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NAME _______________________________ YEAR and SECTION _______________________________ DATE __________________________ TEACHER_________________________.

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1 NAME _______________________________ YEAR and SECTION _______________________________ DATE __________________________ TEACHER_________________________ You received two invitation letters from two of your closest friends. Jeck is inviting you to celebrate with his family the baptismal of his first born child in a parish in Batangas. Edser is inviting you to his birthday party in his apartment in Quezon City. Unfortunately, these events fall on the same date and will both start at 10:00 o’clock in the morning. Obviously, you cannot accept both invitations. You are sure to meet both of them tomorrow and will have to give your response. What will you tell each of them? How would you politely respond to their invitations?

2 Which of the following would be your response? Encircle one response for Rey and one for Roy. If you have another response in mind, write it inside the circle labeled “other response”. Your responseJeck Edser _________________ Other response I can come. But please don’t tell Edser. No. I will not come I’m sorry. I can’t come. I have other plans. I’m afraid I cannot come. I’m sorry. Yes, you can expect me there. Thanks for inviting me. I don’t want to come. Sure. I’m glad you invited me. Thank you. I will try to come. _________________ Other response

3 1.Why did you choose that response for Jeck? How do you think would she feel? ______________________________________________________________________ 2.Why did you choose that response for Edser? How do you think would he feel? ______________________________________________________________________ 3.Why is it important for us to express our response appropriately? What would be the possible effects of inappropriate response? ______________________________________________________________________ 4.What guidelines do you think should we keep in mind whenever we would accept invitations? ______________________________________________________________________ 5.What guidelines should we keep in mind when we have to refuse an invitation? ______________________________________________________________________ 6.What guidelines can we suggest to a person who plans to extend an invitation? ______________________________________________________________________

4 Now, for us to be able to clarify our ideas, let us try to compare our responses with some examples and guidelines in politely extending, accepting and refusing invitations. Click on the following websites and carefully study them. g.html (a website about useful and polite expressions when extending invitations in formal and informal setting) _refusing.html (a website about useful and polite expressions when accepting and refusing invitations) http://2ndnature-online- 3/Unit_3.1.htm (a website about useful expressions when accepting, extending and refusing invitations in both formal and informal setting) Now, form a group with three members and together, try filling up the table on the next page reminders on the things one must do in accepting, extending and refusing invitations based on what you have read. Feel free to go back to the websites if you need to. Be ready to discuss your answers with the class afterwards.

5 Extending invitation Accepting Invitation Refusing Invitation Appropriate emotion or mood Commonly used polite words/phrase When talking with someone younger/or someone of the same age When talking with someone older When in a formal setting (business meeting/office) When in an informal setting (park or mall)

6 You must have learned a lot about appropriate expressions after going through those websites and sharing ideas with your classmates. However, it is also important to know why some responses are considered inappropriate. The next activity will not only help you practice appropriate responses but will also give a brief explanation on why some expressions are considered inappropriate. Click on the interactive quiz below and have fun! 3/Exercises/Unit_3.1.htm

7 Based on that activity, try critiquing the dialog in these comic strips. Use the questions on the next page as your guide. Comic strip 1 Comic strip 2 What’s with the long face? Ronnie wants to join our study group But the group does not want to have him because they say he is always noisy and that he never does his task. But I don’t know how to turn him down Hey guys, where’s our study group? What? We can’t hear you. Ron the group doesn’t want you because you’re so annoying. So better stop bugging us.

8 1. Who among the characters used appropriate expressions? What made you say so? 2. Whose expression was inappropriate? What made it inappropriate? 1. Who among the characters used appropriate expressions? What made you say so?

9 Since you found some inappropriate expressions in those comic strips, it would be very exciting to see if you could improve them. The next activity will help you do that with much fun. Just follow these procedures: 1.Choose a partner and work in pairs. 2.Choose between the two comic strips in the previous page the one you would like to work on. 3.Click on the interactive website below. It is actually a comic creator which would help you improve the dialogs in the comic strip you have chosen. Make sure you revise all the inappropriate expressions through this website. 4.Choose another group and try critiquing each other’s work. 5.If they have suggestions, try improving your work. Your teacher will also go around to check your progress. Again, be ready to share your work with the class. You are now ready to create your version of the comic strips. So click on this website and enjoy! You surely had a lot of fun learning with that activity. Here’s another chance for you to check how much you have learned from all the activities you went through. Click on this on line quiz to find out. Quiz then answer the following:Quiz 1.What was your score?________________ 2.Which item (s) have you had much difficulty? _____________ Why?______________________________________________________ 3.What should you keep in mind to be able to get the right answer to those questions?________________________________________________ 4.Try taking the quiz again then indicate your score here. ____________

10 Your friends invite you to another friend’s party, and you accept the invitation. When you arrive at the party, you see everybody smoking pot (marijuana). A friend offers you a “joint”, but you refuse the offer because you know it is bad to smoke, and worse, smoke marijuana. You boss urges you to play badminton with him. You would like to play with him but you are not good at tennis. Try to persuade him to play some other sport that you like. Your classmate wants you to spend a holiday with her at the province. You like her a lot but you have already planned to do something at that time. Your teacher invites you to his party next week. He gave you a very low grade in your last composition which you feel you did not deserve. It’s time for you to put everything you have learned about extending, accepting and refusing invitation into practice. This you would do by means of a group presentation. Try doing the following steps: 1. Form a group with 4-5 members. 2. Choose from the options below the situation you would like to work on. 3. Using appropriate expressions, enact a short story based on the situation you have chosen. 4. To ensure the quality of your work, check the rubric at the last page of this task sheet. Try rating yourself first before you present to the whole class. Good luck and have fun!

11 CRITERIA EXCELLENT 5 VERY SATISFACTORY 4 SATISFACTORY 3 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 1 RATING EXTENDING an INVITATION Extended the invitation clearly using all appropriate and polite expressions. Extended the invitation and used some expressions Extended the invitation but did not use appropriate expressions. Was not able to extend the invitation. REFUSING an INVITATION Refused the invitation politely using all appropriate expressions Refused the invitation and used some expressions Refused the invitation but did not use appropriate expressions. Was not able to refuse the invitation. ACCEPTING an INVITATION Accepted the invitation correctly using polite and appropriate expressions. Accepted the invitation and used some expressions Accepted the invitation but did not use appropriate expressions. Was not able to accept the invitation. Presentation Elements (Accuracy of the details, Comprehensibility of Presentation) Was able to present the assigned situation accurately. Presentation is clear and easily understood. Was able to present most of the required details from the situation. Presentation is mostly clear but some confusion in the sequence. Was able to present some of the required details from the situation. Presentation is somewhat clear but leaves the audience a little lost in the sequence. Was not able to present the chosen situation. Presentation is unclear and confusing. Not understood. TOTAL SCORE R U B R I C

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