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1 What will come after the Millennium Development Goals? The state of play



4 Beyond 2015: November 2010: Formed by CAFOD, Bond, Trocaire, Christian Aid and CIDSE. (5 organisations based in 3 countries) November 2011: 243 organisations based in 62 countries: Africa (24), Asia (9), Australia (1), Europe (19), North America (2), South America (8).


6 Transparency and acknowledgement of the campaign drivers: Example: Drafting group for letter to UN Secretary General Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, VOICE (Bangladesh) Damien Hazard & Ivo Lesbaupin, ABONG (Brazil) Alicia Sánchez, ACCIÓN (Chile) Chima Jeff Megwei, Campaign 2015+ (Nigeria) Matt Davies, ATD Fourth World (France) Victoria Wisniewsk Otero, CESR (Spain) Sarah Hulme, Tearfund (United Kingdom) Dennis Nyati, GCAP (Zambia) Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba, CCJPZ (Zimbabwe) Amy Pollard, CAFOD (United Kingdom)

7 A clearly led, legitimate framework

8 Some indicators that this might happen: The Office of the UN Secretary General have informally asked Beyond 2015 to identify a representative from Global Civil Society who could sit on the High Level Panel UN Task Team to be led jointly by UNDP and UNDESA, will be effective Jan 2012. UN taking note of Beyond 2015 recommendation to consider the merits of an independent commission “the work that Beyond 2015 and its participating organisations is doing is vital” Asha Rose Migiro (UN Deputy Secretary General) However… No global leaders have yet stepped forward as champions; and UN work is going on largely behind the scenes No roadmap or clear timetable for process

9 A framework from the inside  out

10 A framework from the outside  in

11 Possible that this might happen: Beyond 2015 and GCAP are aiming to hold multiple national consultations in 2012, with the intention of supporting the development of clear and coherent asks from civil society on the content of a post- 2015 framework. Efforts being made to ensure that these take place with as much information as possible about the political reality and institutional context of post-2015 debates, as this develops. Strategies developing to negotiate the tricky politics of synthesis work. However… There are diverse and conflicting views in Global Civil Society – and formulating a common position will be an enormous challenge. Interest-groups and single-issue campaigns may struggle to put their own issue aside for the good of the ‘big picture’. There are stronger incentives for demonstrating individual agency impact than for collective campaigning.

12 A jigsaw framework

13 Possibly a good strategy? Achieving change when multilateralism is struggling ‘Jigsaw’ success at Busan Transparency The new deal for fragile and conflict affected states Pathfinding coalitions; rather than ‘whole world’ agreements?

14 Failure


16 Amy Pollard

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