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1 Presentation of Cevital Group

2 Development of Cevital Group (1/4)
Year Investment Mode Industry 1971 SO.CO.MEG Stake Metal construction 1975 PROFILOR Creation 1979 SOTECOM Acquisition 1984 SACM 1985 ENALUX 1986 NORD METAL Fabrication of wire mesh and seaves METALLOR Fabrication of steel tubing 1988 METAL SIDER Steel industry 1991 J.B.M. Acquisition of I.B.M. activities in Algeria LIBERTE Daily newspaper

3 Development of Cevital Group (2/4)
Year Investment Mode Industry 1992 C.B.S Creation Acquisition of RANK XEROX activities 1995 AGRO-GRAIN Import and distribution of food products 1997 HYUNDAI MOTORS ALGERIE Distribution of Hyundai vehicles 1998 CEVITAL SPA Food processing 1999 AGRO INDUSTRY IN BEJAIA First oil refinery 2 x 300 TPD  600 TPD 2000 Second oil refinery 2 x 600 TPD  1200 TPD 2001 Margarine and shortening plant 600 TPD 2003 First sugar refinery 1600 TPD  2000 TPD

4 Development of Cevital Group (3/4)
Year Investment Mode Industry 2005 Lalla Khedija Creation Food processing (bottled water and soda) CEVICO Pre-stressed concrete (2 production plants) 2006 COJEK Acquisition Food processing (fruit juice / canned goods) NUMIDIS Mass distribution 2007 MFG Float glass (first plant of 600 T/day) BATICOMPOS Construction materials SAMHA Distribution of SAMSUNG Electronics products 2008 MFG Europe Glass distribution in Europe COGETP VOLVO heavy vehicles CEVIAGRO Agriculture NOLIS Maritime shipping 2009 New sugar refinery Expansion Capacity increased by 1 million T/year of sugar 2 x 25 MW power plant Power + Steam cogeneration New SAMHA factory in Algeria Assembly of SAMSUNG products

5 Development of Cevital Group (4/4)
2013 OXXO – France Acquisition Premade window and door systems ALAS – Spain Window and door aluminum frames CEVITAL Windows Creation New Complex in Bordj Bou Arraredj 2014 Brandt Home Appliances European Operations – France Opening of Cevital International France, Dubai UAE, Belem Brasil, Djibouti, … Lucchini Metal Foundry, Steel Mill, and Port Operations European Operations – Piombino Italy Vera Grain Handling Silos Vera Mato Grosso, Brazil – Silos for grains and cereal handling with large capacity Projects in Progress … Oxxo Algérie - Fenêtres : in construction Samha 2 : site preparation MFG new 800T line : in final assembly Cement & Clinker – 4mn t/a : Quarry purchased, studies phase

6 Cevital Group Today A diversified group, active in more than 10 business sectors Achieved more than 34% of annual growth rate since 2000 Turnover of 3.5 Billion USD achieved in 2013 Projected Turnover in 2015 USD 5.0 Billion 25,000+ staff end of 2016 Strong managerial and financial structures

7 Human Resources Compounded growth about 31% per year

8 Group Turnover Croissance à 2 chiffres depuis 1999
( Million USD) Croissance à 2 chiffres depuis 1999 More than 34% growth since 1999 Objective Billion Dollars Turnover

9 Cevital Group African Scale
Ranking by Jeune Afrique Magazine – HS # 67th position in 500 largest companies of Africa for 2012 55th position in 500 largest companies of Africa for 2013 #1 in Agro Industries in Africa #1 Private Company in Algeria #2 Company in Algeria after Sonatrach #1 Algerian Exporter outside of Hydrocarbons #2 Tax Payer in Algeria after Sonatrach …

10 Corporate Organization
Board of Directors & Chairman Holding Audit Poles and respective affiliates Agro-industries Automotive & Services Construction Distribution Primary Industries Cevital Agro industrie Ceviagro Nolis HMA (Hyundai) ACTS COGETP Cevital MTP Immobis Futur Media Cevicar Cevital Entreprise Cevico Cevielec CA2E ERTECA CV DAY Engineering Numidis Numilog Cevitam MFG SAMHA (Samsung) Baticompos Cevital Minerals Support structures Finance Strategic Planification & IT Human Resources & Communication PROJECTS IN THE PIPELINE Petrochem - Renewable Energies - Steel - Aluminum - Automotive Manufacturing - Naval Construction - Chemistry & Paint Production – Cement, Cevital International Procurement

11 Cevital Agro Industries
Vegetable oil: 570 000 TPY, i.e. 140 % of domestic needs Exports to North Africa and the Middle-East White sugar: 2 Million TPY, i.e. 190 % of domestic needs (with 2.6 M TPY in the biggest refinery in the world on the same site) Exports to more than 28 countries in the world. Margarine and shortenings: 180 000 TPY, i.e. 120 % of domestic needs, over several lines of products Exports to Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East Mineral water and soda: 3 000 000 bottles/day Fruit juices and canned foods: (juice, soda, fruit preserves, canned tomatoes…) Port silos and an unloading terminal of 2000 ton per hour Storage silos and tanks at the port of capacity 0.5 Million of tons

12 Sugar Business The Cevital Group Sugar Activite includes:
A 3000 TPD refinery to be expanded to 3500 TPD (2013) A 2000 TPD refinery to be expanded to 3000 TPD (2013) A 600 TPD liquid sugar refinery A 600 TPD Special Sugars production unit (2014) Six packaging lines (small packs, big bags, jumbo bags..) The total production capacity is TPD (2012) The total production capacity is TPD (2014) The capacity will reach 2.7 million TPY (2014) Cevital has the world biggest refinery on one site 1.1 million of tons are for the domestic market In 2013 and beyond exports will be beyond 40%

13 Market gardening Nurseries Citrus Other fruit trees Potato seed production Fertiliser distribution Projects under Development Oilseed production Livestock production Milk production

14 NUMIDIS Distribution Large Distribution Projects:
5 logistics platforms, covering the national territory 120 shopping centers, malls with hypermarkets and shopping galleries 130 supermarkets 14

15 SAMHA Electronics Production of Samsung Electronics products “Made in Algeria” Refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, LCD TVs, all under Samsung brand. Rollout of a distribution network for Samsung products . Ultimate goal: 300 points of sale. Export to follow: Samsung will take excess production for its distribution network in Europe and Africa

16 Mediterranean Float Glass
5 production lines producing flat glass 1st line with capacity of 600 T/day operational since 2007 30% of capacity covers entire domestic demand 70% destined to export market Construction of 2nd line with capacity of 800 T/day in planning stages. Additional lines to follow.

17 Construction with prefabricated concrete
Larbaa plant : Equipped with 6 hangars; 12 tracks of 123 m for molds; and 3 concrete plants. Job creation: 650 jobs in direct labor, several thousands of indirect jobs. Cost of investment: 20 million Euros, 100 % from internal capital.

18 Our Corporate Values Integrity and Transparency
Initiative and Innovation Commitment and Accountability Duty and Citizenship Respect and Inclusion 18

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