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AIDS Project in Thailand 20 10 Khemmarat District, Ubonratchathani Province.

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1 AIDS Project in Thailand 20 10 Khemmarat District, Ubonratchathani Province

2 www.***.com Basic Health Information in Thailand Average Life Expectancy at birth: 72 Infant Mortality Rate: 7/1000pp Under-5 Mortality Rate: 8/1000pp Maternal Mortality Rate: 110/100,000pp (Reference : WHO2008 ) HIV Prevalence 1.4 % PLWHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) Present estimated 610,000pp (UNAIDS 2007) Total more than 1 millioin pp ( Reference : UNAIDS/WHO 2008)

3 www.***.com HIV Prevalence Rate in Thailand

4 www.***.com Number of PLWHA in Thailand

5 www.***.com SHARE Acitivity History in Thailand Support for Refugee ( 1983-1985 ) Medical Treatment Activity in the refugee village at Thai-Cambodia border Primary Health Care Project with participated by residents ( 1990-1995 ) - Diarrhea Prevention, Health Check, Life Improvement, Manage Child-Independent Center AIDS Project ( 1994-Present ) Ubonratchathani Province, Amnatcharan Province ( Completed ) ・ Support PLWHA ・ HIV Prevention Englightenment project ・ Train leaders

6 www.***.com Map of new project site Khemmarat District, Ubonratchathani Province One of 22 Districts Ubon City Khemmarat Dis. Khemmarat is the most highest prevelance between border districts.

7 www.***.com Meaning to conduct activities in Khemmarat Intervention to vulnerable target group, which are needed help : At present, MOPH indicate the vulnerable group to HIV/AIDS as Immigrant Labour, Youth, MSM, iDU, PLWHA. Khemmarat district character : Since Khemmarat is located at border of Lao PDR across with Mekong river, Lao immigrant labors across to Khemmarat every day. People move in and out of Khemmarat frequently. Siriousness of AIDS : Number of PLWHS in Khemmarat is the most between border districts in Ubonratchathani province and has been incresing. Existence of NGO : There was no NGO in Khemmarat before SHARE got into.

8 www.***.com


10 HIV/AIDS prevention & care project along the Thai-Lao boarder area Project site : Khemmarat District, Ubonratchathani Province Duration : From Jan 2008 to present Project Goal: The number of people who contract STDs, including HIV, will decrease, while the number of PLWHA and affected who have access to holistic care will increase in Kemarat. Stakeholder : Provincial Health Office, CDC7 (under MOPH), Khemmarat district hospital, District administration, Educational sector, Isaan (Northeast) Thai PLWHA Network, templesBudget Scale : 500,000$ ( 3 year ) Main fund: MOFA, GF Staff : 11pp (Thai office; 10, HQ; 1)

11 www.***.com SHARE New Project 1) Care support for PLWHA ・ PLWHA group at Khemmarat hospital 2) HIV Prevention and Englightenment project in community ・ Latian immigrant labour ・ MSM ・ Youth Population 77,000 (Khemmarat District in Ubon prv.) Target group : PLWHA, Laotian immigrant labour (Sex worker), Karaoke bar owners, MSM, Youth

12 www.***.com 1) Expected Outcome for PLWHA support activities Comprehensive care and support system are built up cooperated by PHA leader and health staff.

13 www.***.com 1) Activities for PLWHA group Monthly meeting with Adult and Kids group Family camp ( Yearly ) Meeting between PLWHA leader and hospital staff Quarterly feedback and plan meeting with PLWHA leaders and hospital staff Support for counseling by PLWHA leaders Support for Home visit by PLWHA leaders Group management training for PLWHA leaders Feedback of activities Study tour

14 www.***.com 1) Activity for PLWHA group PLWHA leaders work for group members

15 www.***.com Activity for PLWHA group

16 www.***.com Kids group (Doraemon) activities

17 www.***.com Family Camp

18 www.***.com Outcomes and Challenges < PLWHA > Outcomes and Challenges < PLWHA > Outcomes ・ PLWHA group ( adult ): Group has been working actively with cooperation by hospital although there ’ s already a group before SHARE intervention. SHARE provided support for PLWHA group leaders to conduct home visit and counseling and leader training. ・ Set up kids, who are influenced by HIV/AIDS, group to conduct monthly activity and support kids and their family. We could see kids ’ smile more often after activities. ・ Conversation between family became more lively. They could become kind each other. ・ Cooperation between hospital and PLWHA leaders enhanced more.

19 www.***.com Challenging issues ・ Luck of number of PLWHA leaders ・ There are still prejudice and discrimination in the village.

20 www.***.com 2) < Laotian immigrant labor > Expected Outcome Lao migrant including CSW can receive health servic, fullfill their basic needs and access to safer labour environment. < Activities > ・ Meeting for Laotian service workers at Karaoke bar. Topic: HIV/AIDS basic knowledge and prevention, Lifeskill, reporductive health, etc. ・ Provide health service cooperating with hospital staff and health office staff ・ Karaoke owner network meeting, Study tour ・ Training for SHARE Staff

21 www.***.com Meeting with service workers

22 www.***.com Karaoke bar

23 www.***.com Owner network meeting

24 www.***.com Challenges < Immigrant labor > ・ Most service workers at Karaoke move every a few months, therefore, need to consider efficient activity ways toward both including new workers and long stayed workers. ・ Some workers don ’ t have ID card or passport, therefore, when polices patrol karaoke bar while having activities, activities cannot continue. SHARE need to urge polices to cooperate. ・ When working with hospital staff and karaoke owner, we faced some gaps between them and SHARE in terms of understanding of services workers and HIV/AIDS.

25 www.***.com Outcomes and challenges < MSM > Expected outcomes : MSM can have better acsess information on STI, HIV/AIDS and prevention tools. Activities : ・ Monthly meeting for MSM group members and leaders ・ Set up and manage drop-in-center Outcomes: ・ As a result of MSM Leaders training for a year, MSM leaders could achieve well facilitator for HIV prevention and enlightening training for youth. ・ MSM leaders had initiative to conduct AIDS campaign in community. Challenges : ・ More Training for MSM leaders with higher quality ・ Some members and leaders left for work, therefore, members decreased and participation of activities are not stable.

26 www.***.com MSM group monthly meeting on Life goal

27 www.***.com MSM group monthly meeting

28 www.***.com MSM Study tour to Lao PDR

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