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Recognized by Exceptional Teachers

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1 Recognized by Exceptional Teachers

2 Thanks for all those that made our First Hampton Thanksgiving Feast such a great success! It truly is awesome to work with a great team! Kudos: Especially Ms. Gina Sims for letting us Hi-jack your kitchen labs to cook and warm up food. CTAE you always come together to make things happen!! You all are AMAZING!!!! Christy Price

3 A BIG Thank YOU to the Administrative Team for always knowing the right moments we all need encouragement & to know they notice & appreciate the things we do behind the scenes.... :0) Mrs. Price

4 I want to recognize Nan Wyatt because she always lends a helping hand to her fellow co-workers and students. She was a huge help to me when I was working on the decorations for our media center. Her experience as an artist helped in choosing which materials to use and she also helped with the physical work involved in stretching burlap over a very large panel. But most importantly, I want to thank her for the encouragement she gave me when things weren’t working out as planned! Thank You, Nan! Robin Edwards

5 I would like to recognize Mrs. White
I would like to recognize Mrs. White. Not only is she a great teacher, but she’s a sweet friend too. I’m so grateful that she’s here. She has done so much to motivate and help me through some stressful days. Reama Hassan

6 I would like to celebrate the PLT team, and the successful completion of writing the Grant proposal. What an undertaking this dynamic team took on, and Karen Camp (AKA KCamp) should be commended for her unwavering leadership. And thank you, Todd and Dani, for your dedication to seeing this vision through. What an awesome, awesome, team we are all a part of. Great things are happening at Hampton High School! Nancy Smith

7 Veronica Copeland and Janelle Leonard have been invaluable the last few weeks in our Special Education department.  Their dedication is very much appreciated by the administrative team!! JVH

8 Linda Wright is one of the most selfless people I know
Linda Wright is one of the most selfless people I know!  She is constantly slammed with work but she is never too busy to stop and help a coworker.  And let’s face it…she feeds us all chocolate!!  Thanks for being awesome Linda! Annie Musgrove

9 Nicole Bailey for always having my back in class
Nicole Bailey for always having my back in class. Couldn’t make it through without you! Kate Nealis

10 Our child nutrition staff is amazing
Our child nutrition staff is amazing. This is one group of professionals who works directly with all of our kids each and every day. They prepare meals, and give a little bit of love along the way. No, they don't live here. It just seems like they do. Their hours are ridiculous, and the standards are incredibly high. It is important that we take a moment to walk by and wave, say good morning, and thank you. After all, some of our kids' only decent meals come from their hands, their hearts, and their kitchen. Everything is fine in lunch lady land, sloppy joes, slop-sloppy joes....we love you guys.  Todd Finn

11  Dr. Cartrette has been working filled entry to bring our choral arts program to the forefront in Henry County. If you saw the faces of his choir light up when their shirts arrived, you would see the difference he has made. If you heard the anthem at the last football game, you know what I'm talking about. Xavier has gone beyond simply teaching chorus. He is the consummate Artisan Teacher, installing a sense of pride as he instructs theory, technique, and stagecraft to his young protégés. No longer is the chorus room a place to hide. If you want to sing it, you need to bring it. Dr. Cartrette has raised the bar at Hampton, and we look forward to watching the program grow.  Todd Finn

12 I'd like to recognize Karen Montgomery
I'd like to recognize Karen Montgomery. She has been one of our go-to problem solvers when it comes to students, teachers, and parents. Have you ever seen her in action? If so, you probably haven't heard her say much until it is time for resolution. Karen is a gifted listener...the better part of communication...and she takes it all in before proposing a possible solution. I've watched it first hand in de-escalating a student, working with a teacher who had a struggle, and especially in calming a parent who is up in arms. Karen has a calming presence, and is extremely easy to work with. On top of that, she is a brilliant school counselor who knows the master schedule, model, and plan moving forward. Karen, we appreciate you and all that you bring to the table. Hampton is so very lucky to have you on the team! Todd Finn

13 Shout out to the Math Department Chairs, Jessica Morgan and Renee Owen
Shout out to the Math Department Chairs, Jessica Morgan and Renee Owen.   Whenever I have a need, they do their best to meet it.  They freely share great resources and ideas to help me make my instruction better and more engaging.  Jessica does an awesome job working with the students in the math lab.  Renee is always there to help me with technology and curriculum questions.  It is so nice to know there is a great math support system available to me when needed. Amy Parham

14 Michelle Huffman - Michelle is always willing to help in order to create a better place for kids to come to school. She does not hesitate and often times volunteers her time. She is a working mom of three but some how manages to treat all students as if they are her own children. She leads the 9th grade academy, tutors every day, coaches softball, assists with athletics, mentors, and so much more. Not only can she motivate her students and players but she can clear a hallway like nobody else! She is a valuable member of the HHS family.  Dani Stamm

15 John Howard - John never hesitates when someone needs assistance. Our testing operations is like no other we have seen before. He has also volunteered his time to help our school by visiting several schools across the country and bringing back ideas that can work here at HHS. When he is not testing or on the road he is helping our students acclimate to the Hampton Way. He has also stepped up to help our special education department when they are in need and never complains.  Dani Stamm

16  Robin Edwards - Robin is a hidden gem here at HHS. She has many talents and seeks out opportunities to help our students, staff, parents and school. She has created a media center that many admire. She works countless hours and goes above and beyond her required duties. She always has a positive attitude and calm demeanor. She is someone who can get the job done. She is creative, intelligent, passionate and dedicated. HHS would not be the same without her! We are so lucky to have her here! Dani Stamm

17 I want to celebrate the Science Department because they constantly make me wish I was a Science teacher. Jeff Compton, Kate Nealis, Charlie Buck, Heather Toliver, Scott Byrnes, and Michelle Huffman. Also Nicole Bailey because I see her all the time with those teachers. Stuart Kingsley


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