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The third ECO/IRU Regional Conference on Facilitation of Transit Road and TIR Convention 26 October 2014 Tehran(Iran)

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2 The third ECO/IRU Regional Conference on Facilitation of Transit Road and TIR Convention 26 October 2014 Tehran(Iran)

3 Preface Afghanistan is a landlocked country that located in the medal of Asia, unfortunately, this country on the terms of deferent history either has faced by foreign countries invasion or interior conflicts, so couldn't to grow like other countries. As, Afghans transportation infrastructure sector, since1978 upheaval and after that, substantially deteriorated. Eventually after the years 2001, Afghans transportation sector gradually and some deal improved, but still has deferent problems in transportation sector, that will no need to explain in this session, so I hope to solve the problems‘ on future.

4 Outline  Afghanistan geographic location.  Regional institutions membership.  Highways situation.  Current status of Transport Sector.  Customs border crossing points.  Custom border with TIR facilitation.  High ways status and quality.  TIR parking's.  Challenges.  Government Policy.  Our immediate demand.


6 MOTCA Afghanistan in the regional institutions Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) South Asia Association Regional Cooperation(SAARC) Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Central and South Asia Transport and Trade Forum (CSATTF) Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),as a guest. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Transporte Corredor Europa Caucaus Asia (TRACECA)

7 Early 2002 and after that, though the mentioned roads were too narrow, but reconstructed again, and sum more roads built. So for we have (3365 km ) regional roads which joint Afghanistan in 8 point with 5 countries, but not viable and respondent for present traffic streams. Highways situation Most roads building occurred in the 1960s to tie Afghanistan in their own respective commercial and economic, that’s including around 1685 km roads which was suitable for 20 th century transportation stream.

8 Current status of Transport Sector There are existing from beginning namely (transportation organization -establishment in Afghanistan) around 1000 Transportation institutions in nationwide,with deferent and used motor vehicles. Its necessary to renovate and standard them, but first of all needs to amended the legislations and transportation law, but from deferent reasons we could not reach for this objective yet. Next page

9 the number of vehicles : Totally commercially vehicles are almost 365000. The high load trucks, within registered about 30000. Among them 30% launched for regional activity. 68% are utilizing inland transportation system. 2% are ready for TIR and international forwarding. We try to establish motor vehicles technical inspection centers in our country on future, to inspect all the vehicles. Also wants to open training centers for with experience drivers to instruct them for international activities and more …………………

10 Custom Border Crossing Points 1-Eskashem 2-Aikhanum 3-Shirkhan Bandar 4-Hairatan 5-Aqina 6-Towrghundi 7-Islam Qala 8-Abunasre Farahy 9-Zaranj 10-Spin Boldak 11-Gulamkhan 12-Torkham

11 Custom borders with TIR facilitation 1- Torkham 2- Shirkhan 3- Hairatan 4- Aqina 5- Tourghundi 6- Islamqala 7- Zaranj 8- Spinbuldak

12 Highways quality All the vehicles, like high lode trucks, basses and light cars moving at the one line with deferent speeds, so its too dangerous and also causing to disorder transportation stream. There are no enough sanctum on the left and right of the highways so the drivers are feeling so danger and risks. The forwarders losing the time because of above mentioned. Insufficient road sufficient road

13 TIR parking's The TIR parking are one of the important facilitation issue for international transportation rout. There are no standard parking and rest rooms out side the cities and transportation routs for international transit and TIR convoys, its need more time to get this objectives.

14 Challenges Poor quality high ways and insufficient roads. Lake of TIR parking's in transportation routs. Policy and institutional reform. Deferent method implementations in the custom borders. Deferent organization interferences in the border affairs. Security problem at the most transportation routs. Political friction between Pakistan and India caused to be closed Indian border for Afghans goods transit. Dishonesty of some neighboring countries in theirs commitments. bureaucracy and corruption. Security and general unrest in Afghanistan.

15 Challenges In( KTAI) rout On the rout of Islam Qala border up to Torghundi border,totally is : 1442 km. 1211 km is paved. 231 km is under the construction.

16 MOTCA Transport Policy: Road transport policy is to promote sustainable mobility that is efficient, safe and with reduced negative effects on the environment. The Afghans policy objectives for road transport are therefore to promote efficient road freight and passengers transport services, to create fair conditions for competition, to promote and harmonize safer and more environmental friendly technical standards, to ensure a minimum fiscal and social harmonization and to make sure that the rules in road transport are effectively applied without discrimination. The aim of legislation on road transport services establishes common rules on access to the market and to the profession, sets minimal standards for working time, driving and rest periods (including enforcement and the use of tachygraph in the future), sets minimal annual vehicle taxes and common rules for tolls and user charges.

17 Our immediate demands: Apolitically Transport and transit issue in the region. Update, and Modernized Boundaries. Afghan Transport Companies should be to transport goods to neighboring countries (including Pakistan) and to third Destination like (India). Visa provision should be facilitated to Afghan drivers Afghan trucks should be allowed to load Afghan Transit Goods(ATG) from ports in Pakistan. Illegal, extra charges/fees should be eliminated on Afghan trucks. Perishable goods should not be dally in customs, also in the rout of transit.

18 Thanks for your attention

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