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By Keithley Meade Director, Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services Phone: 1-268- 462-4606 Cell: 1-268-764-2139

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1 By Keithley Meade Director, Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services Phone: Cell: Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services- Warning Dissemination and Communication Challenges

2 Vision Statement To provide quality meteorological products and information, to the local, regional and international public in response to their needs and expectations. Mission Statement To present relevant and timely information to safeguard life and property, to improve social and economic structures and to protect the environment.

3 Weather Forecasts We provide customized weather forecasts, with particular emphasis on public safety and welfare: Twenty-four forecast (twice daily) Four-day forecast (once daily) Summary and Discussion (twice daily) Eastern Caribbean Forecast (once daily) Severe Weather Advisories (when necessary) Coastal Advisories (when necessary) Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts( four times daily)

4 Tsunami Warnings We receive Tsunami warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Alert the National Office of Disaster Services( NODS) and if necessary, the defense force, local police, the public etc…

5 Severe Weather Watches and Warnings We issue severe weather watches and warnings for the Public, in coordination with disaster agencies, to take appropriate actions: Cyclone watches and Warnings Flood Watches and Warnings Other related severe events such as adverse sea conditions

6 Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Service Weather service provider for:- Antigua and Barbuda Saint Kitts, Nevis Anguilla Montserrat British Virgin Islands

7 Information Phase Pre-alert Phase Alert Phase Watch Phase Warning Phase Recovery Phase



10 Dissemination Methods Telephone/telephone hotline FAX Cell phone (Antigua Alert) Media – Commercial Radio/Television GTS – Global telecommunication System WEB site ( s Marine Radio (channel 14VHF-via Coast Guard four times daily) Ham Radio (HF)

11 Communication Challenges We have sometimes been accused of lack of effective communication between the end users and us. Some regard our messages as sometimes neither simple nor straightforward enough. In addition, they complain of information many times not being timely. Difficult to adequately communicate any uncertainty in the information we deliver. Lack of good relationships (an important aspects of good communication) Cannot use good old face-to-face communication. Telecommunication avenues not sometimes accessible

12 Coordination Challenges The islands are small and separated by sea The topography of the islands are very different Some islands are sovereign states, others are colonies of Britain (with varying chains of command in relaying information) Tendency by some to look to other sources for information Unannounced changes in command No feedback; before during or after events No control over some sources of useful data(radar, buoys etc) No policy of data sharing from the territories that we serve

13 Conclusion There should be improved interaction between the NMSs and the DRMs in assessing the appropriate dissemination and communication procedures  DRMs should look for ways of assisting the forecast offices; Forecast Offices should seek a thorough understanding of the needs of DRMs and ensure that systems are in place to deliver in a timely manner.  Forecast Offices and Disaster Agencies should try as much as possible to develop a strong partnership and by so doing, the public will have greater faith in both agencies.

14 THE END Thank you !!

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