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Media Diversity Institute / Tel: +44 20 7255 2473 / Fax: +44 20 7580 8597 ________________________________________ Reporting Diversity.

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1 Media Diversity Institute / Tel: / Fax: ________________________________________ Reporting Diversity “ A Window of Opportunity” Paresh Solanki, Board Director

2 / Tel: / Fax: "Whoever controls the media--the images— controls the culture.“ - Allen Ginsberg - Media Diversity - Opportunity or a Liability?

3 / Tel: / Fax: Tabloid Headlines In the UK, the popular tabloids outsell all the broadsheets put together. So tabloids have a strong influence over messages to the masses. Similarly populist television is on the rise and makes major impact on people

4 / Tel: / Fax: Daily Express, 17 April 2008 IMMIGRANTS BRING MORE CRIME The surge in immigration has led to higher crime rates. By Tom Whitehead of Labour’s open-door policy.

5 / Tel: / Fax: Search: Migrant crime wave a myth - police study Acpo report concludes offending no worse than rest of the population The Guardian, 16 April 2008

6 / Tel: / Fax: No common ground between the West and Islam - conflict inevitable. 2.Muslims - a threat to traditional British customs, values and ways of life. 3.The tone of language is frequently emotive, immoderate, alarmist or abusive. 4.The coverage is likely to provoke/increase feelings of insecurity amongst Muslims as well as non-Muslims. 5.The coverage is likely to be a major barrier preventing the success of the Government’s community cohesion policies and programmes. 6.Unlikely to contribute to informed debate amongst Muslims and non- Muslims about ways to maintain and develop Britain as a multicultural democracy. MUSLIMS IN THE UK MEDIA London Mayor’s Report on Islam, Nov 2007

7 / Tel: / Fax: What does MDI do? Mobilizes the power of the news media for deeper public understanding of diversity Promotes the highest standards of professional journalism related to diversity

8 / Tel: / Fax: Where do we work? Where news media can or have played a destructive role in intensifying (any) conflicts ‘Old’: SEE, the NIS, Middle East, Western Africa ‘New’: Indonesia, North Africa, EU/EFTA, CoE CoE: Anti-Discrimination Campaign; ICC

9 / Tel: / Fax: Why do we work with Media? Media have the power to change attitudes: Can be a bridge between majority and marginalized groups Can be a tool for strengthening human rights and promoting diversity Can be a forum for dialogue Can confront irrational prejudices and challenge extremist political agendas

10 / Tel: / Fax: What kind of journalism? RD: Responsible journalism Fair, accurate, inclusive, balanced, sensitive RD vital in promoting understanding of/between different groups

11 / Tel: / Fax: What can journalists do? mirror existing diversity – help all members of their communities become visible and heard help eliminate stereotypes and representations that foster conflicts and social divisions – responsible journalism look for the common ground that all groups share

12 / Tel: / Fax: MDI Activities Media monitoring (15 countries) Mid-career diversity training and professional development (2000 trained) Diversity reporting initiatives (hands-on production) Diversity Reporting Journalism Education and Curricula Development (14 unies) Media assistance for CSOs and marginalized communities (over 700 trained)

13 / Tel: / Fax: Embracing Diversity per se then Media Diversity? Michael Ignatieff: Liberal democracy based on principals of exclusion, not inclusion. The vote initially extended only to white, property-owning males. This struggle is still going on: North-American concepts – Melting Pot; Salad Bowl. EU concepts: Integration. UK concept: Balancing Multiculturalism with Integration. French concept: Civic assimilation. Others

14 / Tel: / Fax: Public Vs Commercial Media Legal obligations for public service media – inclusiveness [BBC: makes viewers feel it is in tune with their lives] Commercial media: business case for diversity

15 / Tel: / Fax: Ethnic Minorities Race is regarded amongst the 5 most important issues in the UK today (Others - Crime, Education, Race, Education, Defence) – BBC Audience Research 2004.

16 / Tel: / Fax: The Media Vs Ethnic Minorities Media is obsessed with ethnic minorities….Negatively! In national print media, asylum, social issues and crime account for 57% of all ethnic minority coverage (BBC).

17 / Tel: / Fax: Ethnic Minorities British Population is 60 million (Census) White 91.2 % Asian 4.8 % Black 2.2 % Mixed Race 1.4 % Other Ethnic Groups0.4 %

18 / Tel: / Fax: Ethnic Minorities The PERCEPTION 0f ethnic minority population is over 23% of population - (BBC Research) Actual figure is 9% (non-white) – Census

19 / Tel: / Fax: The Pressures … Ethnic Power ! The Media Market is commercially very competitive Ethnic Minorities are worth billions in revenue Some UK cities will soon have minorities who are in the majority Take up of digital satellite and cable is much higher amongst minorities and on the Sky Digital platform there are over 40 ethnic channels. If terrestrial channels do not offer choice to minorities, they will go elsewhere causing segregation As ethnic culture is cool, many ethnic talent are now part of the mainstream. These include programmes like Kumars at 42, Goodness Gracious Me and Babyfather.

20 / Tel: / Fax: The BBC’s Vision Be the most Creative Broadcaster in the World To lead in the cultural change for a rich and diverse UK” – Greg Dyke, DG 7/4/ 2000 Diversity is a central business objective, not just a Human Resource component. There has to be a fair representation and portrayal of minorities on screen.

21 / Tel: / Fax: Ethnic Minority Targets 12% of staff to be from minority communities. Currently it is 10%. Senior management target to increase from around 2 % to 4 %. Targets are NOT Quotas, they are objectives, and are set using all available data Objectives set for fair representation of minorities in mainstream TV, Radio & Websites

22 / Tel: / Fax: Producer Guidelines The book which all programme makers sign up to and it has guidelines on how to deal with all programming issues, including minorities

23 / Tel: / Fax: The BBC Internationally & South Asians BBC Worldwide transmits to Indian sub continent via satellite - Financial Benefit BBC World commissions from Indian companies for Indian audiences - Indian production staff benefit BBC Worldwide has bought Asian magazine titles and key events rights BBC World Service transmits in 43 languages including in Asian languages, and recruits Asian staff

24 / Tel: / Fax: Digital Revolution Technology now makes is much easier to access content in numerous ways and Communication is no longer about access, but about getting noticed

25 / Tel: / Fax: The Pressures Internationally! Digital Revolution means that the powerful western media is no longer as powerful… Al Jazeera is expanding and setting up bureaus in UK, USA & Malaysia. Other major Asian networks are following

26 / Tel: / Fax: Digital Stations

27 / Tel: / Fax: Types Shopping 47 Entertainment 44 Sport37 Documentary 34 Adult 29 Children 24 Ethnic 18+ Religion 6

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