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Imam Bashir Ali: Community Leadership Summit San Diego, California November 15, 2014.

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1 Imam Bashir Ali: Community Leadership Summit San Diego, California November 15, 2014

2 Our Purpose/Mission (HQ 3:104) “Let there be from you a community inviting to the goodness/prosperity; commanding universally recognized human excellence; preventing influences that void the human nature. Those, they, will be the successful.”

3 Our Purpose/Mission (IWDM Vision)  Remake the World  Model Muslim Communities  New Africa  Islamic Democracy  Develop Community Life  Shared Freedom Space

4 Natural Dynamism of Community Life (HQ 2:148) “And to everyone is a direction/purpose which He turns him; so excel in the good. Wherever you are, Allah will bring you together. Truly Allah has power over all things.”

5 Natural Dynamism of Community Life  Time/Change Dynamic  Direction  Purpose  Progression  Oneness/Diversity Dynamic

6 Oneness Diversity

7 Where Are We Now?  Community In Transition  Natural Progression  Demographic Challenges  Community Development Challenges

8 Imam W. Deen Mohammed: “…Islam is a religion that directs us to community, to develop community- under G-d.” (September 11, 2008)

9 Community Development Challenges  Social  Marriage  Family Life  Youth Engagement  Economic  Education  Cultural  Governance (External/Internal)

10 Establishing “Islamic Democracy”

11 Imam W. Deen Mohammed: ”…I believe that Islamic Democracy is the situation we need if we are to really progress in America.” “…Our most urgent instrument is Muslim democracy.”

12 Islamic Democracy Principles  Authority  Accountability  Diversity  Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum  Freedom of Speech

13 Islamic Democracy Principles  Transparency/Openness  Standards  Justice and Conflict Resolution  Responsive  Progressive

14 Islamic Democracy Principles  Authority (of Governance and Leadership)  Allah/Quran  Example and Sunnah of Muhammad the Prophet (pbum)  Community (consent of the Believers)

15 Islamic Democracy Principles  Accountability  Allah  Furqan (Quranic criteria)  Community of Believers

16 Islamic Democracy Principles  Diversity (of community life)  Demography, Opinions, Interests  Specialization of effort, institutions  Leadership  Representation (demographic, geographic)

17 Islamic Democracy Principles  Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum (HQ 42:38) Imam W. Deen Mohammed Tafseer: “G-d says to us, ‘Order upon the principle of Shuraa, of mutual consultation…’ This is a meeting of the minds, the mutual meeting of the best minds, discussing the matter and coming up with a consensus, a judgment they all support. Right? That’s what G-d says to do…” March 14, 2008, Boston, Massachusetts

18 Islamic Democracy Principles  Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum (HQ 42:38)  Qualifications (knowledge/character/disposition)  Representation (diverse) ▪ Election ▪ Selection

19 Islamic Democracy Principles  Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum (HQ 42:38)  Participation/Engagement (broad-based)  Process (inclusive)  Objective (majority consensus)  Types/Application ▪ Informal: interpersonal, situational ▪ Formal: organizational, community (local, regional, national, international, global)

20 Islamic Democracy Principles  Freedom of Speech  Individuals free to express their opinions or concerns and to question their leaders and institutions  Representatives/Leaders free to respectfully differ with each other in private and public  Media has the right to inquire and question the leaders, policies, and institutions of the society

21 Islamic Democracy Principles  Transparency/Openness  Actions open to the scrutiny of the community  Need to have open, honest public discussion/debate of important issues to the community  Obligation to report to the community on activities, use of community resources, critical issues, decisions, and inquiries/questions

22 Islamic Democracy Principles  Standards  Community/Society has a right to establish standards/policies for structure and development in conjunction with the Quran, Sunnah of PM, and IWDM Logic  Standards must evolve with the growth and development of the community

23 Islamic Democracy Principles  Justice and Conflict Resolution  Equal justice applied to all measured against Furqan of Quran, Sunnah of PM, and community standards  Leaders should be an example  Utilize Islamic conflict resolution/arbitration processes  Willingness to accept consequences for violation

24 Islamic Democracy Principles  Responsive  Responding to changing needs/concerns of individuals, groups, community  Responding to different circumstances

25 Islamic Democracy Principles  Progressive  Evolving and adjusting to the natural dynamism (changing circumstances and consciousness) of human and community life  Continuous learning, assessment, evaluation, and improvement for the society  Self-corrective

26 Current Situation/Future Challenges  Natural Progression and Model Development  Local  Regional/Sections  National (Community-wide)

27 Current Situation  Local Models (Masajid/Centers/Organizations)  Bylaws (organizational structure)  Elections (Imams/officers/boards)  Boards/Shuraa Bodies  Incorporation

28 Current Situation/Future Challenges  Regional/Sections  Organized Imams/Elected Conveners  Other Organizations/Efforts (addressing community needs)  Regional Leadership Teams (Intelligentsia)  Coordinated Efforts

29 Current Situation/Future Challenges  National (Community-wide)  Organized Imams (Sectional Conveners)  National Organizations/Teams  Regional/Sectional Leadership Team Representatives (Intelligentsia)  Coordinated Efforts with Community Leaders (Community Leadership Summits, etc.)

30 Imam W. Deen Mohammed: “…So this is how it works. The whole, all important parts work together for the success of the whole. And this is a true democracy, when all the people are included in shaping and promoting or directing of the interests of the community. That makes for a true democracy.”

31 Next Steps?...

32 Shukran, Peace and Blessings!

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