (615) Michael King North Carolina SC (704) Michael Lawson Savannah SC (912) Art Beard South Carolina SC (803) Daniel Sexton Tampa SC (813) Richard B. Russell Federal Building Pavilion Atlanta, GA Atlanta Central Service Center

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