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6/10/2006 Asaleeb CRM Case Management Dr. Khaled AlBulaihed General Manager IT SAGIA 2006.

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1 6/10/2006 Asaleeb CRM Case Management Dr. Khaled AlBulaihed General Manager IT SAGIA 2006

2 Asaleeb Mission: Develop a T otal I nvestor E xperience (TIE) using an O perationally E fficient W ork E ngine

3 One Stop Shop Investor GR PRO Process Follow-up Agent Government Agencies GR CRM Agent

4 Process First “If you only put Web Pages in front of poor business processes then you demonstrate to the whole world how poor your processes really are. First you have to manage an internal business integration before you start to develop cooperative external processes.” Michael Hammer

5 Why Service? Service Is The WHOLE Product

6 CRM benefits Service Marketing Prospecting SAGIA Management Decrease Cal Waiting Times Decrease Request Solution Time Decrease Service Response Times Increase Service Productivity

7 Service Quality Quality = Perception - Expectations Focus on the total investor >>> EXPERIENCE…

8 Investor Before: One Confused and Frustrated investor, Many Silo Agencies

9 Expected improvements in quality 67% 37% 18% 53% 40 % Less bureau- cracy Savings Improved deployment of resources More friendly & responsive Image Positioning of Agencies Savings

10 Ease of Interactions Efficient Use Of My Time Trus t Reliable Fulfillment Delivery, and Support Integrity Value Ease of Doing Business Ease of Decision Making Customer Relationship Business Opportunities Partnership eMail Wep One Stop Center Brochure call center SAGIA Brand Identity

11 Competing in time CIT Competing In Time (CIT) 1.Punctuality 2.Duration 3.Availability 4.Speed of Response 5.Speed of Innovation 99% as promised Days Convenient CRM 24hrs

12 Why Service? Service Product Structure Generic Expected Augmented ‘motivational factor’ Potential ‘competitive edge’

13 Call Center Agent Finance CRM Agent Process CASE Request Billing Receipt Investor Inquiry CRM End-to-End Processes

14 Differentiation Curves Differentiation: Value Curves 1. Punctuality 2. Duration 3. Availability 4. Agent knowledge 5. Convenience 6. Response Asaleeb Now High Average

15 Government Document Statistics: Transaction Types 80 Documents Per Type 5 up to 15 Documents Needed 500 Unique Documents 142 Repeated Documents % 150% to 300% * Based on realistic figures as per SAGIA processes.

16 Typical Content of Electronic Records Transactions Web Content Material Invoice Personnel Master Data Customer Business Objects like … Notes Scanned Documents Office Documents Reports Process Information Digital Case Fax and E-Mail Interactive Forms other Records or Files Document Info Records

17 “T-shaped” Investor Service Model Support Services Support Services Prospecting Customer Contact Centre providing integrated access Integrated Contact Centrer Investor Contact Channels Westminster City Council Dear Mr Smith I am writing to enquire about the Call Centre Kiosk Face-to-Face Email + Web Digital TV White MailFax Common Transact- Support Services Support Services Licensing/ Government Transactions Payment Reduce cost FOCUS Quality SERVIC

18 Different Government Agencies Investor After: SAGIA supported by Multiple Agencies Asaleeb

19 Case Management Case Scan & Indexing 4 4 Licensing Investor 2 2 3 3 Case Review APPROVAL 7 7 Interactive Center Portal 1 1 Close Case 5 5 6 6 Billing Call Request Government Service

20 How do Cases and Electronic Records Work E lectronic Case Record Cases Scanning & Indexing Licensing Investor Documents Records Government Case Requests... Renew Commercial Registeratio n Visa Reque st Put together into Labor Request

21 One Step Shop Contact Center CRM Agent Helpdesk Government Agent Scan Agent Phone, Email, Fax, SMS Investor Government Agency




25 Web based Portal

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