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Comments as a Manufacturer Member Bob Martin Chief Technical Officer TINA Conference 2000.

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2 Comments as a Manufacturer Member Bob Martin Chief Technical Officer TINA Conference 2000

3 TINA-C style architectures are emerging in many places in the next generation network “Open” “Closed” Network Dependent Services Service Control User Services Service Provider Services “Open”“Closed” Hosted Services on Open Networks PSTN Wireless Intelligent Network PSTN Wireless Intelligent Network Internet

4  There is a disaggregation of services, switching, transport, and access  Services interwork across multiple network types  Open and flexible interfaces - API’s & protocols, allow ISVs to create new services  Standard API’s Softswitch follows a TINA-C style architecture Softswitch Model PSTN IP ATM IP ATM Packet Data Backbone Media Gateway Management System Billing System Signaling New Services control PSTN control

5 3G-wireless networks are following the TINA-C style architecture Internet PSTN Common Base Stations Radio Network Control Media Gateways Softswitch-based Soft Mobile Switching Center

6 Service optical networks are following TINA-C style architectures - though with very different API’s and “call models” New Style Optical Services Bandwidth Trading Optical VPN’s Selectable QoS Customer Programmability

7 SCP ONLYSCP + Adjunct Advanced Toll-FreeAutomatic Callback Area Number CallingIN Unified Messaging Authentication CenterNetwork Announcements E911Incoming Call Screenin Internet Call DiversionShort Message Service Center LIDB servicesVoice Activated Dialing Local Toll Free (800 portability)Personal/Single Number Servic Network ACD/Contact CenterE-mail reader Number PortabilityInstant Messaging (e.g. "Teen talk") Over-the-Air Service ProvisioningInternet Call Waiting/Management PrePaid ServicePersonal Assistants Standalone Home Location RegisterTalking Call Waiting TelevotingOutgoing Call Screening/ Calling Party Pays Calling Party Verification Location Based Services Flexible Alerting/simultaneous ringing Virtual Private Network Calling Card Calling Name display Open network case study - what happened with AIN services? Vendor ISV, Telco, & Vendor

8 There was not an explosion in network services with AIN - Why Not?  Operations & Tariffing Complexities?  Disparate, Partially Deployed Switch Triggers?  Voice Services Running Dry?  Feature Interaction?  Limited Functionality End User Device?

9 Feature interaction is a complex network services attribute that can prohibit an open programming environment for network services  Feature interaction occurs when a feature’s behavior changes - intentionally or unintentionally - in the presence of another feature –Circular Call Forwarding –Unlisted Number, Caller ID, E911 & “Hang up” –Call gapping & emergency calls –Internet Call Waiting & Call Forwarding On No Answer –Denial of service, distributed attack? –Emergency virus shield download?  When the subscriber is busy, an incoming call triggers a cw tone at the subscriber and a normal dial tone at the caller. The cw tone can be repeated at most once. After a 10 sec interval (9..30sec)…… (Telcordia LSSGR)

10 Time needed to solve problem on contemporary machines New tools and faster processors reduce verification time by 10,000 10000 1000 100 10 1 1980198719952000 100000 Seconds New tool for Automatic Verification of new services ensures correctness & non- interference, and speeds time to market Properties Source Code Abstractions Extract model from source code Generate error traces in source language Schedule and execute checks Compile executable model check -- one per property Convert formulae to test automata

11 Web-based travel service is a simple application that..

12 is not as simple as it looks IMT RAS Class 4 Switch IP ATM IP ATM Trunking Gateway Access IP LAN ACD IP ATM Access Gateway Web ServerWeb/Push Server Video Web Server SS7 Distributed Network Controller e- Tailer CTI Server Call Center e- Shopper DB Java Applet GK

13 Several major challenges remain To achieve TINA-C objectives  Feature Interaction (and the degree of access to core network)  Next Generation Networks “Stitching” Integration –PINT –SIP  Widely-Supported Standard “Service” API’s For Application Domains –Progress with JAIN, Parlay, OSA –Business integration with the WEB world is needed  Open Telecommunications & Information Software Component Marketplace in Network Management –Group of Seven –ITU

14 Final

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