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Eric Rohmann and Candace Fleming 2013 Author Visit Ankeny Community Schools.

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1 Eric Rohmann and Candace Fleming 2013 Author Visit Ankeny Community Schools

2 Eric Rohmann Presenting to Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders

3 Candace Fleming Married to Eric Rohmann Presenting to the third, fourth, and fifth graders Author of Everybody, Fiction and Biography books

4 Who is Eric Rohmann? A Caldecott winning illustrator and author Born in Riverside, Illinois Today lives in Chicago, Illinois Growing up Eric loved to draw Tends to write and illustrate books with animals in them because he used to work in a zoo His first book, Time Flies, won the Caldecott Honor Medal in 1995 Won the Caldecott Medal in 2003 with his book, My Friend Rabbit

5 Eric’s Books Written and Illustrated by Eric Rohmann

6 Eric’s Books Illustrated by Eric Rohmann

7 My Friend Rabbit When Mouse lets his best friend, Rabbit, play with his brand- new airplane, trouble isn't far behind. A story about friends and toys and trouble.

8 My Friend Rabbit and the Snow Geese On the first day of winter, the Gibble Goose Girls sulk—the snow has made their favorite outdoor activities impossible! It's up to Rabbit and Mouse to prove that the cold season has its own charms.

9 Time Flies A wordless tale in which a bird flying around the dinosaur exhibit in a natural history museum has an unsettling experience when the dinosaurs seem to come alive and view the bird as a potential meal. From Eric: “This was my first book and it’s no surprise that it’s about dinosaurs. I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs, great monsters that ruled the earth so long ago that they feel like science, mystery and myth all rolled into one. When I decided to write the book I recalled myself as a boy, walking into the Great Hall at the Field Museum in Chicago, the massive Albertosaurus skeleton looming above. Back then I wanted the dinosaur skeletons to move like animals in a zoo. I still do. So I wrote a book. The book began with words but I found, as I made the pictures, that the words and images were saying the same thing. So I let the pictures talk by themselves.”

10 A Kitten Tale As four kittens who have never seen winter watch the seasons pass, three of them declare the reasons they will dislike snow when it arrives, while the fourth cannot wait to experience it for himself.

11 Oh, No! A series of animals falls into a deep hole, only to be saved at last by a very large rescuer.

12 Author Visit Date Eric will be at Southeast on… Monday, April 15 Book orders will go home today and are due back on March 8, 2013!

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