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Group 5 : Ilham Anjassetya Putra Junico Jayadi Mohammad Nizzar Eriawan.

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1 Group 5 : Ilham Anjassetya Putra Junico Jayadi Mohammad Nizzar Eriawan

2 Definition Wavelength and Frequency Wavelength and Frequency Discovery Generaal Type of UV Light Generaal Type of UV Light Benefits and Damages of UV Light Benefits and Damages of UV Light Application Our Presentation Today

3 DefInItIon... Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic wave which can not be visible to the humans but visible light to a number a insect and birds. Has wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-ray.

4 Wavelength and Frequency Ultraviolet wave ray has wavelength in range : Ultraviolet wave ray has frequency in range : 10 16 Hz. 10 nm to 400 nm

5 Spectrum of Electromagnetic Waves

6 Discovery... In 1801, the German physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter made the observation by exposed the colours of visible which he created by passing the sunlight through the glass prism, that the silver chloride darkened or reacted more quickly at beyond the end of violet (visible light), and it’s called as Ultraviolet Rays. “Ultraviolet” rays (from Latin : Ultra=beyond)

7 The discovery of the ultraviolet radiation below 200 nm, named vacuum ultraviolet because it is strongly absorbed by air, was made in 1893 by the German physicist Victor Schumann

8 How UV Can Appear? The main source of Ultraviolet Rays is SUN


10 The electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light can be subdivided by the following ranges: NameAbbreviationWavelength range (in nanometers) Notes/alternative names UltravioletUV400-100 nm Ultraviolet AUVA400-315 nmLong wave. Ultraviolet BUVB315-280 nmMedium wave. Ultraviolet CUVC280-100 nmVisible to birds, insect and fish. Near UltravioletNUV400-300 nm Middle UltravioletMUV300-200 nm Far UltravioletFUV200-122 nm Hydrogen Lyman- alpha H Lyman-  122-121 nm Extreme UltravioletEUV121-10 nm Vacuum UltravioletVUV200-10 nm

11 General type of UV light

12 UV-A is the most UV light radiation. The range of the wavelength is 400-100 nm. UV-A is the most that could damage the skin and form furrow on the face. Radiation of UV-A could passed till the dermis layer of skin and trough the glasses. 1. UV A

13 2. UV B The range of the wavelength is 315-280 nm. UV-B light usually only damages on epidermis layer of the skin. Has highest intencity between 10:00 and 14:00 o’clock. In a lack of number, the radiation can synthesize Vitamin D in the body. In a high of number, the radiation could caused reddish skin. Free radical could caused cataract. And could damages DNA which can caused skin cancer.

14 3. UV C UV-C radiation form highest dangerous effect and caused highest damages. The range of the wavelength is 280-100 nm. Fortunately, majority of this light absorbed on the ozon layer at atmosphere. But because of the ozone layer have became thin, so the UV C may pass to the surface of the earth and could caused a lot of damages.

15 Benefits of Ultraviolet Light 1. Can help change colesterol which saved on the skin become vitamin D. 2. Help body to repair and form bones. 3. Neutralize the infection and kill the bacteria. 4. Decrease glucose in blood.

16 DamAges of Ultraviolet Light 1. Often have activity in the Sun without protective skin, will cause skin aging faster experience. The skin so quickly furrowed and arise black spots which we know as the black flecks. 2. UV light radiation on the eye will cause cloudiness in the lens so that it came to be called the disease of cataracts, as well as damage to the cornea and retina. 3. Green ganggang will decrease 4. Cause skin cancer

17 1. Seek out of the shady place Carilah tempat teduh

18 2. Use a long sleeve shirt, trousers, hat or umbrella Kenakan kemeja lengan panjang, celana panjang, topi bertepi lebar atau payung

19 3.Use body lotion or suncream G unakan pelembab (lotion) tabir surya

20 4. Put on sunglasses Pakailah kacamata hitam

21 4. Give extra defense to baby and children Berikan perlindungan ekstra pada bayi dan anak-anak.

22 Application of Ultraviolet Light 1. Kill the microorganism. Such as : Laminar Air Flow with Ultraviolet 2. Spectrophotometer UV 3. Money detector using UV Laminar air flow Spectrofotometer UV Moner detector

23 Money Detector The feast is usually more widespread circulation of counterfeit currency. Well, in anticipation that you could use counterfeit money detector practical. This counterfeit money detector using UV light that is able to distinguish real money with fake money. Under exposure to ultraviolet light, the original serial number will change the color of money. In addition, the real money is also printed using a special ink that will appear invisible when illuminated its nominal value. Thus, counterfeit currency detector is able to work accurately. How to use counterfeit money detector is also very easy. Simply press the button to turn on the UV light, then shine on the money. You can already see the difference even counterfeit money that may be missed by the naked eye.

24 Pendeteksi uang palsu ini menggunakan sinar UV yang dapat membedakan antara uang palsu dan uang asli, di bawah paparan sinar UV akan terlihar kalau uang asli akan berubah warna pada nomer serinya. Karena uang asli itu dicetak dengan tinta khusus yang akan muncul ketika disinari bagian nilai nominalnya. Jadi detektor uang palsu ini dapat bekerja secara akurat. Cara menggunakan alat pendeteksi uang palsu ini sangat mudah. Hanya dengan menekan tombol “ON” pada alat sinar UV, kemudian sinari uang tersebut dibawah sinar UV. Kita akan melihat perbedaan antara uang palsu dengan uang asli yang luput dari mata telanjang. Pendeteksi Uang Palsu

25 Conclusion Ultraviolet Light belongs to the electromagnetic wave which has short wavelength range (10 nm-400 nm). So, with the short wavelength the Frequency must be high, with the high Frequency the Energy of the UV light also high so it can give energy for chemical reaction and can destroy DNA structure. Because of it, UV light is so useful in many sector such as medical, analysis, purification system, and other.

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