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Master Business Administration

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1 Master Business Administration

2 University Background
Founded in 1999 Accredited by Royal Government of Cambodia (Sub-Decree No. 123ANK.BK) Operates Under 5 faculties Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Economics Faculty of Mathematics and Science Faculty of Social Science Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Linguistics.

3 Global Recognition

4 Global Recognition



7 Minimum of 15 Years Working Experience
What is Industry MBA? Minimum of 15 Years Working Experience 10 Modules + 1 Consultancy Industry MBA

8 Are you One of them? Have Ample Work Experience WITHOUT Formal Education Want to Increase Your Business Network Saturated With Business Ideas Learn New Knowledge that is not in the Book?

9 Learning Method

10 Learning Method Lecture Saturday : 3pm – 9pm Sunday: 9am – 3pm

11 2 – 3 Sessions Throughout the Module
Learning Method Student Discussion 2 – 3 Sessions Throughout the Module

12 To Learn from the Real Industry
Learning Method Site Visit To Learn from the Real Industry

13 Pustakaan Kuala Lumpur
Learning Method Library Research Pustakaan Kuala Lumpur

14 Admission Requirements
Entry qualifications for MBA (Industry) 1. Possess a 20 Years of Managerial Experience 2. Possess a diploma with a minimum of 10 years working experience. 3. Degree with 8 years working experience.* *Candidate need to undergo an interview to enroll to the program.

15 Financial Aid

16 Global Merit Scholarship
Full Scholarship*+ Tuition Fees are payable Candidates needs to pay registration and examination fees only Partial Scholarship* 50% Tuition Fees are payable Assistance ship* 25% Tuition Fees are payable * You are required to teach a certain number of hours for the university and involve in various consultancy and activities in the university + You are required to produce 2 international journals each year under the This Scholarship is only opened for non working candidature

17 Industrial Sponsorship
The sponsorship is given for those candidates that conduct the Ph.D (Industry) research with the problem currently challenged and faced by an organisation. Candidates need to solve the industrial problems and the projects must be approved by the organisation.

18 Your Investment Total Fees : RM 28, 600
Company Sponsorship* : RM 16, 000 Your Investment : RM 12, 600 *Sponsored students need to base on the company for the consultation work. > Students who reject sponsorship needs to pay the full fees.

19 Mode of Payment (Sponsored Student)
Installment Plan Modular Plan 12 months x RM 800 = RM 9600 5 months x RM 600 = RM 3000 Total: RM 12 modules x RM 1000 = RM + Discount of RM 600

20 (Not Sponsored Student)
Mode of Payment (Not Sponsored Student) Installment Plan Modular Plan 12 months x RM 2000 = RM 5 months x RM 920 = RM 4 600 Total: RM 11 modules x RM = RM + Discount of RM 550

21 Achieve Your Goal and Help Others
Achieving Your Goals and Help Others

22 Subjects IIC 5004 IIC 5014 IIC 5024 IIC 5034
Communication Skills and Leadership IIC 5014 Organizational Behaviour IIC 5024 Corporate Accounting and Financial Management IIC 5034 Industrial Operations Management

23 Subjects IIC 5044 IIC 5054 IIC 5064 IIC 5074
Metrics, Advocacy & Policy IIC 5054 Management Information System IIC 5064 Human Capital Management IIC 5074 Marketing Strategies and Tactics

24 Subjects IIC 5084 IIC 5094 IIC 5104 IIC 6008 TOTAL 52 CREDIT HOURS
Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship IIC 5094 Industrial Research Methods IIC 5104 Strategic Management IIC 6008 Business Consultancy TOTAL 52 CREDIT HOURS

25 Lecturers / Consultants

26 Program Director / Dean
Associate Professor Dr. Leow Chee Seng

27 Dr. Hossein Nezakati Alizadeh
Dr. Raimond Selke Associate Professor Dr. Pua Eng Teck Dr. Hossein Nezakati Alizadeh

28 Associate Prof. Captain Dr. Mohd Harridon Bin Mohamed Suffian
Dr. Farahwahida Bte Mohd @ Abdu Bakar Dr. Sian Hock Seng

29 Dr. Vincent Leong Wing Sum Prof. Datuk Dr. Marimuthu Nadason
Dr. Saiful Amin Bin Jalun

30 Program Supporters

31 Join Us Now

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