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12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi1 Mountain Union of Laga.

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1 12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi1 Mountain Union of Laga

2 12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi2 Mountain Union of Laga

3 12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi3 Mountain Union of Laga six municipalities Campli 7800 Civitella del Tronto5800 Cortino1080 Rocca Santa Maria 850 Torricella Sicura3000 Valle Castellana1600

4 12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi4 Mountain Union of Laga 460,7 km 2 Total surface area 23.6% Teramo Province territory 6% Teramo Province inhabitants 80% between 800 & 2.800 m s.l.


6 12/01/2015Gino Verrocchi6 Mountain Union of Laga

7 Brief Profile The Mountain Union assures some joint services to Municipalities according a periodic Social-Economic Development Plan approved and funded by Region: Welfare support Natural gas network Waste pick up School bus Civil protection

8 Mountain Union of Laga Brief Profile Staff: Administrative & Finance 3 Envinronment office1 Technical Office2

9 Mountain Union of Laga The forest covers the 80% of our total surface our aim is to defend them and our peoples firstly by fire we wish jointly learn the best ways from and with you This is the reason of our presence her

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