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University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, P.C. A brief glimpse inside a Faculty Practice Plan...

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1 University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, P.C. A brief glimpse inside a Faculty Practice Plan...

2 Not a Typical MD Practice A bona fide corporation “Shareholder value and earnings” not in annual distributions but for –program development / expansion –compensation / expenses for operation –retention for business downturns MDs are “fully employed / only here”

3 3 A Brief View of our History Founded in 1973 –IRS Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) As a physician-led company –Superior Patient Care –Group Practice in an Academic Environment –Establish Funds for Program Development The era was ripe for such activities –Medical Practice Plans birthed out of “university anxieties”

4 4 The “Stages of our Growth” 1970s - a benefit plan and to bill and collect professional revenue 1980s - organizational development –University Affiliation –Ambulatory Clinics –Complete Health Joint Venture 1990s - corporate style behavior –The Kirklin Clinic –UAB Prime Care –Sale of Complete Health –UAB Health System

5 5 Board of Directors Purpose –Develop major policy and strategy –Provide a balanced perspective to our goals –Recruit key executives and hold them accountable for success Membership –10 public members (“outside directors”) –9 physician leaders (“internal directors”) –Executive leadership

6 Public Board Members Eddie AdairCordova Ventures Dr. Neal BerteBirmingham Southern College Donald JamesVulcan Materials Company Charles Perry, Jr.Highland Associates Dowd RitterAmSouth Bank Van RicheyAmerican Cast Iron Pipe Company Jerome RoseLehr, MiddleBrooks, Price & Proctor James StephensEBSCO Industries, Inc. Lee Styslinger, IIIAltec, Inc. Michael Warren, Jr.Energen Corporation

7 Executive Leadership A uniquely balanced and important partnership of MD / business leadership Corporate service functions –General Counsel, Finance, Human Resources, Treasury, Corporate Compliance, et al

8 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA HEALTH SERVICES FOUNDATION Clinical Services Managed by UAB Health System UAHSF Board of Directors Executive Officers Ray L. Watts, M.D. President Reid F. Jones Executive Vice President UAB Health System Director Insurance Risk Management Director Human Resources Chief Financial Officer General Counsel Management Services Organization Executive Director TKC Chief Information Officer Corporate Services

9 Financial Overview $1 billion economic impact extremely strong Balance Sheet –$434 M endowments, $163 M debt FY 2005 Total Operating Revenue = $349 M FY 2005 Net Patient Care Revenue = $298M

10 Total Payor Mix Blue Cross Blue Shield37% Medicare21% Medicaid 9% United Health Care 3% Viva 8% Commercial Insurance 5% Self Pay 9% Other 8%

11 Payor Mix - Commercial Blue Cross Blue Shield76% United Healthcare 6% Viva 8% Other Commercial Insurance10%

12 UAHSF Expense Structure Salaries and Benefits$20559% Medical and Laboratory 4111% Administrative and General 3911% Contributions to UAB 17 5% Internal Research Funding 16 5% Other 29 8% ($ in millions)

13 General Endowment Fund The Successful Failure Over $100 million dollars Research Initiatives Creation and Implementation of the MSO Faculty Recruitment

14 14 Scope of Services Portfolio Offers services in 32 clinical specialties … primary and specialty care Employs 850 physicians and 1,800 non- physician employees 22nd largest employer in the State of Alabama

15 Service Locations Have the “clinical franchise” for physician services at UA Hospital Also provide services at other hospitals, in TKC, at selected regional clinics, and in “local offices” The Kirklin Clinic Acton Road

16 The Kirklin Clinic Designed by World Renowned Architect I.M. Pei Imported Italian Marble 1,752 rooms

17 17 The Kirklin Clinic Opened June 15, 1992 454,000 Square Feet Clinic Visits –427,000 in 1994 –473,000 in 1996 –543,000 in 1998 –588,000 in 2000 –671,000 in 2002 –769,000 in 2004

18 John N. Whitaker Building Opened in March 2000 180,000 Square Feet Located on the old IRS Lot Named after UAHSF President, John N. Whitaker M.D. Years of Service (1992-2001) UAB Health System and Alabama Organ Center in JNW Building

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