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Hanni Ben Simchon. From a poor boy to the most popular president.

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1 Hanni Ben Simchon

2 From a poor boy to the most popular president

3 Abraham Lincoln This titan of our national heritage grew up as a poor boy on the frontier. Reading books by candlelight, whether after long hours at school or on the farm, proved invaluable to young Lincoln. He later served as a store clerk, a river trader, and a “rail-splitter” used to hard physical labor. A plain speaker for plain folks, Lincoln blended his love of the written word with a strong work ethic and pursued a legal career, then a political one from the Illinois state legislature to the U.S. Congress. Here was a man who aspired to lead a nation.

4 February 12, 1809 Hardin County, Kentucky Hardin County, Kentucky Born April 15, 1865 aged 56 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Died AmericanNationality WhigWhig (1832-1854), Republican (1854-1864), National Union (1864-1865)RepublicanNational UnionPolitical party Mary Todd LincolnSpouse Robert Todd LincolnRobert Todd Lincoln, Edward Lincoln, Willie Lincoln, Tad LincolnEdward LincolnWillie LincolnTad LincolnChildren LawyerOccupation captainMilitary Servic Postmaster of New Salem, IllinoisOther Offices :

5 Dates of Presidency : 03/04/1861 – 15/04/1865 Presidency Number : 16 Number of Terms : 2 Why Presidency Ended : Assassination His Vice Presidents: Hannibal Hamlin, Andrew Johnson House of Representatives: Illinois (1847-1849( State Legislative Service : IL (1834-1842)



8 Introduction“In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” Beneath these words, the 16th President of the United Emancipator and preserver of the nation during the Civil War—sits States—the Great immortalized in marble. As an enduring symbol of Freedom, the Lincoln Memorial attracts anyone who seeks inspiration and hope. Lincoln memorial

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