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Service Quality Jean Sykes Staff Briefing 7 December 2010.

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1 Service Quality Jean Sykes Staff Briefing 7 December 2010

2 All roads lead to…..service quality improvement Howard’s quality improvement programme Service development plans and annual review LSE strategic plan targets Business continuity and strategic risk register QAA institutional visit February 2011 Business improvement and BASC roadmap SERG group and efficiency savings 4 APRC groups and cross-cutting improvements

3 Howard’s quality improvement programme Original version 2008 – informal status His personal assessment of how the services and some of their key functions were doing Includes desired future status, state of change required to meet the aspirations, and priority rating for each function listed Updated assessment 2010 with input from us Updated future status with input from us

4 Service Development Review 2010/11 – Question 4 Pulls together a range of related quality issues referred to separately in previous SDP monitoring User satisfaction surveys, including NSS and ISB, with emphasis on analysis of results and actions for service improvement Benchmarking with peers to answer the questions: How are we doing? Where are we in the benchmark? Should we be doing anything differently?

5 Service Development Review 20010/11 – Question 4 Data quality and data improvement Are our data gathering processes robust? Do we check and review data gathering processes periodically and improve them? What use do we make of data in our decision- making processes? Can we identify improvements made to our services as a result of examining our data?

6 APRC Working Groups Four groups which emerged from the first two years of SDP monitoring Cross-cutting themes affecting several services Together they address quality of service issues 1: Printing and copying services (AF) 2: Support for major academic initiatives (JS) 3: Conflicting service requirements (AH) 4: Data quality (AE)

7 APRC Working Groups All are meeting regularly and working well Some are using questionnaires to get information from relevant stakeholders Most are consulting peer groups in other universities One invited an external expert to present 4 Chairs met in late September and will meet again on 6 December to review progress

8 APRC Working Groups Together the groups are addressing LSE-wide issues for support services in a holistic way Generic introductory communication for the initiative went to APRC, service leaders, and senior managers a few weeks ago Further communications will come following discussion of the groups’ reports by APRC 1 and 3 report in January; 2 and 4 in May

9 Aiming for a joined-up approach to quality improvement (1) Howard’s document provides useful background and direction for improvements SDPs describe service improvement plans in line with School priorities LSE strategic plan targets for services reflect SDP development plans and Howard’s matrix Business continuity and strategic risk planning aim to safeguard our service quality plans

10 Aiming for a joined–up approach to service quality (2) QAA institutional audit will scrutinise our processes for assuring quality of service in support of teaching Business improvement processes help to get the best out of systems and the BASC roadmap tries to bring business quality improvement projects into a coherent whole

11 Aiming for a joined-up approach to service quality (3) SERG efficiency savings are challenging But they are making us scrutinise our budgets looking for efficiencies which will have least harmful effect on our services The APRC groups’ recommendations will help with service improvements across the board We can learn from one another and spread best practice – aiming for high professional standards in everything we do Effort put into any one of the above can feed into all the others

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