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Special Education Finance Beverly Public Schools December, 2010.

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1 Special Education Finance Beverly Public Schools December, 2010

2 What makes financing special education so hard?  Nature of special ed.: entitlement program  Ages 3 through 22  Competing interests (DCF,DMH,DDS)  Decreased funding for social services  Finite resources-decreased supports-increased costs  Unfunded mandates  Unpredictability: You never really know what your costs will be You never really know who will move into the district You never know what students are going to need emergency services

3 Vicious Cycle Less $ for reg.classrooms Larger class size; less support Can’t address student needs Increased referrals Increased enrollments More out of district More $ for tuition Increased special ed. costs

4 Special Education Increasing Enrollments What’s feeding the special ed. system? Increasing Costs Increasing Mental Health Needs Decreased Social Service Funding Lack of Adequate Resources Unfunded Mandates

5 Increased In-District Demands  Dedicated nursing needs/related therapies  Specialized programs are at capacity  Significant mental health concerns at all levels  Increased number of psychiatric hospitalizations  Increased home hospital tutoring needs  Increased number of young students at significant risk (Pre K-3)  Number of specialized foster placements increasing

6 Unpredicted Increases FY11  Private School “frozen rates” were increased.75% retroactive to July 1, 2010  Planned Collaborative increases of 2% actually averaged 3%  Circuit Breaker reimbursement – 38%?

7 Unpredicted New Placements July 1, 2010 - November 15, 2010 16 students required unplanned out of district placements 2 legal agreements 5 move ins 3 students return to district –fiscal responsibility. 7 unexpected placements due to significant mental health and behavioral issues. Total Expense – $ 631,459.00

8 Special Education Expenditures - 2009

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